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Old 27th Oct 2012, 06:19   #41 (permalink)
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I'm also interested in the T&Cs for an FO. Please could someone post or PM me? Thanks.
Likewise here. I'd appreciate the info.
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T&C FO's

As of a few days ago, they didn't have the T&C's worked out for the FO's but the scuttlebutt has it in the 11K USD range. Basic health but no pension. For all of us that have interviewed and will interview, they are supposed to choose their initial group of pilots and advise them by the end of December and starting around March/April, in training. The interview, is about the same as the one in Australia from what I've been told. Including the SHL testing ( Google this ), the face to face interview uses the STAR behavioral method with questions like, "Name a time when you lead a group in a project with a deadline and how did you make this deadline"? ACKKKKK yes, even though we are pilots, it's like a corp style interview. Due to the assistance of a PPruner, who advised me to work these out and on the internet there are many sources. I spent at least 20 hours getting the gray matter engaged and it was time well spent. The sim was normal and nothing out of the ordinary. Then there was a planning exercise, which entailed a problem after take off and where do you go for maintenance, extra crew, fuel, adequate runway, etc.. You get 75 minutes, I guessed the right one in the beginning and spent the rest of the time working out why the other ones were wrong. All in all, the people running the interview process were extremely considerate and tried their best to make you feel comfortable. I've only interviewed about a dozen times in my life and if not for the assistance with targeting the STAR, I would have blown it. I'd like to warn everyone of a company in Austalia, that charges thousands and promises to provide everything needed to get through this interview. Well, I did that and they did virtually nothing and dropped me after the cash was in their hands. I plan on taking the matter further but buyer beware.
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Does Jetstar provide accommodation assistance, what accommodation is available and what is the likely cost?

Jetstar does not provide an accommodation allowance; however, you will receive a Market Based Allowance which currently is set at HK$20,000 for Captain and HK$12,000 for FO per month. Accommodation is widely available around the airport area in such places as Discovery Bay and Tung Chung area. Alternatively, many people choose to live in the more lively areas in the city around Kowloon and Hong Kong Island. Most forms of accommodation are high-rise apartment living and the cost of an apartment will vary markedly depending on size and location. As a rough guide, the cost of a 2 bedroom apartment in the Tung Chung area (880-1200sqft) would be in the vicinity of HK$18,000 - HK$25,000; a one bedroom apartment (640-830sqft) from HK$13,500 - HK$15,000. Apartments in Downtown could be obtained for a similar amount but would likely be smaller in size.

Does Jetstar provide schooling assistance, what schools are available and what is the likely cost?

Jetstar does not provide a schooling allowance. Schooling can be quite expensive in Hong Kong depending on the level and the particular requirements of families. You are encouraged to consider schooling availability and cost before committing to a family move to Hong Kong.

How long is the Pilot Contract?

Pilots will be offered permanent contracts.

Are there opportunities to transfer within the Jetstar Group?

Whilst all Jetstar Group Airlines have a common operational and commercial philosophy, each is a separate entity and there is no specific policy regarding transfers within the group. Where a specific need arises, pilots may be offered the opportunity to apply for a transfer on a short-term or fixed-term LWOP basis.

Would Jetstar cover the cost of the Endorsement, CCQ or Refresher Courses?

Where training is required to gain an endorsement, a CCQ or undertake a Refresher program prior to being employed, the cost of the training is borne by the applicant. Applicants will be offered the opportunity to enter into a Training Agreement which will allow them to repay the cost incurred through a salary deduction arrangement over a period of 36 months. The cost to each pilot will be determined on an individual basis determined by the additional training required. Pilots once endorsed or who are already endorsed on the aircraft type, will undergo the Jetstar Transition Training program after commencing with the Company. This training will comprise of specific procedures and sequences in order to fulfill both Jetstar and HK CAD regulatory requirements.

Command Potential.

First Officers will be given every opportunity to enhance both their flying and leadership skills. Command upgrade will be offered to appropriately qualified pilots and selection will be based on a number of factors including length of service, performance, qualifications and of course command vacancies.


