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The Big Bunny DC-9 23rd Feb 2019 18:55

Atlas Air 767 down/Texas
FAA: Boeing 767 cargo jet operated by Atlas Air Inc. has crashed into Trinity Bay near Anahuac, Texas, while en route from Miami to Houston; initial reports indicate 3 people were on board.

Carbon Bootprint 23rd Feb 2019 19:01

FAA statement says it was Atlas Air Flight 3591. Radar contact lost about 30 miles SE of IAH. Crash said to have occurred about 12:45 local.

Details are pretty scant right now as this just broke. However, Trinity Bay is a busy place so there may well be several witnesses if not video.

Banana Joe 23rd Feb 2019 19:19


Live feed.

Carbon Bootprint 23rd Feb 2019 19:44

A Twitter post by @JasonWhitely states tail number is N1217A, a 26-year old aircraft operating as Amazon Prime Air, one of 30 767s in Amazon's fleet.

FAA reported as saying no survivors. RIP.


bumpy737 23rd Feb 2019 20:03

Raffles S.A. 23rd Feb 2019 20:10

FAA has it listed as registered to Andromeda Leasing LLC


AN2 Driver 23rd Feb 2019 20:24

I'd be careful with FR data extrapolating such massive sinkrates or whatever. That wx radar pic looks interesting though.

Old Boeing Driver 23rd Feb 2019 20:31

From a Houston station

San Diego kid 23rd Feb 2019 20:40

According to local witness weather was good at the time of the accident?

Old Boeing Driver 23rd Feb 2019 20:53

They were penetrating that line of storms.

log0008 23rd Feb 2019 20:56

Running of the FR24 track the aircraft's final left turn doesn't seem to follow the standard approach, which aircraft immediately following it did.

I have had a look at the raw data and it seems like the aircraft was not in a rapid decent at the time the turn was made, the following graph for altitude starts at when the turn commences


Carbon Bootprint 23rd Feb 2019 21:01

Originally Posted by San Diego kid (Post 10398681)
According to local witness it weather was good at the time of the accident?

Though it was very foggy this morning with a rather violent front forecast to come through, the fog would have lifted by the time of the crash. I live a few miles NE of IAH on the approach to 26R and the front was never as bad as predicted. It was actually much nicer than expected here, though I acknowledge that weather from one side of the Houston metro area to the other can vary quite considerably. However, the Chambers County Sheriff just gave a press briefing where he stated several witnesses in boats and at a nearby park had stated that the plane basically nose-dived into the bay. He stated surface visibility as good and weather was not reported as an issue.

Aerial pictures of the site show a pretty sizable debris field with not many large pieces visible. The largest piece I've seen was what appeared to be a portion of the vertical stab with the right side of the Amazon logo. The water is murky, five feet deep max with plenty of shallow mud marsh. This is going to take a while to piece together. The sheriff said Chambers County will make their hangar available to NTSB and have offered a building in the park near the scene for use as a command center.

fdgolf 23rd Feb 2019 21:02

Looks like an in-flight break up.
Condolences to families.

Longtimer 23rd Feb 2019 21:13

Debris Field.

RoyHudd 23rd Feb 2019 21:25

In-flight break-ups are almost unheard of, especially at a relatively low airspeed when level or in a shallow descent. And the 767 is a tough old bird.

Other possibilities exist, but the FDR and CVR should give an explanation. Adverse Wx unlikely to cause such a dive.

wrench1 23rd Feb 2019 21:33

Originally Posted by log0008 (Post 10398697)
aircraft's final left turn doesn't seem to follow the standard approach,

Local rumor is the flight was being directed around area of heavy/extreme precipitation prior to lost contact. There is also supposedly a LiveATC tape out of the flight. A bad day for all.

The Bartender 23rd Feb 2019 21:50

ATC audio on youtube. Accident apparently around 9:00.

Hotel Tango 23rd Feb 2019 21:52

Looks like an in-flight break up.
I have to say that I find that a very strange statement to make at this point, even coming from a Canadair CL605 pilot.

CorpJetJock 23rd Feb 2019 21:54

Live ATC
one of last transmissions was a male voice with an accent requesting deviation 'west' (of the cell I assume), and ATC said no, so they said they would deviate East. This is from FlightRadar 24 and shows last radar reply and crash site.


short bus 23rd Feb 2019 22:46

Load shift?
Amazon stuff isn't usually too heavy, but maybe a pallet/container broke loose and started a cascade.

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