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flying_hamster 24th Jun 2009 14:16

Cathay Pacific Cadet Pilot Programme
Hey there guys!
I am just curious to know if any foreigner has already been through the application and interview stages with Cathay Pacific?

If so, how long does it generally take before they let you know if you've passed the initial screening and been selected for an interview?

Also, on the application form, they has choices for the interview locations. Are all interviews conducted in HK, or your location (mine's within Asia)?

I ask this because I couldn't help but compare the Etihad application. I had received my interview offer within a week of applying, but was one of the unfortunate ones when they cancelled the Singapore Assessment Day.

I can see from other threads that this is a hot topic, especially because HK residents are not very pleased with the idea of the Cadet Programme being open to all nationalitites, but keep replies to this thread clean. It might benefit all the others out there too, HK residents or foreigners, who might have applied for the scheme.

Cheers guys!

jsrman 28th Jun 2009 03:53

So, the minimum flight time required, which I know is 0. But what is the maximum flight time allowed to enter the cadet program?
And if selected are you allowed to bring your wife to AUST. and she can be in her own place. Shes a lawyer and might be able to get a visa to AUST. via the territory.

Please no funny answers, just straight answers please. Myself and wife are seriously disscussing this issue...Thank god my wife say "wherever we need to go baby, we'll go there":ok:

SAS-A321 28th Jun 2009 12:39

Where did you guys see that no previous flying experience is required?

The_Pharoah 28th Jun 2009 13:35

off the actual cathay pacific CPP website:

"Our selection process and training programme are rigorous. You need not have previous flying experience, but you should be ambitious and enthusiastic. This is a career path with a goal to becoming a Captain, and the chance to be a very important member of our team." (italics added).

here's the link -->Cathay Pacific - Careers : Careers Home

Jumbo744 28th Jun 2009 13:58


I have a little question, if anyone could help find the answer:

I don't know if I should apply as I currently have 135h of flight and I will be doing my Commercial Theory Exam on Tueday, followed by the flight test within 10 days, and I will have my Multi/IFR licence by August.

So If I apply today, by the time CX replies to me, I would already have all my licences. I didn't see a maximum amount of flying experience so I wonder how they woud deal with me if I show up to the Cadet Program with already all my licences?


Jumbo744 28th Jun 2009 17:10

thanks a lot OGI.
Good Luck with your assessment!

wskwong 28th Jun 2009 19:23

wow I think I know why they stop hiring SO's......

looking at their updated online application form, they are looking for SO's to fill their cadet positions.......they even ask if you have miltary jet experience

so much so for us low-hours wannabe.....wuhahaha~!!

flying_hamster 30th Jun 2009 09:19

Anyone out there know how long before they respond to applicants?
From the other threads, I read that there is an assessment on the 6th of July. Anybody know of another assessment after that date?

ausexmil 30th Jun 2009 12:55

Do you think they look at military experience as a negative? Does any one have any good recommendations for research websites with regards to the actual program, salary and testing requirements that aren't already listed on the careers website? Thanks

nicky_tin 7th Jul 2009 10:30

Stage 1 Interview
Hello guys,

I got a phone call from one of the HR personnels today saying I passed the initial test and I can attend the Stage 1 interview. Can anyone tell me what can I expect from this interview? I'm having this interview tomorrow morning, so a quick reply is appreciated!!


snow dragon 8th Jul 2009 05:46

to much flying experience?
Hi all,
I was wondering if those of you who may know about having to much flight time.I hold an australian cpl with 335hrstt and about 50hrs multi, also having all my subjects except atpl.Finally im 38yrs of age is this seen as over the hill for this type of course?Looking forward to hear from anyone who knows more about this.:rolleyes:

FL170 9th Jul 2009 10:13

Can anyone shed some light on bond arrangements?

All this free training and employment would have to come with chains and a big spikey ball for at least, say 7 years I would imagine :ouch:..?

flying_hamster 9th Jul 2009 13:05

yes, i do believe the bond is around that time. 8 years, if im not mistaken. And, apparently, there are no expat benefits for foreign applicants either. its long haul flights, mostly.
progression is something like: S.O., Jr. F.O., F.O., Snr F.O.,Captain..

follow this link, it might be of use:
Cathay Pacific - Careers : Careers Home

thats a long progression path too :)

not sure about any other bond criteria, such as property back up or a guarantor..all the best to those waiting for responses!im one of them too :)

GTC58 9th Jul 2009 15:30

No Training Bonds in Hong Kong.

NickFry 10th Jul 2009 10:13

I've also received an invitation to attend an Interview on the 24th, apparently the number of cadets taken on last year (worldwide) was ~50?

~ Nick

Zoom6 12th Jul 2009 16:03

For the Secondary Education results, am I expected to put in all of the classes I took in High School?

NickFry 12th Jul 2009 22:37

I'd presume your senior years (Year 11 & 12 for me).

Emjai 16th Jul 2009 07:04

I live in Brisbane and have been asked to attend initial interviews in Sydney. I feel sorry for those of you asked to attend initial interviews in Hong Kong; so expensive!!

tze shan 17th Jul 2009 01:10

is there any Malaysia applicant here? I sent my resume 2 weeks ago and yet no positive reply from cx :hmm:

flying_hamster 17th Jul 2009 05:39


I applied from Malaysia too. Exactly one month ago. I am still waiting for a response too. From the threads, I'm assuming that they're having interview sessions from the larger application locations, and will possibly have the rest in HK. I could be totally wrong though..

rahul.majithia 17th Jul 2009 10:22

plz lemme know asap
i have completed faa cpl n have 235 hrs of flyin with multi rating
cleared dgca papers n ready for my conversion
going to fly my recency in sept

m i eligible for cathay pacific cadet pilot programme??

waiting for reply asap......


flying_hamster 6th Aug 2009 09:43

Malaysian CX Cadet Applicants
hey guys..i applied, and my 8 weeks response time will be coming soon, on the 9th, which falls on a sunday, so am hoping to hear from cathay by monday the 10th.

