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cyrilroy21 7th Jan 2011 18:16

Jet Airways Trainee First Officer
We are India’s largest airline operating flights to 43 destinations in India and 24 destinations internationally.

The rapid expansion of our route network has earned us several awards. We also pride ourselves in having the youngest fleet of aircraft in India consisting of the modern Boeing 777-300ER, Airbus 330-200, Boeing 737 NG and the ATR 72-500.

Trainee First officer

Age - Between 18 and 35 years
Height - 162.5 cms
Weight - In proportion to height
Educational qualifications - Valid and current Indian DGCA CPL, FRTO, IR/LR, RTR (A) and Class I medical

Apply through their website


Good Luck people to all those CPL holders who have been patiently waiting for such an opporntunity :ok:

flight517 7th Jan 2011 19:44

when i fill up the complete form and click on submit, it shows an error "failed to add" is it just happening with me or did it happen with anyone else too......pls reply

Speedbird1014 7th Jan 2011 20:34

they are asking for current IR, mine is expiring on 1 feb 2011, can anyone please advice if they want it current for the whole time till u start your type rating (it wouldnt make sense otherwise), and please tell me how can i keep it current.

koolchaos3188 8th Jan 2011 03:20

@flight517 - even im getting the same error.
tried 2 submit the application a thousand times :ugh::ugh::ugh::ugh:

niksmathew24 8th Jan 2011 03:27

Try using another web browser. Chrome worked for me. Also just give the site some time to load. Dont try refreshing it again and again.
Hope this helps.:ok:

koolchaos3188 8th Jan 2011 03:37

@niksmathew24 - tried it in firefox, internet explorer, chrome, safari
didn't work for me. and i waited for 10-15 mins for the page to load :(
anyways thanks for suggestion. :)

koolchaos3188 8th Jan 2011 03:39

@Speedbird1014 - they are only asking for single IR not multi.
its not a big deal. contact a flight school near you :ok:

hipratik2005 8th Jan 2011 05:33

even im getting the same error.
tried 2 submit the application

dragstar 8th Jan 2011 05:34

@koolchaos3188 @flight517

even I tried firefox, chrome and IE but get the same error - Failed to Add
have no idea what to do.

Let me know if anyone has luck submitting the application.

pree56 8th Jan 2011 06:10

hey .. those of you having problems wit submitting application to jet airawys..

it could be because your IR is not current anymore.

the jet airways website has a special script which can automatically find out if your IR is current or not, based on your records when u give your name and CPL no.

try renewing your IR and submit your application again and check again.

hope this helps.

DJ Flyboy 8th Jan 2011 06:29

the problem could also be coz of leaving multi hours blank..put '00' values..worked for me on chrome..

dragstar 8th Jan 2011 06:43

the problem could also be coz of leaving multi hours blank..put '00' values..worked for me on chrome..
@DJ Flyboy- is your IR current?

anyone with lapsed IR able to successfully submit the online application?

DJ Flyboy 8th Jan 2011 06:46

my ir is current

Krits 8th Jan 2011 06:49

Make sure your Multi time is 00 Hrs and 00 Mins.. I was doing just 00 Hours first.. gave me errors... then changed the minutes to 00 as well.. No problem

My Multi IR elapses on 5th may

EDIT: Did it in Chrome.

smoothbore 8th Jan 2011 07:02

cessna IR
How can I get a cessna rating on my indian license? I did my flying in the US, got my Multi Ir on seneca, which is no longer current. I have 150 hrs on cessna 172.

Viraaj Shah 8th Jan 2011 07:13

I doubt IR is the problem. It can jam up with so many people applying at the same time. Try a little later, or keep applying. It might get accepted. That's my take. The instrument rating thing is another possible cause.

