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Alpha Aviation Group Philippines

South Asia and Far East Wannabes A forum for those applying to Cathay Pacific, Dragonair or any other Hong Kong-based airline or operator. Use this area for both Direct Entry Pilot and Cadet-scheme queries.

Alpha Aviation Group Philippines

Old 10th Jul 2013, 08:01
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I have narrowed down to AAG and AIA..

Omni is a good school but they lost to AAG and AIA in certain aspects.

AAG-Big company,many partnerships with airlines,and most of their students are already first officers.. Clark, a very fantastic place to train.. if your not a filipino citizen just go to AAG if your are go to Phillipine Airline Flight School.. good school but restricted to Filipino Citizens only. AAG has placement tests and the equipement your given is the best. Plus G1000 Equipped Cessna's. and you know their not a bullshit school. AAG UK AAG UAE AAG PHIL. Their located all over the world. plus the placement rates are not a joke..

AIA-Website is weak.. but they are a good school, their flight line, hangar and they also have some jets either than the training aircraft.. one thing about AIA its in Subic.. I have heard stuff from my filipino freinds that subic is not a good place.. they have suggested me to go to clark and join AAG instead.

Both schools are good, but my decision will be made after i have visited both schools because i have the PPL 70 percent done. 4 Subjects and Some hours and i have EASA PPL. But in europe.. ifyou ever go. go to BAA or Oxford.. i was in Adria Flight Career Centre.. i regret that place..

and dont think CAAP is a place where you can go aroud to get licence.. CAAP is one of the strictest CAA ... not like phillipine LTO or you know..
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Old 26th Jul 2013, 08:51
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Asian Institute of Aviation

Hi Guys,

I need some feedback. I'm currently a 23 year old undergraduate in Singapore. Will be graduating in 2 years time and looking into a flying career. At the moment I'm considering AIA (philippines) at subic bay. I know it's still very early for me but I wanna do my research before I make the decision to join a flying school. Based on this forum (Asian Institute of Aviation Philppines : Flying Academies), it mentioned that the prospect for students from this academy is pretty good. There was also news from Channel News Asia (Indonesian flying academies struggle to make up for pilot shortfall - Channel NewsAsia) that Indonesia is in demand for pilots and that this academy has job placements with Indonesia airlines. Any idea how easy it is for Singaporeans to work in Philippines or Indonesia? Any comments on this?

Thank you
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Old 26th Jul 2013, 09:46
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although its good to do research every possible way, it is best not take new articles as the assurance to startup in this industry. best is to talk to people, pilots especially then decide to take the leap or not. The industry scenario changes at the blink of an eye.
The problem here in Indonesia is that there have been new rules in place trying to differ 250 hr pilots with jst a CPL to come in. The rule states that you must have 250 hrs on the type of aircraft you want to be hired for here in Indonesia. That being said this rule only applies to in lay man words the airlines or bigger aircraft.
Part 135 is non scheduled charter and air taxi operations.
Part 121 is scheduled air carrier operations.
Part 91 is private owned operations.
so here in Indonesia you can find work in part 135 & 91, the later being more difficult. So you can always start you career flying smaller a/c's or doing Flight instructor jobs & then move up the ladder so to say.
Have fun...get contacts in the industry...I tell you it sometimes helps more than your License does......good luck,,sorry cant help you with the Philippines scenario..not quite aware of the latest...things could be way different in 2 yrs time..
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Old 29th Jul 2013, 07:22
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Hi aircraftpilot,

Thank you very much for this
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Old 15th May 2014, 09:31
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What school did you choose?


I was wondering what school you chose? AAG or OMNI?


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Old 18th Sep 2014, 14:46
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Talking AAG

can I ask for a pros/cons review of Alpha Aviation Group?
im considering this school for my Pilot training program.

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Old 3rd Oct 2014, 03:04
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any thought on this guys? im thinking about going to omni or AAG but i want to consider how well can they help us in becoming a first officer in any airline?
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Old 11th Mar 2015, 03:15
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Good day guys, I'm new here.

I am planning to start with my Pilot training this coming June/July. I am choosing between OMNI and AAG. Could you give feedback regarding both schools reputation. I have heard negative feedbacks in the past regarding AAG. However, it is already 2015 and possibly improvements were already done. I am planning to do ab-initio to A320 FOT.

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Old 16th Mar 2015, 15:58
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Thanks dubaipilot,

Actually, I visited both schools already. Will be having my ADEPT soon. Hopefully, everything will be great.
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Old 27th Mar 2015, 09:02
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aviator0903, which intake are you going to enrol?
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Old 30th Jun 2015, 18:22
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Hello Dubaipilot! So just wanted to know how went your training with AAG, and did they help you find a job? Thanks!
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Old 31st Jul 2015, 15:20
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Hello, just wandering is the Piper Aztec RP-C6884 owned by WCC Aviation Company?
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Old 13th Aug 2015, 11:14
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Previous posts

Weird, my previous posts were deleted. PPRuNe must have thought I am advertising for them, which I was not trying to do. Just providing my opinion.
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Old 13th Aug 2015, 12:23
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Hi DubaiPilot,

writing to you concerning AAG.
Did you enrolled to this training program? (Vietnam Civil Aviation A320 TR + Placement with airline)
Any feedback? Good academy for A320 TR?
How long did you had to wait to start training?

