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Aircraft fire at Stansted

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Aircraft fire at Stansted

Old 27th Feb 2002, 22:05
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Post Aircraft fire at Stansted

BBC East reporting that a Boeing 737 with 170 passengers is on fire on the runway at Stansted.
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Old 27th Feb 2002, 22:10
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117 passengers and 7 crew have been evacuated safely from a Boeing 737 at Stansted airport. There was a fire in engine 2.

Thought to be Ryanair
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Old 27th Feb 2002, 22:13
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Two people requiring attention for smoke inhalation. Confirm Ryanair aircraft from Dublin
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Old 27th Feb 2002, 22:32
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FR 296 Boeing 737-800
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Old 27th Feb 2002, 23:34
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Any websites with pictures of this incident?
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Old 27th Feb 2002, 23:39
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Stuff the pictures.........I hope everyone is OK.
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Old 28th Feb 2002, 00:10
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From BBC:

More than 100 passengers and crew were evacuated from an aeroplane after one of its engines caught fire as it came into land. . .Emergency crews were called to Stansted Airport in Essex on Wednesday after the Boeing 737 from Dublin landed at 1715 GMT.

A spokesman for the airport said smoke was spotted pouring from the engine of the Ryanair plane by air traffic control staff.

Essex ambulance crews treated two people at the scene for the effects of smoke.

. .'Normal' landing

"As is normal procedure the airport's fire crews were called in and Essex ambulance service was called," said the spokesman.

"The aircraft had a perfectly normal landing and after it came to a standstill the fire was put out and the passengers and crew were evacuated."

Essex Fire and Rescue Service initially sent in 10 appliances to the scene, which left the scene at about 1800 GMT.

A spokeswoman said: "Foam jets and dry powder extinguishers were used to bring the fire under control.

"The situation has now been scaled back and we have left it in the care of the airport."

The airport later confirmed a full investigation would be carried out into the incident.
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Old 28th Feb 2002, 00:30
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Brace yourself for the usual flurry of sensationalist reporting.

"...pilots wrestled with the controls as the aircraft plummeted earthward. Mr A Eyewitness said 'We could hear the passengers screaming as the plane zoomed over our house barely missing my granny'".

And if any of the journos that lurk within these walls plagiarise that I'll have 'em.
Old 28th Feb 2002, 01:30
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2nd serious incident in recent times. Thankfully all well
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Old 28th Feb 2002, 01:31
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from what i hear , crew ( and positioning crew )did an exellent job , a textbook case , all pax evacuated within 60 second's ! a tribute to the training . well done guys !
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Old 28th Feb 2002, 01:37
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This was the report on RTE teletext.. . [quote] The passengers & crew of a Ryanair 737 . . were evacuated from the aircraft at . . Stansted airport this evening when one . . of the plane's engines caught fire. . . . . The flight from Dublin had just landed . . at 17.20 when the fire broke out. . . . . As soon as the plane came to a . . standstill, the 117 passengers were . . evacuated along with seven crew members. . and foam and powder were used to . . extinguish the blaze. . . . . Two people are reported to have . . received minor foot injuries. . .<a href="http://www.rte.ie/aertel/p113.htm" target="_blank">teletext link</a>. .<hr></blockquote>

A bit surprised that this has happened to a 738 as opposed to the more elderly 732's <img src="confused.gif" border="0">

Good to hear that all have gotten out O.K.. . <img src="smile.gif" border="0">
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Old 28th Feb 2002, 01:54
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Are you sure it was a 738? Most Of the 738's are used for longer haul flights... at least none of the Ryanair flight's I've seen and flown on to and from Dublin were 738's, they were all 732's... can anyone confirm this? I'd be surprised as well to hear of a CFM-56 bursting into flames! I'm just glad the pilots and crew did their jobs properly and got it down and everyone out in one piece.
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Old 28th Feb 2002, 02:08
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No doubt about it, a 737-800.....
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Old 28th Feb 2002, 02:28
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Some PA Copy

