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Aviation enthusiast here,soon to finish 10+2 .
I am currently thinking of joining IGRUA but someone replied on a thread that the entrance examination is way too tough,and chances of making it are very very slim.
Apparently 900 candidates apply,and only 75 are chosen

I so want to join but can't help but get disheartened by reading these comments,is it really that tough ? The site mentions basic knowledge in maths,physics,english and logical reasoning.

Is it really that difficult,or is it just people who didnt qualify cribbing ?
If a member of alumini can respond,better.

Also,does it improve your chances of landing a job (ouch,pun ) if you have a masters degree in mechanical engineering ?
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A sincere advice - There are already thousands of CPL Holder outside sitting job less, working in BPOs, taking Tuition, and many sitting idle. So, seriously need not rush. Think twice, unless you have a strong jack which 'll help you get placed. If you still want to go for it, I would advice you to do graduation first and then get into flying. Graduation 'll be a backup for you. Think!
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Syed, for a change it's heartening to see someone in Indian aviation who seems to be both enthusiastic and capable of stringing together coherent sentences in English.

I'm unsure as to how much you already know about the profession, therefore will refrain from launching into a vast sermon just now (believe me it wouldn't end).

I'm not an IGRUA alumnus as you would've preferred, but have been in the field a few years. Based on that bit of experience, I must tell you outright that becoming an aviator is NOT a "career option" one chooses based on logical patterns or market trends. The sheer number of variables involved in the path make it an irrational one to opt for.

Thus you need to be THAT inclined and crazy about it, to be emotionally and personally ready to face utter frustration, heartbreak or ruin, in order to even get into it and have a one in a thousand shot at success (note I don't say million!)

To get to your queries, yes, the IGRUA exam isn't all that difficult subject wise, but making it through into the place could be, since there is a lot of influence involved.

Nevertheless, it's a question of supply and demand; currently, aviation is an unwanted career option, and I'm sure flying shcools would be desperate for students to come fill their coffers, IGRUA included, so your chances just may be better than usual.

I'll sign off now before I get too cumbersome to read. Ping if you need to know further specifics. Best of luck.
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I second every word in the post above. As a person fortunate to be a part of this field, I'd share some observations with you.
1) arm yourself with a tertiary university degree. Airlines such as SIA prefer grads. There are a lot of aeronautical/ aerospace engineering grads in flight schools, as I type, To give you a good idea of the competition you will be facing. It's a shark eat shark world in the job market.
2) shed off the rose tinted glasses and be prepared to be unemployed for some time no matter what flight schools sell you.Research as much as you can with regards to the industry and trust nobody but yourself.
3) Be prepared to work with and around people with little or no passion for aviation when you get in. You will find some real gems in the industry though.
4) When it comes to a flight school, don't run after a brand name, but the quality of flying and talk to several students first instead of marketing executives.

Finally, If you are really passionate about flying, get in !
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Danger Thank You

Thanks a lot people.
Really delighted that you took time to reply to my post.
Considering the current state of affairs in Aviation in India,i would say that your advice is right to arm myself with a degree.

Responding in particular to Power shanks, I am really that crazy about aviation .I have decided that though aviation is tough,due to all the reasons people give,it is my ambition and i am going to devote my efforts in this particular direction.True,as you have mentioned there is frustration ,ruin and hopelessness ,but i think i am willing to face these.
Also,as you mentioned that you have been in the field for a few years,may i inquire that were you in commercial aviation ?
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We were all 17 once and everyone of us loves aviation and will probably be that way whether we make it or not .

Please remember that your CPL once obtained has an expiry date , even worse is that you have to renew your medical every year

What will you do should you become Permanently Unfit before you find a job with that 38 lakh CPL of yours ?
The CPL will become totally useless.....

Also dont forget that most if not all of the airline in India charge another 15-20 lakhs for the type rating
So you are looking at 38 + 15 = 53 lakhs before you can even start earning a basic salary
Some even require you to already have type rating

Moreover airline recruitments in India are not very fair . Very few airlines call all the candidates that apply .

All the more reasons you need to get that college degree first .

Sometimes when you need to find a job other than that of a pilot quite a few places wont hire you if you tell them that you have CPL license because they are afraid that you will leave the moment an airline recruitment takes place

Here are two things I can garuntee...

1. If you go to college and get a degree you will never regret that you did when you look back upon life . A CPL is only a 1 or 2 year max course . There is plenty of time after college to get one
While in college you can get you medical and computer number done .
You can also give the DGCA CPL exams while studying in college itself

Then once you graduate see how market is and then decide whether you wish to proceed or not

2. If you dont get a degree and get a CPL straightaway after high school

Initially you will be very happy since you are doing something very different than what most of your classmates will be doing and naturally you will be flying airplanes
But after you get your CPL and the flying stops.......if you are unable to find a job and no matter how much you love aviation.......YOU WILL start to regret you did not follow your friends
While they are graduating from college and getting placed in various companies and moving on with life will be stuck in some call centre waiting for that elusive airline call that or may not happen

I believe you are intelligent enough to do the right thing....
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Almost all of what cryilroy has written is true and you must reflect upon that. As for the degree bit: a college education will certainly give you a far wider perspective on life to look at things from a more mature view; in addition a technical degree course will attune your mind to the kind of rational and analytical thinking that will keep you well ahead of the rest in learning from and interacting with people, as well as help you perform better in interviews.

BUT it will make little to NO difference if you pursue a CPL afterwards and then end up unemployed: any degree holder either needs to be a just passed out fresher for an entry level job or needs commensurate experience if he is older. A failed CPL after a degree will put you in that twilight zone which is neither of the two, and would not keep you all that different from a 10+2.

I am an engineering graduate who took to the skies, so I can tell you that from my experience. I currently work as a captain in an airline.

Cheers and best of luck.
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Question reply asap.........

does that mean that I should not join igrua as of now, and first go for a bachelors degree in any field(engineering)??

I am currently 10+2 qualified, and applying for colleges........

please reply asap
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I strongly suggest you get your college degree first . You can get your CPL once your done with that and depending on the market situation at the time
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