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Darian 15th Aug 2009 01:17

I applied back in june 14.... im US applicant.... filled with 1st choice in USA and 2nd in HK....... However, today is the day suppose to hear anything, but negative

anyone who is US applicant hear anything yet?

ceoicao 15th Aug 2009 15:19

may I ask you some questions~?
1. I visited FTA website in Adelaide and I was surprised that CX cadets go through 3 1/2 years of Flight Instructor..what is that??
and I want to know more about Cadet programme training process..

2. How many CX cadet pilot graduates are there among CPP? and usually, how many people are there in each CX cadet pilot class?

3. How does captains or FOs think of second officers?

4. How long does it take to become a captain after being cleared as a SO?

Thank you :) :ok:

makelove 15th Aug 2009 16:07

ineed, what is all this about being an instructor for three years? first i've heard of this??

"the cadets complete an instructor’s course with FTA and stay at FTA for 3 and half years as instructors before joining the Airline"

Company News – CXL1 Graduation | Flight Training Adelaide

makelove 15th Aug 2009 16:18

indeed, what is all this about spending 3 years as a flight instructor first? first i've heard of it?

"Under this scheme, upon completion the training course, the cadets complete an instructor’s course with FTA and stay at FTA for 3 and half years as instructors before joining the Airline."

Company News – CXL1 Graduation | Flight Training Adelaide


BRS_flyer 15th Aug 2009 19:12

The course mentioned on the FTA website is a different program to the CPP. Those of us applying directly for the CPP through Cathay will not be spending time as an instructor if successful.

It is run through FTA and I believe is only open to those with the right to work in Oz.

FL999 19th Aug 2009 18:24

Its been 10 weeks for me. Ive nearly lost all hope. IM pretty sure I would have got a response by now and I cant reapply cause my 'appplication is still being processed' Lets hope that No news=good news..?! :confused:

flying_hamster 27th Aug 2009 02:55

CX HR contact details
Does anybody have an email address on which to contact the HR/Recruitment team at Cathay?

satwikroy 28th Aug 2009 04:42

tha cx cadet pilot program mentions its requirements that either the cadet should have done schooling in HK or should hold a diploma or degree(nationality no bar) .
But I have a little question.
since i am doing a four year degree course can I apply for the cadetship with my result marksheets of 7 semesters while I wait for my 8th semester result & its marksheet???
pls reply as soon as possible!!!!

konghei0607 5th Sep 2009 21:19


I am currently a Canadian Citizen and only legally allowed to work in Canada. Am I eligible for the cadet program?

ademaro 5th Sep 2009 22:18

yes its open to all nationalities

ricster 9th Sep 2009 13:27

When is the closing date for applicants?

ltyedward 13th Sep 2009 12:46

I just graduated with a flying degree, planning to apply for CPP in CX, but I still have my graduation certificates and license (currently with CPL only, no multi/IR and will completed in a few months) to fix and probably will get done before the end of this year. Shall I file my application now or I have to do it after all things get done? I wonder if I would missed the opening this year. Hope to read some advise from any of you. Thank you.

BubbaMc 13th Sep 2009 13:21

Do not apply until you have your degree and final academic record in your hands. It's not worth the risk mate.

clinty83 12th Oct 2009 21:53

Morning Folks

Anyone done the initial interview with cathay cadet programe?? If so what does it entail??


Speedbird2263 15th Nov 2009 19:01

Good day kind folks,

I'd like to know what anyone here thinks the chances are, of someone like myself from a 'remote' corner of the world being selected for the CX CPP. I hail from the 3rd largest rock in the caribbean, aka Jamaica and much like everyone else here, has a deep passion for aviation. I did my PPL in Jamaica and then CPL/IR(single) and CFI in miami. I have both FAA and JCAA licenses and about 330TT. No Multi/IR yet. I only applied Nov 14 so I suppose I'm in for a bit of a wait. I am curious to find out my chances as I also applied to EY last year and didn't get so much as a whisper of succesful/unsuccesful. I am willing to go globetrotting anywhere on the planet so long as I get the chance!