I have applied 1 month ago and still waiting to get the green lights to start training.
Rumour has it this is yet another P2F. This time with Vietjet having some agreement with Alpha where they are conducting CAAV approved A320 type ratings and line training (100 hours!!!) for only USD150K.
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Old 17th Aug 2015, 07:05
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Dubai Pilot

To Dubai Pilot, thanks for your reply man!
Please inbox me your Skype or Email so that we can discuss further about it, since I think you got banned. I cannot send you a private msg!
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Old 26th Jun 2016, 10:15
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How much is AAG, A320 type rating? Please and thank you!
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Old 7th Feb 2017, 00:29
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2017 AAG

Hello everyone I am a girl but I want to venture in airline industry and I want to be a CPL. So I am planning to study at AAG. Need help for this. Is it worth it? Help me decide. Thank you.
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Old 24th May 2017, 08:00
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Hi, Any updates regarding AAG
My top choice is AAG next is OMNI and then WCC or leading edge. Can you explain which school do you prefer from 1 to 4 and why...

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Old 25th May 2017, 03:10
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Any testimonials or reviews regarding AAG.P
Please thanks
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Old 25th Aug 2020, 01:40
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Excellent, buuuuut...

To anyone who might have wandered here looking for info about AAG Philippines (and maybe an idea of what to expect after), good day.

I finished my flight training with Alpha about a couple of years ago and I'm confident to say that it is one of the best schools, not only in the Philippines but also in the Asia Pacific region. If you plan to enter the aviation industry, you'll get the best education there. But with that out of the way, I have a few things to say about the school as my batchmates and I experienced it.

​​​​​​1. Alpha has had a scheduling problem. The school has been expanding even before I started my training, and with that, I think they over estimated their capacity to take on new students (either that or their marketing and sales department just didn't care about capacity since they earn commissions per student). Sure, they've had a batch that finished up to their A320 rating in 13 months, but by my time, it took me and my batchmates about 24 when they promised to let us finish within 15. Funny thing is, if we didn't have any down time, I think it would have been possible to finish on time (longest time with no flight was maybe about 12 weeks; another experience was when we were flying about every 3 weeks just so that we wouldn't need a school mandated recurrency lesson) So if you took on loans or have allocated funds for living expenses, please take note of this.

2. There's a culture of seniority, like any other school in the Philippines. This actually carries over to when you enter the airlines so might as well let you know now so there's no culture shock. During my time, every little infraction had a punishment, from doing a round of squats, push ups, etc, for all the students at the flightline (you'd have to be careful about pissing off your collegues in the upperbatch). It had a 2-fold purpose: you'd remember not to repeat that mistake which pissed everyone off, and the newer students get to build up their muscles in the arms and legs. However, the seniority thing led to some taking advantage. I think they eventually banned the students buying food for the people in the flightline, but during my time, it was an expectation for every milestone.

​​​​​3. AAG Philippines is a for profit company. You might be getting the best education your money can buy but all that marketing overstates a lot of things. Sure, the Asia Pacific region has a big demand for pilots (at least before COVID), but what they don't tell you is that most of them are looking for pilots with at least a moderate amount of experience. Even some of the airlines in the region expect at least 250 hrs with an MEIR, which the school doesn't technically provide (an A320 rating is separate from a ME rating, don't let marketing tell you otherwise!) Out of all my batchmates only one or two made it to the airlines without anything shady happening in the background. Others have had to shell out a few million pesos / tens of thousands of dollars for pay to fly programs, legitimate or otherwise. A few pursued an instructor rating which is a hit and miss in job hunting in itself, while others just abandoned the dream.

***. COVID. Getting pilot training now is just bad timing. Airlines are furloughing pilots, parking aircraft for long terms, etc. Even if the economy recovers and the industry goes back to pre COVID operations just in time for your graduation, you'd be competing in the job market with those with the furloughed pilots, as well as graduates who've finished their training since the COVID crisis began (yes, flight schools are still operating today, have been so since the June or July 2020) and the students are coming back to finish what they've started. So unless you're a famous tv personality like a certain schoolmate of mine, or have really strong connections (like knowing the head of operations or human resources strong), it'll be really really hard / expensive to get into the airlines.

Hey, I could be wrong. Most pilots might have been at retirement age by then. The industry might bounce back very quickly after a vaccine is made available. Everyone might have though the same thing I did and avoided flight schools leaving you with no competition at all. But if you're going to take out a loan, use your parents' retirement money, or leave a very stable job for a career in aviation, I'd advise you to please reassess whether or not you want to become a pilot.

Don't get me wrong, flying is fun and fulfilling, but afterwards, from what I've seen, it's been a cause for heartbreak, stress and depression for most of my peers, even before COVID hit. A few later confessed that they were greedy when choosing the profession, seeing the salaries of pilots, so they never actually had fun during their time in school and that's the worst place to come from.
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