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nt.pilot 2nd Dec 2009 23:18

Hi all,

I know this has already been posted somewhere but i cant seem to find out if during the cadet program you are paid? i know they pay for the training but are you given a weekly/monthly wage or are we self sufficient during training and whilst waiting to be checked to line?

holdmetight 3rd Dec 2009 03:14

I believe cadets are each given an allowance of AUD$100 per week during their time in ADL, with FTA providing both accomodation and food.

I'm not sure what they are paid after finishing cadet training but before being checked-to-line in CX. Perhaps someone else could fill you in.

flapsupdown 4th Dec 2009 01:10

currently as it stands, cadets get paid an "allowance" in addition to all the costs involved with your training, food and accommodation.

Further, graduated cadets begin earning a SALARY as soon as they start with CX (i.e. before being checked to the line).

Hope this helps.

404 Titan 4th Dec 2009 06:42


That is usually the case except all current cadets who graduate from Adelaide are going into the hold file. While there they receive nothing but must be immediately available once called up. Currently there is no recruitment and none is scheduled for 2010 either.

etlien 4th Dec 2009 13:14

404 Titan
Ouch, just when I was about to submit an application. So is there no point in applying now?

betpump5 4th Dec 2009 19:22


The CP group who are about to graduate have been told (6 months ago) to expect a 12 month wait and this hasn't changed therefore no recruiting for 2010 is pretty certain. CP 31/32 know this and are prepared.

When CP36 starts in Dec 14 (who were told at interviews in September/October to expect a 3-6 month wait), there will be 6 CP groups at FTA with just over 50 cadets. CP 36 will graduate in Jan of 2011 with an expected start date in late summer, early autumn with start dates for the other CP31-35 taking place earlier that year.

CPP interviews are still ongoing around the world and CX is now back in Australia for a third time in 6 months.

So you do the maths. The 6th Floor Girls aren't travelling the world just to go shopping whilst putting Cadet Pilots on the shelves for an indefinite period of time!

etlien 4th Dec 2009 19:40

See, this is what confuses me. I have been reading on here about how interviews are still going on, yet recruiting for 2010 is not happening. What dos recruiting not happening mean? Are they not sending anyone down to FTA? Are they not putting CP classes together? Are they not taking anymore online applications? This is why I wonder if I should send an application in.

From the gist of your reply, I assume they are at least still taking applications. Am I right?

Wings1123 4th Dec 2009 22:44

Your last response here is a bit of concern...since I was interviewed in october and was not advised there would be a 3 to 5 months delay. I understand this is a rumours forum but if what you're saying is true then what happens to the backlog of pilots that will start CP36 onwards during that time? Do they get to sign a contract with assurance of position after the 60 week training or do they go back home (whichever country that may be) and wait for the phone call?

Thanks for your input.

holdmetight 5th Dec 2009 03:57

As far as I know, applications and interviews for cadets are still ongoing, with classes being put together and shipped off to Adelaide. However as betpump5 has mentioned, cadets currently training in Adelaide must expect to wait 6-12 months after graduation before officially joining the company and starting ground school.

I don't think Cathay will guarantee that you will eventually join the company, just like the other Direct Entry hopefuls you will end up in the holding file. But personally I also tend to believe that, provided you are willing to wait, CX won't give up on you either - especially after spending so much money on your training.

I'm still going to apply, even if it means waiting for a job 6-12 months after leaving Adelaide. It is a small price to pay.

flapsupdown 5th Dec 2009 06:34

Just want to clarify a few things...

Interviews are still ongoing for the CPP. Also, classes are continually formed and shipped to Adelaide.

The "wait" period that people refer to is the time between graduating from FTA and starting at Cathay Pacific. There may be a wait after you graduate from the CPP but there is no reason why you won't eventually get hired (as long as you performed up to standard throughout your time at FTA).

When CX needs more SOs, the graduated cadets will be the first in line.

holdmetight 5th Dec 2009 06:53

When CX needs more SOs, the graduated cadets will be the first in line.

Is that a fact? Where did you hear that from?

etlien 5th Dec 2009 10:07

So the no recruitment in 2010 just refers to no hiring of people graduating from FTA?

betpump5 5th Dec 2009 11:04

I thought my message was crystal clear and I didn't expect to get that many queries afterwards but let me try and answer some of the concerns.

Firstly "no recruiting" in 2010 means the graduated CP 31/32 cadets who are close to graduating will not be given their strart date at CX in 2010. This is obvisouly also true for CP 33-35 who are expected to graduate that year - CP36 should graduate end of January 2011.

The good news is that due to the predicted demand of cadet pilots, the CP batches have been given differing wait times. CP31=12 months and CP36=3-6 months. This is obvioulsy good news.


Flapsupdown is obvioulsy correct. When the demand for SOs increase, the grduated cadets will be first in line. Where else will we get them from? And there will be an abundance of them but if by some mircale we don't have enough, then there will still be a few poor sods swimming in the DESO pool to be plucked when needed.


The only contract you sign is the one saying you will be given 60 weeks traning. The contract does not say you will be given a position at CX. You do the 60 weeks, graduate, have your photo taken then you go back to wherever you came from or wherever you want to go and wait for the phonecall.

I hope this answers any concerns. FYI I heard that there was a little bit of a rush last week with the 6th floor trying to get people on the CP36 course. In the end, only 11 cadets made it rather than the hoped for 16. There was a worrying period when only 6 or so cadets had made it through.

Like I said, the girls aren't travelling the world just to go shopping whilst puting cadets on the shelf. Likewise CX wont be too keen on spending all this money on cadets only for them to be out of action for 2 years while they wait for a start date.

etlien 5th Dec 2009 11:53

Thanks for the insight.

flapsupdown 15th Dec 2009 10:46

Yes, as a Cathay Cadet you will undergo the same training as all other cadets. However, once in a while they offer the Short Course in which case you wouldn't be doing the whole 14 months. Nonetheless, the "normal" cadet program requires all cadets to undergo the same training regardless of experience...which makes sense since most the exams you will be sitting are issued by the HKCAD.

If no jobs are available upon graduation, you just wait. Yes, you are entitled to gin employment elsewhere but must be ready to start immediately.

etlien 17th Dec 2009 05:05

Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe other poster(s) have mentioned that the 6 year employment 'bond' is not actually binding since it is illegal in Hong Kong, meaning you don't have to go back to CX when they call you if you're at another airline/job.

flying_hamster 17th Dec 2009 13:02

Just out of curiosity, have any cadets who passed the interviews actually started flight school in Adelaide?

My main reason for asking is that I am still waiting for an invite to the first interview, and have another job offer which I'm planning to take up in the mean while. Any clue how long the actual interview process takes?

Speedbird2263 18th Dec 2009 02:28

I would advise that if you can snag another Job for now then go with it for sure. You have nothing to lose by accepting the job whereas you might "lose out" on that job in the event that you don't make it through the interview selection to cadet training. As always in aviation have a plan B :ok:

I'm currently 4weeks down, 4 to go to the 8week threshold since application. :D

kiwiflyernz 22nd Dec 2009 07:53

Mine took 10 weeks to come back.

How long after your initial interview do you get a reply advising you of the outcome. I was told a week, but that has now passed.

NewZealand787 22nd Dec 2009 23:38

Im in the same boat as you Kiwiflyer, had my interview in Auckland last week. Im guessing theyll call or email tomorrow mate. Good luck dude

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