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Zanski 5th Jun 2010 01:50

Dragonair Pre-qualified Cadets

has anyone heard from the Dragonair pre-qualified cadets? got a email about 3 months ago saying they're going to start interviews mid-year but nothing since then.

any info on assessment during the stages will be greatly appreciated also


polair911 7th Jun 2010 11:24

is it gonna be similar to teh short-course at CX?? There's seem to be not enough advertisement about the short course....at the moment everyone's just guessing. :rolleyes:

ReverseFlight 15th Jul 2010 09:32

News of interviews / sim ride coming up late July / early Aug.

Anyone else got notified ?

Zanski 16th Jul 2010 01:22

yep 28th for me what about u reverse flight?

mcsmithhk 16th Jul 2010 13:55

5th August for me. Anyone know any details of what is involved in the first interview?

ReverseFlight 16th Jul 2010 16:03

Zanski, heard the news from one of my mates.

Alexander87 23rd Jul 2010 10:47

Isn't Dragonair CPP only for HK citizens?
Dragonair - Careers : Flight Crew Position____

the requirements on this link show this way..

Zanski 27th Jul 2010 03:53

yep thats right hk citizens only

K3nnyboy 27th Jul 2010 04:33

I have a feeling sooner or later it's gonna change just like Cathay~~:}

holdmetight 27th Jul 2010 04:52

Obviously nothing is impossible, but I don't think KA will need to look outside HKG for cadet pilots. The company currently don't need as many pilots as Cathay, nor do they have as many incoming aircraft or route expansions either. I also don't think the company itself has the resources to conduct interviews for expatriate applicants. Unless there is a major exodus of pilots from Dragonair, it is hard to see them resorting to recruiting expatriates for their CPP.

That being said though, a turn in the rumour mill is indicating cadet pilot intake will increase next year.

Crazyworld 27th Jul 2010 13:45

i am doubting why Cathay need so many pilots?

AsL402 27th Jul 2010 18:14

Hopefully it doesn't open up internationally too soon...no offense to those people who want it to. Looking to go for KA if i don't get though CX again my next try :)

takamasa 1st Aug 2010 17:27

for those who has completed the assessment .

could you briefly tell us what it consists of??

thanks guys.

ReverseFlight 3rd Aug 2010 16:35

I don't think KA will need to look outside HKG for cadet pilots...I also don't think the company itself has the resources to conduct interviews for expatriate applicants.
Your info is incorrect. It's happening right now.

AsL402 3rd Aug 2010 16:53


Where do you see that they are accepting Expatriate Cadet Pilots? Their website still states that applicants need to have a permanent HKID.

holdmetight 4th Aug 2010 02:18

I meant KA won't need to open their cadetship to people without a permanent HKID.

ReverseFlight 6th Aug 2010 16:24

they are accepting Expatriate Cadet Pilots?
Before you fall off your chair, I didn't say they are accepting, just conducting interviews. Read the thread carefully.

BTW, what's a Class 1 medical "without restriction" ? Is the need to wear glasses a restriction ?

Jumbo744 6th Aug 2010 16:50

Thanks for your contribution to this thread.

Are you saying they are conducting interviews with expatriates? On the application, they ask to provide a HKID number before continuing...

AsL402 6th Aug 2010 17:00


I meant "accepting" as accepting applications and not accepting to the program.

takamasa 6th Aug 2010 22:41

i submitted the application last week.

i still heard nothing else from them

i am quite anxious.

anyone is in the same situation as i do?

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