Just to ask, any other malaysian applicants out there who have either received a response, or are waiting?

Darian 10th Aug 2009 10:19

flyinghamster, did u get a reply from CX?

ceoicao 10th Aug 2009 14:21

Hi guys~ I have some questions~
I live in Korea Republic.(In other words, I'm not a HK citizen.)

I'm a junior in university.

I'm majoring flight operations but my flight time is '0'.

This is because of my school's curriculum;;;;;

I don't know the details of CPP cadet pilot programme.

I just know my national airline cadet programme.

I think it's quite different to that.

So, I don't know exactly how CPP cadet pilot programme is processing.

I have some questions~

1. Do I meet the requirements? (junior in university, no degree)

2. How does the cadet programme proceed?
ex) 60 weeks in Adelaide, Australia <- does this mean PPL,IR,CPL,MEL training in Australia?
Then, back to HK and have SO education shown in the website?

3. How much money do I need(bond)? Does CX pays my training expense? Then I should work for CX for 8 years?

4. Is the cadet programme still currently opened?

Waiting for your kind answers. Thank you:O

flapsupdown 10th Aug 2009 18:29


Just thought I'd share my opinion with you...

1. I believe you meet the basic requirement. Flight experience is NOT a requirement (although it does help), and I know students who get in right after high school.

2. Yes, it is 60 weeks in Australia....but the cadets don't get a PPL at all....they continue training directly for the CPL

3. Financial support will help, but CX covers the main expenses of accommodation, food, training, books...etc etc. There is no "bond" or training cost to you, but the contract states 6 years of service with Cathay Pacific after the Cadet Program.

4. Program is open year round. They send multiple groups down throughout the year.

Hope this helps!

Customx 11th Aug 2009 05:34

I applied for the program on July 16th and am still waiting to hear back.

I plan to move back to America this winter and start my training, from ppl-mei, but if by some miracle I am admitted into this program, I'd take it in a heartbeat.

Customx 11th Aug 2009 12:24

Does anyone know how they contact you after you've submitted your application? I was in the Philippines for 10 days and hope they didn't call me. Does CP send you an email to set up a phone interview?

flapsupdown 11th Aug 2009 19:12

Candidates are initially contacted by phone or email - I've heard of both situations. If a candidate is rejected, they will DEFINITELY make sure the candidate knows - so you will for sure receive an email/letter.

They don't conduct phone interviews - they make calls to schedule interviews but all tests and interviews are conducted in person.

CaptainGondwe 11th Aug 2009 19:18


I am leaving home in Malawi to go begin university in Miami. I applied on the 18th of July and have yet to receive a reply. Once I leave should I inform Cathay of my changing telephone numbers and address or should I just count on being informed via email. Thank you very much.

flapsupdown 11th Aug 2009 19:35

probably best to shoot them a quick email....

use some common sense

ceoicao 11th Aug 2009 22:31

flapsupdown~! I really appreciate for your reply~
Thank you very much^^:)

If I have more questions, I'll ask you for more~

Hope to meet to in CX~some day:ok:

flying_hamster 13th Aug 2009 12:13

@ Darian:

Nope. No response as yet. Do they actually confirm for a rejection as well? or do they just not reply? anybody has any idea?
I ask this because i tried putting in a new application, and it says my previous application is still being processed.

Anybody else from Malaysia who applied? any responses?

I am quite sure I meet the requirements: Have a bachelors, and a masters degree, have pretty much everything else they asked for too.

Darian 13th Aug 2009 12:43

to flyinghamster
Im not sure either but i would believe CX will inform u should ur application unsuccessful...... from other posts, i think CX will mail letter out for fail applicant...... i think u should email them before u fill out another application and i believe there is a cooling off period before u can apply

But I believe my application is unsuccessful b/c i know people get interviewed who applied after me.

flapsupdown 13th Aug 2009 14:37

I don't have an insider's scoop on the policies at CX Recruitment...however, I am almost positive that they will, at the very least, send a notifiation (email or letter) to rejected candidates.

Also, lets remember that they went from recruiting locally to the whole world - and from this forum it looks like they are doing a bunch of people from one destination before moving on to the next....so its very possible that they just haven't gotten to your apps yet!

HLloyd26 13th Aug 2009 22:22


I was wondering does anyone know when they'll next be doing an assesment in London, or roughly how often they do them in any one country?


dabz 13th Aug 2009 23:15

Correct me if I'm mistaken but I thought you had to be an HK resident to apply for the CX Cadet programme?

It says on their website: You must be a permanent Hong Kong resident

holdmetight 14th Aug 2009 01:36

from the CX Cadet recruitment official website:

To qualify for our Cadet Pilot Programme, you must be at least 18 years old and wish to pursue a career with us in Hong Kong. You must be at least 1.6m tall, be physically fit, and possess an excellent command of English.

the HKG residency requirement was lifted about a month ago.

laoyeong 14th Aug 2009 01:37

nope you don't need to be. I'm not and i have a interview lined up. i think you just need to be willing to relocate to HK after the program.

flying_hamster 14th Aug 2009 16:27

@Darian: Did you apply for your first choice interview to be Malaysia? Did the people who got interviewed get theirs done in Malaysia? any Clue?

I am not sure what email address to use to get in touch with CX. Anybody have a contact I could use? I too applied on the 16th of July, with no response yet.

Customx 14th Aug 2009 21:30

Hamster- just be patient. I applied on July 17th and haven't heard anything yet either.

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