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A319 FO windshield blowout

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A319 FO windshield blowout

Old 2nd Jun 2018, 23:15
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Part of the government sponsored propoganda, I should think. shimin released all this info and now perhaps, the only ATC audio tape ever to come out of China. Unfortunately, it does not appear that the accident reports that I requested will appear any time soon. Only carefully cultivated positive info.

Not to take away from the crew. Congrats for getting the aircraft safely down.
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Old 3rd Jun 2018, 04:15
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I agree that the performance of the flight and cabin crew after the blowout was amazing and I have the deepest respect for their performance. I truly hope the F/O regains his hearing.
However, having fussed with transport windshields for many years and ridden on jump seats staring out them, it is inconceivable to me that a windshield could fail in this manner. The loss of the BAC 1-11 Captain's windshield was a failure of the retention frame of the aircraft holding the windshield due to improper installation. This one was a transparency failure. Was there any indication of windshield overheat? Even that should not fail it. They are designed to resist fairly large bird strikes. Truly a puzzle.
The Airbus A320 series has a long history so it can't be a design failure. It would have shown up years ago. Anyone have any ideas?
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Old 4th Jun 2018, 01:23
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Is there a chance a windshield could be ‘bogus parts’?
The outfit I was with in the mid nineties had trouble with bogus parts, they came complete with paperwork etc.
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Old 4th Jun 2018, 05:37
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Originally Posted by framer View Post
Is there a chance a windshield could be ‘bogus parts’?
Windshield was installed during production.
Part- and Serialnumber known so the history is traceable.
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Old 4th Jun 2018, 06:50
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The possibility of a bogus part had occurred to me but a windshield would be a tough part to duplicate. I noticed, on re-reading previous posts that I had missed that the windshield had cracked with a very loud noise prior to its total failure. Years back I was overseeing an installation of a new F/O windshield on an L-1011. The mechanic was engaged in torqueing the retainer screws when he slipped a bit and lost his grip on the torque wrench. The pointy drive bit hit the very edge of the glass scratch shield that overlays the entire outer face. It is a very thin, tempered glass sheet that actually is bent and glued down to the curved windshield. It chipped the edge. That thin panel went into bits of glass with a noise that was a loud as a pistol shot. That glass layer played no part in the strength of the windshield. Its only function was to prevent erosions or scratching of the softer (relatively) layer under it.
I have seen cracked laminations in windshields but none of them failed catastrophically. I have seen the results when the internal heating layer failed and left burns an delamination inside but again, no blow-outs. This is a very puzzling failure and I am sure that certain companies are losing some sleep over it.
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Old 10th Jun 2018, 21:06
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Looks like China rewards it's pilots when they do a great job under difficult circumstances. Captain Liu Chuanjian was just awarded $777,000 for his actions.

Pilot who landed plane after co-pilot was 'sucked halfway' out cockpit window awarded $777G | Fox News
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Old 10th Jun 2018, 21:35
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The loss of the BAC 1-11 Captain's windshield was a failure of the retention frame of the aircraft holding the windshield due to improper installation.
Not quite, incorrect bolts were fitted. right length, wrong thread.
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Old 12th Jun 2018, 00:36
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6 bolts were the correct diameter but 0.1 inch too short, while 84 bolts were of the wrong diameter (0.026 undersize).

Kaylock floating anchor nuts are attached to the airframe and are elliptical in shape prior to insertion of the bolt. The nut shape permitted sufficient grip for the reduced diameter bolts to be torqued to the correct value, but insufficient grip to retain the bolts against pressurisation forces.
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