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DocJacko 8th Sep 2015 23:43

BA 777 on fire in Las Vegas
CNN reporting that a British Airways 777 is burning on the tarmac in Vegas. The plane was reportedly about to depart for London Gatwick. All on board evacuated.

daelight 8th Sep 2015 23:45

McCarran Airport @LASairport
UPDATE 4:33 PM -- There were 159 passengers and 13 crew on the flight. Two were transported for minor injuries.

archae86 8th Sep 2015 23:48

passenger pic from another place
KVVU, a Las Vegas TV station, has posted this pic:


simply described as "a passenger photo" though obviously from another aircraft.

[edited to point to a different posted copy of the same photo without wasted black pixels on each side]

daelight 8th Sep 2015 23:56

After fire is put out -


bean 8th Sep 2015 23:59


solent 9th Sep 2015 00:12

Tail G-VIIO serial number 29320 delivered 1998 to BA.

Sydy 9th Sep 2015 00:15

Looks like he was taking off from 07L and stop close to A3 or A4. All I can see is a C txy sign... Anything else?

aox 9th Sep 2015 00:18

BBC news channel just had a live picture the same angle as the photo nearest above, and also video from a helicopter tour above it after the fire was out, showing smoke deposited on both sides of the fuselage but more on the left about adjacent to the leading edge, the script saying a fire in one engine

Edit 0125: just showing it again, again saying left engine on fire as preparing for takeoff, and this time also quoting unnamed FAA spokesman also saying left engine fire

portvila 9th Sep 2015 00:24

Guardian had a reporter on board: plane was taking off and aborted.
Read his tweets here:https://twitter.com/JacobSteinberg

British Airways plane catches fire at Las Vegas airport | US news | The Guardian

xaf2fe 9th Sep 2015 00:25

Not a brake fire
They didn't report it as a brake fire mainly because it isn't.


Put this video up and you can clearly see the left engine is on fire. The landing gear is not.

National news over here in the Colonies say the engine caught fire as the airplane was taxiing out for departure, but it was actually on takeoff roll.

Sydy 9th Sep 2015 00:38

ATC recording: https://clyp.it/jrvdzhrw

ampclamp 9th Sep 2015 00:44

Listening to the ATC recording. So professional all round. Well done to all.:ok:

the_flying_cop 9th Sep 2015 00:48

well played captain and crew. very composed and good work from crews on the ground.

B-HKD 9th Sep 2015 00:54

Looks like a massive uncontained failure on the left engine!! Its shot to sh*t


Hats off to the crew for getting everyone off safe and sound.

Here is the ATC recording:


Peter3127 9th Sep 2015 00:56

It appears that the slides were deployed on the fire affected side of the AC also?

aterpster 9th Sep 2015 00:58

Have to wonder about ETOPS (or whatever it is called these days) special maintenance .

Torque Tonight 9th Sep 2015 00:59

Those passengers need to have their hand luggage collected up and crushed. The 'my hand luggage takes priority over your life' attitude infuriates me. Idiots.

KrispyKreme 9th Sep 2015 01:08

Originally Posted by aterpster (Post 9110293)
Have to wonder about ETOPS (or whatever it is called these days) special maintenance .

Why would ETOPS maintenance have anything to do with the fire? It wouldn't of mattered if it had 4 engines, a fire is well a fire !

Metro man 9th Sep 2015 01:15

Brilliantly handled, another British Airtours Manchester 1985 averted. The AAIB made numerous recommendations after this accident and they seem to have paid off.


Ranger One 9th Sep 2015 01:18

Top job by all concerned it would appear, apart from the idiots with bags...

A failure this serious resulting in a fire this severe could have been a different story if it had occurred past V1; I expect this to have repercussions.

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