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thearsenal 10th Jan 2011 11:42

hey you guys just to let you know i applied on my old email id that i had applied to with jet before and it did work in the first shot. so maybe something else could be wrong and not just the email id.

Viraaj Shah 10th Jan 2011 12:08

@ Jay Shah

Try submitting the application from another computer. Should work. Expired IR is definitely not the issue and nor is a different email id. A little patience, should get accepted. Good luck :ok:

JAY SHAH 10th Jan 2011 12:20

@ viraaj shah

Tried from 3 computers, 7-8 email ids, everything, dint work . I guess patience is the only thing remaining now. Really appreciate your reply. Thanks.

Rishabh Panchhi 10th Jan 2011 12:27

Hi all,

I wanted to check if I could apply with CPL number awaited. I have all the requirements met.

Is there any way out?

harsh786techy 10th Jan 2011 13:40

@ Rishabh Panchhi
i dont think you can apply with an awaiting CPL application...What you can surely do is go to DGCA and tell them to atleast give those details to you.. But it can only happen when your application is processed and the only thing remaining is posting your license to you...so go and sit on there head.. Get your license no and other details..I am sure they will do it..

flyflyfly2me 10th Jan 2011 14:03

can anybody please tell me abt CRJ type rating......and places to do it frm???

hawaijahaj 10th Jan 2011 15:06

anybody knows what LR mean in IR/LR ??

cyrilroy21 10th Jan 2011 15:08

@ DJ Flyboy
Sending them an email wont help because

if you mention trainee first officer anywhere in the email then they will just send you an automated reply asking you to apply online

P.S : tried and tested twice . both times same email as a reply

suchita 10th Jan 2011 16:35

well guys, i too ws trying to submit d application fr last 2 days, tried actualy 100 times, tried evrythng suggested by u ppl, no mistakes in filling up, no special characters, tried wid different email ids.. nothng worked, al i got is d msg "failed to add" n it became too much wen it started showing d msg "u r already registered" n i dine get any reference no. :ugh:
FINALLY D THING WORKED FR ME WAS CHANGING THE BROWSER FRM MOZZILA TO GOOGLE CHROME.. reason cud b anythng else.. bt no harm in trying.. so keep trying...

THEAV8R 10th Jan 2011 21:32

Thanx a lot Chetan...you've been a big help mate...appreciate every bit of it!! Cheers :ok:

JAY SHAH 11th Jan 2011 04:31

After getting that msg u have already registered , did u use the same email id on the different browser?

THE MIR 11th Jan 2011 05:38

Failed to add!!
me n my friend had been trying to snd it for last 2dayz using gmail but it waznt workin :ugh:....finally we put in our YAHOO ID n it did go thru:D!!

TRY OUT....might work for u>>>>> CHEERS:ok:

flaskback 11th Jan 2011 07:43

LR means Land Rating. :ugh:

vmendes 11th Jan 2011 08:41

Does anyone know if a current IR is required? my application went through with a lapsed IR:confused:

unicorn87 11th Jan 2011 09:33

expired IR
My IR expired in dec 2008. The form doesnt have an option for dates before 2010. How does one get thru den wid an exprd rating? Also do they require currency on multi or single is fine too?

cyrilroy21 11th Jan 2011 09:38

IR on single is fine :ok:

P.S : They dont require a multi endorsement

unicorn87 11th Jan 2011 09:54

thanx... :)

nishantgupta2009 12th Jan 2011 04:05

regarding ir
is anyone has any idea weather they will call people with lapsed IR

Pulkdahulk 12th Jan 2011 05:00


What is wrong with every body on this forum, this is the problem, that is the problem, the IR is lapsed, that multi engine hours has to be 00 hrs and 00 mins, email ID issues, DGCA has records of this or that


Yes there is a script that every company uses for its HR, the whole system may be jammed because of send-blink-click responses.

Too many people sending, thats it, again
Too many people sending, thats it....try again sometime when at night or early morning.

Are you really all pilots that think logically or make random out of the world guesses. If ever given a problem, think through the problem.

If your IR is lapsed - you won't be eligible for the Type NOC. You can enter your Lapsed IR and still the application will GO.

Except: That script will filter that IR lapsed and will not show to the HR in the final list of all applicants.

So if you fill it out, it will NOT show in the final list of all applicants when Jet will send emails to people for Interviews. But if you do send a lapsed IR, fine, just update the HR with that email letting them you know your Reference Number with the renewed one.

gAMbl3 12th Jan 2011 05:58

exam date??
any idea whn da xms gonna be???

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