LUCKY ESCAPE FOR PLANE BLAZE PASSENGERS. .By Dylan Dronfield and Brian Farmer, PA News. .Air passengers tonight spoke of their terror as they noticed one of the. .engines on their jet was on fire.. .More than 100 passengers escaped the Ryanair jet on inflatable slides after. .one of the engines caught fire shortly after landing at Stansted airport in. .Essex.. .Airport firefighters extinguished the blaze before it spread and two people. .needed hospital treatment for minor injuries, a Ryanair spokeswoman said.. .The fire, in engine two, happened after the Boeing 737-800 was delayed for. .more than an hour in Dublin when a plastic bag was caught in the other engine,. .she added.. .Lucinda Conyngham, 33, a film producer from Dundalk who now lives in. .Barcelona, said: "I am very relieved to be down on the ground and just glad. .that the plane didn't catch fire while we were in the air.. ."Just as we were stopping people started saying that there was a fire and. .that the engine was on fire.. ."I would say within about five minutes the fire engines were there and then. .almost straight away there was an announcement for us to evacuate the plane and. .we got off.. ."Some people were panicking and some people were screaming but generally it. .was pretty calm. The staff on the plane were very good.". .Martin Murray, 26, a charity worker from Monaghan, said: "You were just. .thinking that you had to get out and worrying about what might happen if the. .plane caught fire or the cabin filled with smoke.. ."When I got out I just started running around. As far as I knew I was still. .back in Ireland. I was just glad to be out.. ."As I came out of the plane I could see the fire. There was smoke coming out. .and we could see the fire engines.". .A spokesman for Stansted said two passengers suffered slight injuries as they. .were sliding down the safety chutes.. ."I believe one twisted an ankle and another suffered some sort of scratch to. .a leg.. ."The plane called for two ambulances and both people were taken to the. .Princess Alexandra hospital in Harlow.". .A Ryanair statement said: "After landing at Stansted airport, the crew on. .Ryanair FR296 from Dublin were notified by the Air Traffic Control tower that. .they could see smoke coming from one of the two engines.. ."The crew instituted normal safety procedure in such circumstances, which. .involved shutting down the engine, bringing the aircraft to a complete stop and. .deploying the slides to facilitate a passenger evacuation.. ."The aircraft has been removed from service for a full inspection by Ryanair. .engineers and relevant authorities.". .The spokeswoman said the plane was delayed for more than an hour in Dublin. .before take-off while a plastic bag was removed from engine one.. .That engine was not the one at the centre of the fire scare, she stressed.. .Ryanair said the Boeing 737-800 jet was carrying 117 passengers and a crew of. .six.. .Many of the passengers were tonight put up in hotels in Cambridge before. .flying on to further destinations tomorrow.. .end

272151 FEB 02
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Old 28th Feb 2002, 03:21
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I must say I was amused that RTE thought it relevant to show a Korean F-16 "Bomber" on fire and a pilot ejecting as relevant to the B737 ground incident in Stansted. I'm totally baffled.

Well done to the crew and services today.
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Old 28th Feb 2002, 05:10
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...yes...luckily the London (Essex) Fire Brigade were on hand to put the blaze out.
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Old 28th Feb 2002, 06:45
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As a pilot, just wondering if the problem engine produced normal power on final and with reverse thrust after landing. Or did the Captain decide to pull the affected throttle to idle before landing? Our engines are the old Pratt @ Whitney JT8D (-7, 9, 11, 15 or 17 series).

Did the 737 give normal engine fire indications in the fire handle, EICAS etc, and did activation of one or both extinguisher "bottles" result in fewer indications?

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Old 28th Feb 2002, 06:45
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Great job done by all -- pilots, FAs, ATC, emergency services, even the pax.

Hopefully there will be no denigration of hero status as with Melanie Oswalt.
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Old 28th Feb 2002, 07:26
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Well done all involved... Must be pretty freaky when that kind of thing happens. Well done getting them out safe.
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Old 28th Feb 2002, 10:13
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"Many of the passengers were tonight put up in hotels in Cambridge before flying on to further destinations tomorrow"

This is because their luggage is still on the aircraft.

Passengers will of course be expected to pay their own hotel bills.

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