CaptGodfather 8th Jan 2011 10:09

They are not yet done with their recruitment which started in Aug 10 and they are already thinking about hiring more trainees. :sad::sad:

cyrilroy21 8th Jan 2011 10:18

Looks like they couldnt find enough pilots from the Aug 10'
recruitment session :E

Super310 8th Jan 2011 10:38

with the amount of people going for their 737 simulators..i dont think any operator with a fleet of 737's is going to have a problem..cant say about the ATR's..but that is much later...EXAM first!!:8

p.s , cyril..how was ure RT exam!?!? ;)

Super310 8th Jan 2011 10:43

difference b/w IR and Instrument rating being ?!?!? just wondering!! :P

cyrilroy21 8th Jan 2011 10:45


I passed both Part 1 and Part 2 :)

Applied for the lifetime validity just waiting to receive the license...

P.S :
Check your private message ( PM )

3443 nautical miles 8th Jan 2011 12:43

my height is 160cm like many other indian women pilots , in fact I know many Jet pilots who are way shorter than me ....
I just cant understand the purpose behind keeping height as 162.5cm....
I am thinking of writing to HR department abt it , I am sure that there must be many like me , pls PM me if u have similar problem.

yash 8th Jan 2011 14:23

i have RTR (P) plus my IR is not even valid....in short i'm screwed

any one got any suggestions on what can be done ??

piper_cherokee 8th Jan 2011 14:25

Problem Submitting Application.
Those having problem submitting it try submitting with a new email id. Probably they are not accepting applications with email ids already on their database.Worked for my 3 friends this way.

Aviator4u 8th Jan 2011 14:53

@piper cherokee

thanx a lot...worked fr me too...really appreciate ua help...

3443 nautical miles 8th Jan 2011 15:14


did u get any confirmation by email....
I got the ref no. but i used my old id

fly.low 8th Jan 2011 17:11

hey guys.....
wht should i write in date of issue of ir...."date of test or date of issue"

my date of issue is 20-12-2010
n date of test is 08-july, 2010

n wht will b my validity date?

upilotg 8th Jan 2011 20:17

"Failed To Add"
IF you are getting this error.Just change your Email ID !!! :)

hipratik2005 9th Jan 2011 03:12

Tried Everything
Diff Browsers
Diff Email Id
Current Ir
Still Not Getting Through

fly.low 9th Jan 2011 03:30

i tried using new e-mail id.....it shows some error, n if i do it again then it shows failed to add.....

i m using macbook, should i try through windows?

flyflyfly2me 9th Jan 2011 04:38

r the jetairways ppl gonna directly take interviews or writtens first.........

fly.low 9th Jan 2011 04:42

i did it, just make sure, there are no dot, comas, semi colons or any such symbols n fill it using new id.....it will b accepted

fly.low 9th Jan 2011 04:44

did u guys get any confirmation e-mail?

cats200 9th Jan 2011 04:46

Guys any idea when the written xams are gona be?? the third batch has just begun or will begin their training soon may be after they finish?!?!

mike_sierra 9th Jan 2011 13:48

same issue
'error in processing your request'...help out!!
tried it in all possible browsers..

JAY SHAH 9th Jan 2011 14:08

Tried like 50 times since morning ..tried everything mentioned here... not happening.

37thousandfeet 9th Jan 2011 14:11

even i tried a lot of times. it says failed to add.

sky_thebeginning 9th Jan 2011 14:16

Error msg
IR lapse cannot be a problem as i applied with my lapsed ir and it was accepted at very first try...
But Jamming could be a possibility so keep trying...it should get through..

Anyone with any info about the recruitement procedure this tym,plz share it...
All d best !!!

cyrilroy21 9th Jan 2011 14:26


Couple of more solutions

In addition to the changing of email address

1. Make sure everything is valid
( CPL , MEdical , FRTOL , RTR , Passport etc
2. Make sure you tick all the boxes for both English and Hindi

3. Make sure that you weight is below 30 or 25 on the BMI scale
Calculate Your BMI - Metric BMI Calculator

Please report back if successful

dragstar 9th Jan 2011 15:12

lapsed IR is not a problem.

My application went through with lapsed IR but had to use a use a lot diff. email id's

The jet servers are jammed, clogged. There are about 2 applications every minute.

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