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BBC documentary "The wrong stuff"

Somewhat dated, but potentially nice viewing for CRM supporters (and/or sceptics), and IMHO just goes to show how history repeats itself.

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Interesting, thank you.

Still very much true and still actual stuff in there. P2F must see this
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Nice work, anymore gems in the archive?
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Armchairflyer might have something there - have things changed? The only change and improvement is the Horizon theme tune!

Good watching.
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Yes fascinating and still relevant. I wonder what happened to the system where the computer verbally warned when the aircrew were doing something wrong. That system might have helped in the Air France airbus crash..
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Originally Posted by BB
That system might have helped in the Air France airbus crash.
- indeed, but would they have listened? Remember also that it is thought likely that P2 was following the flight director commands HAL had 'asked for', so a mammoth task to clearly identify when things are 'wrong' in HAL's mind, and a task littered with secondary minefields?

I fear for the future of piloting, however, when it becomes necessary to 'advise' a pilot/pilots that the relevant pitch attitude, above max alt is 'wrong'
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Well, there WAS a voice screaming "STALL! STALL! STALL!" for the better part of the event.
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Yes, it shouted "STALL!" at them when they were pushing forward on the stick and stopped complaining when they pulled back. A pretty perverse anti-crash system by any measure.

Back to the subject, this video was a bit of an inspiration for me when I first started training. Looking at it again with experienced eyes, some of the narration and footage of crew and interviewers talking about teams seems a little naive, but the overall point very well made. This documentary has been use as part of team oriented training for business types too, not just pilots.

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