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Why I turned down Cathay Pacific (SO Transition)

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Why I turned down Cathay Pacific (SO Transition)

Old 11th Jul 2012, 12:27
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Hahaha, this has to all be a wind up? Two trolls at once, if not, makes for a good giggle.
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Old 11th Jul 2012, 13:13
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Nice Post & Story Eternity.
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Old 12th Jul 2012, 04:29
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A two troll tango
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Old 24th Jul 2012, 05:42
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Thanks for the response.
When I was there though the tv always said Tung Chung had the lowest pollution levels. It may have been the season I was there during, however, it's irrelevant now.
I've changed career paths long ago. I'm just here watching dreams of expats die.
Working for CX is great if you can live with your parents or if you already own property there... that's about it.
It seems like any new hires for CX that aren't complaining about the low pay are people who are doing it for show. People who have rich parents who wanted their kids to do something. Relatively smart people who want to bang more chicks. People who enjoy traveling but don't realize flying for airlines isn't the same... essentially people who go to university to get a degree for the sake of getting a degree; they're people who get into CX to impress their parents enough to have a decent share in the inheritance.
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Old 24th Jul 2012, 15:52
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WOW! You have issues!
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Old 24th Jul 2012, 19:13
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Snoop No desperate situations, only desperate people . . .

Will it be another idle day of deferred dreams?
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Old 25th Jul 2012, 09:57
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Ok...a bit off the topic... i was walking through HKIA.. bored as usually..surping my coffee and being a nusiance... I noticed on two separation occasion, young chinese(locals) pilots supporting mohawk haircuts.. well it was a slightly over grown mohawk...i thought it was the last of the mohicans, chinese version... hahaha.. I thought there is a dress code... ok aleast a clean shirt, shower and shave..but the hair didnt look professional... in any case... i was going to give the kid an extra few HK$ so he can go back to the salon and finish his hair cut. but i thought he was going to scalp me.

ok back to prevering and you lot can go back to argueing about CX...
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Old 25th Jul 2012, 10:21
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"young chinese(locals) pilots supporting mohawk haircuts.."

I'm afraid you are mistaken..... These days cadet pilots are so poor that they get their hair cut in installments!
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Old 25th Jul 2012, 11:09
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lucky for these cadets.. that a crotch wax is not needed.. wax/shaving half is not CX standard.. or is it... hmmmm.. there goes your landing strip. more like a bush landing... hahaha
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Old 29th Jul 2012, 06:05
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So, one is able to dig up statistics which support that Tung Chung isn't the most polluted part of Hong Kong...

...consider that paultheparaglider might be saying that of all the places expats might reasonably consider living, it is most definitely one of the most polluted parts of Hong Kong. The reason we know this - is that we have to drive/ train/ bus past the place every time we go to work - and it's definitely up there (ITO pollution).

Otherwise, there's nothing wrong with the place from what I can tell, and quite a few of my friends have opted to live there. But it regularly suffers very bad pollution. That's a fact.

I haven't checked what residential places regularly suffer worse pollutiuon than Tung Chung, But I'm guessing is places like Mei Foo, Mong Kok etc. If you want to compare Tung Chung to places like that, then you might want to check them out first.

Last edited by PNM; 29th Jul 2012 at 06:06.
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Old 29th Jul 2012, 07:35
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Hedley Environmental Index

Regardless of what you think you see driving to work these measurements show daily that Tung Chung is NOT one of the more polluted places to live. Check it out occasionally and you will see that the city locations are the worst, understandably, followed by the rest, of which Tung Chung is one of the best places in HKG with regards to the pollution.

These are not statistics they are real time readings of pollutants in the atmosphere at the locations mentioned.
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Old 5th Sep 2012, 08:00
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No boundaries ? More like no brain cells, a terrific reason to not fly CX in 20 years when he might have a command.
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Old 1st Jan 2013, 15:34
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I agree with what you are saying but i must also say i could not find a better offer than this atleast for now as i am a low time pilot.

My question is do you think that there is still an airline out there that will give you the cathay dream? In other words do you think it is cathay that is going down hill in terms of being a pilot or the whole airline industry?

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Old 17th Jan 2013, 09:31
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HK Life,

(hopefully you're not like airgent and others who will take this advice as a personal attack)

Instead of looking for the quick now-now-now path into a big shiny jet that will see you head down an unhappy and low paying career (if you can call it a career) with almost no way of saving for your retirement, why not go out there and get a job suitable for a low hour pilot. Then you can become a higher hour pilot and apply for suitable jobs, then become an even higher hour (and experienced) pilot and apply for a reasonably good package at a reasonably good airline (that doesn't treat their employees like CX does).

Trust me, you'll have many enjoyable and worthwhile experiences along the way, especially if you get into single pilot IFR in strange places doing even stranger tasks.
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Old 11th Oct 2016, 12:20
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Can't say I have ever come across a bigger bunch of whiners about Cathay and living in HK!

I am an Aussie and live in HK. Yes it has its challenges and is expensive and has bad schools and all the rest of it. But I am still here because on balance I would rather live here than anywhere else. Someone here said said if you can't get more money then don't go to HK, only worth it if the numbers add up. I for one took a 60 per cent pay cut 9 years ago to have the chance of living here. No housing allowance, just a salary. But with much lower tax I could justify it and also live in a more exciting place than in Australia. Amazed how many Aussies on the forum who whine about their lot in life, how bad Cathay is, how your free housing allowance is shrinking ( I get zero) and how hard it is to jump on your free company funded flights for your holidays ( I pay full rack rates for mine). If you don't like it ? Go home and stop whining!! Pay your 47 per cent tax there, live in a remote location and live the high life you crave! Just a bunch of self important losers. Enjoy your life and stop the crap!!!
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Old 2nd Dec 2016, 09:31
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EU point of view

Originally Posted by whackthemole View Post
Exactly. Most of us have friends or ex-colleges who'd we'd love to see join us in CX, but who turned away this disrespectful offer.

In fact, it used to be a fairly common occurrence that recruiting was done through word of mouth and recommendations. Whatever legends or aura that exists around Cathay Pacific developed because we were able to hire from the top shelf around the world. Nobody in their right mind would recommend this deal to a friend who has any kind of experience or skill-set.

The irony of it all is that the ones with the spine, brain and judgement to walk away from this deal are the exact pilots we should be hiring. They're the ones who have what it takes to make decisions at 38,000' when facing a nightmare scenario.

But beggars can't be choosers.
Hi there! I hope you also have the perspective of an EU pilot. Other pilots here already expressed They. Make 2,000/month wiht wizzair! Or 3,000 after they payed their type Rating loans back. I hope you won't be judjung or have preconceptions about our decision makins on 38,000ft accepting a job for 6,500 month with housing allowance not everyone lives in Australia.
I love asia and lived like an asian already. And if someone wants lo live specifically in HK, may it be, why not CX.

HOWEVER! I also agree with you, with 500hrs on type I would choose other carriers in the region are paying more than CX. Totally aree.
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Old 5th Dec 2016, 18:27
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Wallaroo - do you work for CX?
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