The current salary scales are shown below.
Base Pay MBA Performance pay at 75 hrs. Minimum monthly total Bonus
TRE/IRE $ 85,000 $ 20,000 $ 35,000 $ 140,000 20%
LTC $ 80,000 $ 20,000 $ 35,000 $ 135,000 20%
Captain $ 75,000 $ 20,000 $ 35,000 $ 130,000 10%
First Officer $ 45,000 $ 12,000 $ 17,500 $ 74,500 10%

The Base Pay is calculated on minimum credit of 50 hours/month.
Performance Pay is based on an additional credit of 25 hours/month.

(For pilots joining Jetstar Hong Kong before operational launch, this additional credit is guaranteed for a period of 2 years from date of commencement.)
All additional credit hours are paid at overtime rates of; Captain – HK$1,400/hr and FO HK$700/hr.

Company Incentive Scheme

For pilots joining before operational launch, the Company Bonus is guaranteed for a period of 2 years. The bonus is paid annually and is based on gross salary for the previous financial year.

Flying Credits

Credit Hours are accumulated as follow:
• Scheduled Block Time for sectors flown (not actual flying chock-chock).
• Simulator, Emergency Procedures (EP) and Security Courses at 5 hours per day.
• Ground administration or office days at 3 hours per day.
• Deadhead at Company request, 50% of Scheduled Block time.
.Rostered Days Off
Rostered Days Off are 8 days in 28.


Annual Leave = 28 days per annum
Other leave is in accordance with Company policies as varied from time to time.


Pilots are subject to Hong Kong taxation Laws and it is the individual’s responsibility to comply with the tax liabilities as required by the Inland Revenue.

Pension Scheme

The Company will enroll you in a Mandatory Provident Fund Scheme and will make the minimum required contributions under law. Your minimum statutory contributions will be deducted from your wages each month.

Health Insurance

Medical insurance and employee compensation insurance will be provided.
Life and Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance
The Company will provide Life and Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance subject to the Company policies. Details will be provided later.

Staff Travel Benefits

Jetstar provides employees a discretionary benefit of staff travel after a six month qualifying period with the company. Employees, their partner, children and their parents are able to access concessional staff travel. Travel is on a standby basis and bookings can be made on Qantas and Jetstar group aircraft only. Further travel benefits may be available with other carriers in due course subject to specific agreements to be negotiated.

Employer Sponsored Work Visa

Jetstar, when necessary, will assist successful Pilots (and their families) in obtaining Employer Sponsored Visas in order that they and their families are able to work in Hong Kong. Visa approval is subject to each applicant meeting entry criteria managed by the Hong Kong Immigration authorities and the application process is expected to take a minimum of four to six weeks.

Conversion to Hong Kong ATPL/Certificate of Validation

The requirements for existing foreign-ATPL holders to convert to a Hong Kong ATPL are specified in Part 3 Chapter 3 of CAD 54 which can be found on the Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department (CAD) website Civil Aviation Department | ¥Á¯è³B. Principally this involves sitting the Hong Kong ATPL Air Law Exams (parts A and B) and the Aircraft Technical and Aircraft Performance Exams and meeting the requirements discussed below. Whilst the study for the exams may be completed overseas, the exams must be completed in Hong Kong.
Other requirements include;
• completing an English Language Test with an authorized testing person,
• completing an Instrument Rating Flight Test,
• undertaking a Class 1 Hong Kong medical examination.

An application for a Hong Kong ATPL licence must be accompanied by evidence of passes in the ATPL subjects for which the original ATPL was issued (not a converted licence), together with a log book showing the last six months of flying. Pilots must have a minimum of 2800 total and 500 multi-crew hours. A full face photograph and proof of nationality (passport) will also be required when applying for the ATPL. The HK CAD assesses each application individually and may require additional evidence or examinations as the case may be.

Prior to commencing with Jetstar pilots who do not already possess a Hong Kong licence, will be required to obtain a Certificate of Validation of their current licence; consequently, applicants must hold a current ICAO recognized ATPL endorsed with a current aircraft and instrument rating and a current Class 1 medical certificate valid for at least 60 days. Further, in order to obtain the C of V pilots will be required to complete the following CAD examinations; Hong Kong Air Law parts A and B and the aircraft technical exams as above. The flight test for the Instrument Rating may be undertaken during the Transition Simulator session after commencing employment with Jetstar Hong Kong.

