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kiwiflyernz 23rd Dec 2009 06:14

Haha, the wait is killing me lol.

Good luck to you as well.

NewZealand787 26th Dec 2009 19:26

Any word yet Kiwiflyer? Im still waiting... Wonder if itll be a call or email? Anyone know?

kiwiflyernz 27th Dec 2009 04:54

No, still no news yet. I got a phone call for the first interview but was told it would be by phone or email for this one. So who knows. It is the Christmas and New Year period and therefore decisions will take longer than usual. Maybe no news is good news at the moment?

FinalApp 27th Dec 2009 09:59

I hope you're right kiwiflyer ... The wait's killing me as well. Hoping tomorrow brings at least SOME news (good, bad or otherwise).

kiwiflyernz 28th Dec 2009 06:26

I am guessing that they have less staff on, due Xmas, and we may not hear from them till the new year. We will have to wait and see.

JerryMaguire 28th Dec 2009 08:21

Is LASIK or PRK surgery accepted by HKCAD/CX Company Medical?
Good day to all,

Does anyone know if the HKCAD/CX Company Medical guidelines accept applicants of the Cadet Pilot Programme who have undergone LASIK/PRK surgery? I know that some countries' civil aviation department allows for and some airlines also accept pilot cadets who have undergone LASIK/PRK but am not sure what is Cathay Pacific's policy.

Will appreciate any advise on this please.

betpump5 29th Dec 2009 05:16

LASIK is fine. Providing the correction needed was within the +5 -6 limits intially. Just like for normal glasses/contacts. The documents naturally will have to be provided and verified.

rahulpereira 29th Dec 2009 07:01

Hey guys, Im new here....Please help me out. I have an FAA ppl with 200 hrs of flying, I have applied just yesterday on the CX website. do you know when the nxt batch is starting or if they wil send me an email. How does the system work to apply for CX cadet program, also I am Indian , just want to make sure thru you guys if I am eligible for the program. thanks

flyhiigh 29th Dec 2009 18:50

I applied one month ago and have not heard anything yet. I canīt wait hehe!
I think India i good! Im from Scandinavia and I guess not to many from my area have applied. Anyone from Scandinavia on the thread?

Good luck everyone! :ok::ok:

rahulpereira 30th Dec 2009 06:08

Hey flyhigh,
well good to knw ur scandinavian , so i guess u'll be hearing from them first , so its no use me waiting just yet, coz its been just a couple of days since i applied, waiting eagerly though.

flapsupdown 31st Dec 2009 12:31

Hey rahulpereira,

Doesn't matter what nationality you are or where you're from....the program has been opened internationally so yes you are eligible.

The next CX course will begin in Feb/March of 2010....but seeing that you only applied recently it might be too optimistic to think you will make this course. Perhaps, if you are successful through all the testing and interview and flight grading, you could possibly start in the course after.

Hope this helps.

Speedbird2263 31st Dec 2009 16:23

Crossing my Fingers
I would hope then seeing as I applied in the second week of November that I'd at least have a shot of that Feb/March timeline. i.e. Should I be succesful at being granted an interview.

rahulpereira 1st Jan 2010 07:10

Hey flapsupdown,
Thanks for your reply, but I;ve also heard that CX also checks all the applications based on geographical area, so by chance if there some applications from this part of the world do you think they could give me a chance for the Feb 2010 interviews,
definitely the guys that applied first should get a chance but I was just wondering whether they go thru applications based on the area.

holdmetight 1st Jan 2010 08:35

What did you guys select for your preferred interview locations?

Don't quote me on this, but I think if you picked a location outside the list of cities they visit on their recruitment quest, you might be asked to attend their tests and interviews at a venue of their choice. The ladies in HR might then take a longer time to process your application, as it must be a logistical nightmare trying to arrange for a handful of candidates from different regions and backgrounds to come together at a select time for interviews. It is only logical, given they cannot possibly hold selections in all the cities that people have picked...

So while we all play the waiting game, why not spend some of that time to prepare for what lies ahead? To me, it is a blessing in disguise.

Happy New Year, and Good luck to all! :ok:

flapsupdown 1st Jan 2010 10:20

Hey there,

I agree. I think applications that were submitted first should be reviewed first.

However, I think, due to reasons of practicality, they will review applications in groups depending on geographic location. Unfortunately, I have no idea which geographic region they are interviewing next. Sorry!

rahulpereira 1st Jan 2010 10:31

Well I definitely chose the preferred choice from the list, and offcourse I chose India as my 1st choice but I chose HK as my 2nd coz its not that far away. Don't know if that will help ,
but thanks all the same to both of you for your insights.
Happy New Year and all the best to you too....

flapsupdown 2nd Jan 2010 13:57


Happy New Year to you as well.

Just wanted to say, don't get discouraged if your wait is beyond 8 weeks. This "8 week wait period" was in effect when the CX Cadet Program was opened only to HK citizens. Now with the huge intake of applications, it is probable that it will take longer, and they just haven't changed the "8 week" message on the website/application.

Keen84 3rd Jan 2010 06:41

Hey guys,
I ve been going thro the thread, u guys r doin a gr8 job here!
I m one amongst u guys who applied recently! My ques is whts wit the website??? Has thr been any movement out thr? Coz as u all knw the website says "To be advised around Sep 2009"
Plz advise!

holdmetight 3rd Jan 2010 09:40

Hey there,

Don't worry about that message. That particular section in the website normally lists the venues and times of cadet recruitment seminars that CX organize every year. These seminars are aimed at local university graduates, however it seems with the advent of the international cadetship, these talks weren't even held.

Rest assured that cadet recruitment is very much alive; I know of people who are undergoing the process as we speak.

ademaro 3rd Jan 2010 18:24

How many people have actually gone for training?International cadet wise i mean.Any of you lucky lads here?

6 months and waiting.no i didnt mean weeks.:ugh:

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