Really appreciate any/all responses mates.:ok:

blue_side_up 16th Nov 2009 01:29

A few answers...
Will try to shed light on a few questions, but firstly, anyone actually interested in the program should have a thorough read of the company's website before posting the most basic questions. Much can be answered there!

Cathay Pacific - Careers : Careers Home

Applicants are welcome from all parts of the world, Jamaicans included :)

Hong Kong ID is no longer a requirement. So, by extension, the company is willing to sponsor you for HK employment, should you be successful in the course.

There is no deadline for the program, intake is continuous (as far as I'm aware).

You will receive a reply to your application, either way. However, due to the lifting of HKID restrictions, the ladies/gents in the office are most likely swamped with new applications. Be patient, although I know it's difficult to wait. If you haven't received a reply within a reasonable time (ie: the 8weeks mentioned on the website), do the sensible thing and send a polite email as a follow-up.

Flight experience is not required (see website!). However, those with a full set of licences already (ie: cpl/multi/ir), might be considered too experienced for the program (not sure about this though, sorry).

As for academic credentials, they are listed as requirements. I suspect you must have them prior to application. Again, please see the website for details.

Most of all, to those of you interested, good luck! If aviation really is a passion of yours, you'll find a way to end up in a cockpit if you're determined enough, CX or not!

Speedbird2263 16th Nov 2009 04:13

Hey blue_side_up, thanks for the reply brother and "Jamaicans included" is a bit re-assuring :)

I hope Im not 'overqualified' as that's what probably ruled me out of the EY CPP.I have all the educational reqs too. I have searched the threads and read of similarly/more so qualified applicants being given interviews so Im hopeful yet. My only real concern I guess you could say is that bit about 'Geographic area'. I have Hong Kong as first pref. and the US as second.

I know of quite a bit of Jamaicans that are with the likes of EK, EY and QR to name a few, however they got there via valuable experience gained from the national carrier JM which unfortunately for me is going out of biz it seems.

I'm hopeful though and very positive and like you said, I'm aiming to get to the flight deck one way or another. :ok:

flapsupdown 16th Nov 2009 09:25

hey - some good comments and info from blue_side_up!

I especially agree with the point about being patient before sending in a follow-up email.....remember to look at the bigger picture and realize that the applicant pool went from just HKID card holders to the WHOLE world so don't worry too much if you don't get a response right away....

with the point about being "over qualified" - I just wanted to share my perspective on that. I don't think they will deny entry to the program to anyone purely because you are "overqualified" - as a matter of fact, I think flight experience is valuable as it shows you have strong enough of an interest to dedicate your resources to flying...I think the more important thing here is your attitude towards your own experiences....

remember, CX sends their cadets to learn from the basics...and each flight school may teach different things...so I think its important to show that you are open and willing to learn alongside your peers and be willing to re-learn what you may already know and to learn and accept technique/SOP/theory which may contradict what you already know.....

just wanted to share my thoughts on that...all the best!

Speedbird2263 20th Nov 2009 04:00

"remember, CX sends their cadets to learn from the basics...and each flight school may teach different things...so I think its important to show that you are open and willing to learn alongside your peers and be willing to re-learn what you may already know and to learn and accept technique/SOP/theory which may contradict what you already know....."

I believe you're right that showing the willingness to re-learn and perhaps even more important 're-inforce' what has already been learned, is a valuable asset.

blue_side_up 25th Nov 2009 08:43

Learning the basics...
You're both correct about re-learning. For any airline, two of the main goals of a cadet program are a guaranteed supply and a guaranteed quality. An airline invests in you with the absolute expectation that you will exit the other end of the course, having met or exceeded the requirements, and in be their image of an aviator.

Regarding overqualified, perhaps I should have been more specific. Should your experience nearly, or positively, qualify you for a position as a Second Officer, then I highly doubt whether one would be accepted as a Cadet.

Good luck all!

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