What Relocation benefits are provided?

The Company will provide economy class air travel for the employee and family to Hong Kong and up to 2 weeks hotel accommodation if required.

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Do they let you know anything after the interview....or is it we'll be in touch.
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Old 20th Nov 2012, 08:02   #45 (permalink)
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Jetstar does not provide an accommodation allowance; however, you will receive a Market Based Allowance which currently is set at HK$20,000 for Captain and HK$12,000 for FO per month.
The HK housing market has never been more expensive. I'd hate to see what they're offering when the bubble bursts.
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Thanks Flappo.

is the $74000 HKD garuenteed (+- a few thousand) every month?
I assume that the HKG ATPL will take about 6 months?

Do you have a Jetstar Japan T&C you could PM?

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stay away from PATS, MEL(Pilot Aptitude Training System)
paid in full, attended 2 days of similar maths question no actual Pilot Interview Prep training..misleading outfit
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Old 28th Feb 2013, 20:10   #48 (permalink)
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Is the 12,000 housing in addition to the 74,000 for FO's?

Training bond cost for non rated FO?
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Old 7th Mar 2013, 10:51   #49 (permalink)
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i wonder if jetstar is going to run cadet pilot programme..
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Even with those appalling conditions, loads of idiots will line up for it.
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Old 11th Mar 2013, 09:05   #51 (permalink)
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So I applied nearly 6 weeks ago and have not received any replies or PFO's and I more than meet the requirements. Plus I already have a HKG ATPL

I am in Malaysia with my family and I am faced with the prospect of having to move back to Canada which is something we don't wish to do.

Can anyone tell me what the best method is on following up on your application?

Any input would be greatly appreciated!
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the following is F/O pay at 50 hrs HKG Dollars:
First Officer: Base pay $ 45,000 Monthly base allowance $ 12,000
at 75 hrs you can expect an additional 17500.

See post 44 for more details


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Do some research on HKG cost of living

This isn't intended as a negative rant, but this Jetstar package has no housing allowance or childrens education allowance attached to it. Please beware.
Research the Hong Kong cost of living before moving here, especially if you are a Westerner used to having space. You won't be able to provide for a family in HKG with what they are offering if you have children at school. (It's $500K just to get your kids a spot at an English speaking school here, let alone the actual fees)
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One Bar, at the risk of letting the facts get in the way of a good story, its 500k to get into one of the schools. The cheapish international school my kids go to was a 800 hkd application fee and 6 k a month. Finding a school with a place available is the hard bit and should be taken into account as it will dictate were one lives, which in the end will bring fond memories of ones time in Hong Kong or not.

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Pill, thanks for the clarification. I've been listening to friends complaining about the schools here for the last few months and that's the impression they gave me. I haven't had the pleasure yet myself..
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J/S HK!!

Typical J/star with no idea, stay clear or you will be institutisionalised living in the TC!!....no life flogged to death for what?.....an A320......people pull your heads in now!!....the Swire Cats are watching you!!
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I'll have what he's drinking
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Any word on JSHK's hiring plans going forward, with the legal quagmire holding up their operation? I've applied through their online system, but I know the chances of getting a call through that alone are slim. I'd love a chance to speak to someone in the know or walk by their office next time I pass through Hong Kong, but I can't seem to find the posted address anywhere on the website.

Does anybody have a lead on what general range of experience and backgrounds are getting the call back for first officer interviews? Total time's weaker than I'd like at 2000 and change, but I've got experience in jets, in the region and in VHHH. No Hong Kong residency or licenses, but a full ICAO ATPL with an Airbus rating. I'd be free to pursue a license conversion with a company's sponsorship. To head off the many valid complaints about the T's and C's, I'm single with no debt, no family, and no plans to change that in the near future, am well acquainted with the pitfalls of Hong Kong and modern China, and years of furlough and meager schedules have left me at a point where several years flying the line at a place like Jetstar may be the just the thing for me.

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