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VT-IDK 12th Jan 2011 06:38

how bout the RTR(A) mentioned...does that mean the ones with RTR(C) or (P) wnt b entertained..

cyrilroy21 12th Jan 2011 06:50

I dont think RTR (A), RTR ( C ) or RTR ( P )
should be a problem as long as you hold a valid RTR and and FRTOL

VT-IDK 12th Jan 2011 06:57

but its given RTR(A) particularly...or is it like we assume what suits us the best...the way i think IR need not be current

cyrilroy21 12th Jan 2011 07:00

Well think of it this way

The application form was probably designed by their Human Resources Department.

They are aware of that an RTR license exists but may not be aware of the different categories like RTR(C) or RTR (P) or RTR (A)

I believe the privileges remain the same for all the three anyway...

Aviator4u 12th Jan 2011 07:53

how abt current IR?

cyrilroy21 12th Jan 2011 07:57

Not sure about the current IR....:suspect:

However I guess you should try your luck and apply.

In the meantime you could go an renew your IR.


Your could renew your IR and then hope that by the time the dgca issues the renewal and the application window is still open since they havent mentioned a closing date.

You could also call Jet Airways HR and ask when the application window will close...

Rajat Bamba 12th Jan 2011 08:26

Lapsed IR should not be a problem.
my friends IR is lapsed and he had no issues summiting the form...

koolchaos3188 12th Jan 2011 08:48

any clue when is the exam?

VT-IDK 12th Jan 2011 09:36

@ Rajat Bamba
the problem with submitting is d form is over now buddy...by lapsed IR we are speculating if the lapsed IR ppl will get the call...

gupfup 12th Jan 2011 21:10

Hey guys, I have submitted my documents to DGCA in last month for issue of my license. I'm still awaiting the license, its been a month now and my file hasn't been opened yet (went to the licensing section in DGCA to check up). I saw the online application form too on the Jet website and noticed that you need to put in the details of your Indian CPL, IR, RTR etc. Is there anyway I could still apply because I don't want to miss out on this oppurtunity!

fly.low 13th Jan 2011 04:50

dude, i got my cpl issue in december end...it took 2.5months to get issue......

u can go today to DGCA, its open house today.........

tell dem about the job n talk to some clerk dere(clerks r very useful), he may help u to find ur file in their almirah n give that file to DG to issue ur license......

dragstar 13th Jan 2011 05:24

****Reapplication through web form*****
Dear Candidate,

This is with reference to your application for the post of Trainee First Officer.

Due to some error incurred in the system, your application is not accepted previously through web form.

Request you to please reapply now for valid reference number.

Please ignore this mail if you have already received the reference number.

HR Team
Flight Operations.

I applied again and the application went through smoothly. Btw the reference no. series right now is 70***. guess there are more then 4 thousand applicants.

gAMbl3 13th Jan 2011 05:46

i applid on da 7th nd got 65***

cyrilroy21 13th Jan 2011 13:24

I hope everyone has been able to apply by now :)

Those who havent should try again as they seemed to have fixed the error by now

Now anybody want to begin to speculate on the recruitment process
especially the following

1. Written Test
2. Group Discussion , Role playing etc
3. Interview
4. Sim test
5. Medical

If you have any info please do share it here especially those who had attended the previous assessment in August 2010.

I know that competition is really high and some people may not want to share information that they might have .
But please help out your fellow pilots and some day somebody else might do the same for you

Also more information on the following would also be welcome

Terms and Conditions

1. Cost of type rating ? :eek:
2. How long is the Bond if any ?
3. Salary paid during training and after being released on line :E
( take home pay before tax )?
4. Staff travel benefits :) ?
5. Gratuity Pay , End of service , Loss of License etc :)

All the best

SuperflyTNT 13th Jan 2011 14:52

I think we should worry about T&C much later, being a trainee pilot in India with the current situation we really cannot demand much I fell, though it is unfair. Let's all try getting through the hurdle of getting through the written. Any in-sight on the exam dates and recruitment process would be much appreciated by all. Thank you

gAMbl3 13th Jan 2011 15:07

cost = 15 lac.....nd no bond

found out frm a frnd who got in augst batch

aadityaslg 13th Jan 2011 15:38

If there is anyone who has appeared for the previous written tests, please post some info..


alpha.mike 13th Jan 2011 16:02

About August Assessment
HEY GUYS, the august assessment is still going on as i am left with my IPT which is scheduled next week, so recruitments are going on for so long from last exam.

Total 4 batches have been made and for 5th IPT and medicals are left.
I guess total of 90+ have been selected and last batch will also have 20+ odd pilots.
That means about 120 will be selected finally from last recruitment. A total of 2500 pilots appeared in written.

About new recruitment i guess written will happen in end feb or march.

Pradeep747 13th Jan 2011 16:08

Exams likely by Feb 27th..

info from


cyrilroy21 13th Jan 2011 16:41

@Pradeep 747

Why would IGRUA ask their candidates to apply online and send a copy of the application to a particular Jet Airways employee...

Any preference for IGRUA graduates ?

Good Luck for the IPT :ok:
care to share the assessment process so far including the what was asked for the written an interviews ?

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