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WillFlyForCheese 29th Oct 2018 02:26

Indonesian aircraft missing off Jakarta
A Lion Air passenger plane has gone missing after taking off from Jakarta, say Indonesian officials


jack11111 29th Oct 2018 02:30

Also in the Straits Times:


e32lover 29th Oct 2018 02:31

Was a 737 MAX apparently

slats11 29th Oct 2018 02:35


May not be true, but this report states that due to land at 0720 and lost contact with ATC at 0750.

acatal 29th Oct 2018 02:40

Originally Posted by e32lover (Post 10295146)
Was a 737 MAX apparently

brand new plane - delivered 13/8/18

Buzzing 29th Oct 2018 02:42

Apparently confirmed by Indonesia's search and rescue agency ...


Buzzing 29th Oct 2018 02:50

This shows a flight time of 10 mins and the beginning of a descent ...


And on CNN ...


SOPS 29th Oct 2018 02:50

Boats reporting debri found in water.

rexxxxxy 29th Oct 2018 03:22

Some photos

Carlos Kaiser 29th Oct 2018 03:31

According to flight radar (the link is in the above comments - Canít post links yet), The 737 seems to not be climbing, seems to fluctuate from 5000 to 4000 then at 3000 before it disappears. Wondering if there was a stall. Maybe the pitot covers were left on?

StormyKnight 29th Oct 2018 03:35

Comparison of the flight the day before. Note the Different Aircraft registrations.
Top Graph 28/10/2018 B738M PK-LQP
Bottom Graph 27/10/2018 B738 PK-LPQ

Looks like a significant upset very shortly after take-off.
Altitude dropped around the 2 minute mark with a subsequent increase in air speed.

Source: https://www.flightradar24.com/data/f...jt610#1e5ff318
The Pilots appear to be struggling to maintain a steady altitude for the whole 10 minutes of the flight.

Octane 29th Oct 2018 03:36

I'm in Indonesia, watching TV. The flight was full, 737-8. Crashed into ocean 13 minutes after departure. Weather is fine and sunny at the scene..

ipsatex 29th Oct 2018 03:47

Reported Problems
Pilots reportedly informed ATC they were having technical problems and requested to return to the airport.

Speedbird744 29th Oct 2018 04:00

The captain was an Expat Indian. FO was local....

Buzzing 29th Oct 2018 04:00

A live blog is running here ...


logansi 29th Oct 2018 04:14

Looking at the data for Flight Radar looks like it either a major mechanical failure or a miss managed one.

Carlos Kaiser 29th Oct 2018 04:22

Bird strike?

logansi 29th Oct 2018 04:29

Originally Posted by Maisk Rotum (Post 10295205)
As distinct from what else???

Something sudden like an explosion etc. - Looks like it developed over about 8 mins and then crashed

aussie1234 29th Oct 2018 04:49

Wonder what the NG-max differences course was like

mickjoebill 29th Oct 2018 05:00

Another incident where emergency locator beacons did not operate.


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