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EgyptAir 804 disappears from radar Paris-Cairo

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EgyptAir 804 disappears from radar Paris-Cairo

Old 21st May 2016, 09:16
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Wiggly I don't think the ACARS report is drivel.

Just too many of the other assumptions and hypotheses here.

ACARS are broadcast on open frequencies and receivable by anyone with correct equipment, so not intended confidential in any way.
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Old 21st May 2016, 09:32
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Regarding the ACARS messages, if they are genuine. The window sensor messages refer to sensors which detect the temperature of the window and are required in order for the WHC to control the amount of current required to maintain the window at optimum temperature for anti ice and/or defog. The messages do not indicate that power is lost to the windows or the WHC, although failure of the sensor will result in the WHC removing power from the affected window. For whatever reason the RH sliding and fixed windows lost the sensor signal.

The WHCs live quite far forward on the aircraft with WHC 2 on the RHS. Certainly not below the lavs or even the FWD galley to be honest.

While I don't want to speculate. I believe that the Egyptian authorities have been a little quick to state that terror is the most likely cause. It's looking more like an uncontained event. As to why there was no communication? Has anyone considered that the second flight crew member wasn't in the flight deck at the time (rest break a little before TOD?) or was somehow incapacitated?
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Old 21st May 2016, 09:33
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The more I look at the supposed facts it seems to me that this is a loss of conceinceness event. Lot of cyanide given off by burning parts of aircraft. 90ish turn decent then some bank applied then pilots pass out completely.
However speculation only.
Fire in flight pilots worst nightmare.
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Old 21st May 2016, 09:47
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I had already mentioned possibilities of Crew incapacitation during emergency descent earlier.CVR will reveal.Lets just wait and see shall we.
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Old 21st May 2016, 09:58
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I still think there was an explosion either man made or accidental which could have caused a rapid decompression
Smoke having experienced it myself in a private corporate jet 12 years ago tends to be more gradual in build up
Obviously there are procedures for that including dumping cabin pressure
With a rapid decompression that alone would dump cabin pressure to the extreme so would itself evacuate smoke
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Old 21st May 2016, 09:59
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The ACARS messages are genuine, per BEA.
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Old 21st May 2016, 10:01
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Somebody mentioned all ACARS messages, those systems involved are powered by DC bus 2.
Can anybody confirm that?
If so, what else is powered by DC bus 2?
Anyone able to copy/paste the QRH items for a DC bus 2?
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Old 21st May 2016, 10:18
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If the aircraft was put into emergency elec config would the CVR and FDR still work?
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Old 21st May 2016, 10:30
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It's incredible that nobody knows where the plane is 2 days later. Even a simple device could fix this.
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Old 21st May 2016, 10:35
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For those interested in the Electrical Systems of an A320. Continue to read here
Plane Airbus A320

Although outdated, certainly still valid for reference only.
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Old 21st May 2016, 11:00
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Originally Posted by rideforever View Post
It's incredible that nobody knows where the plane is 2 days later.
No, it isn't.

Even a simple device could fix this.
No, it couldn't.
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Old 21st May 2016, 11:05
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Re: ACARS messages.
Wondering - anti ice probably means for whatever reason- temp sensor ? Or the f/o turned on electric antice and something shorted and started a fire - then sensor wiring burned through, triggering the R fixed window sensor?
ACARS messages: You mean this may have been a fire under the f/o's side window, just like this one in an Egyptair 777 ??

And this was not an electrical fire. The reason for this fire and others like it in the region is likely to be linked to the way crews operate. But I cannot tell you the reason why this happens, because nobody will talk about it. Not even the NTSB or AAIB.

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Old 21st May 2016, 11:09
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any chance for a link to a A320 AMM ?

*** seems I found it ! all shorts of AB manuals at :

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Old 21st May 2016, 11:13
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Where is the crew oxygen bottle on the 320?
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Old 21st May 2016, 11:14
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The electrical pages on the A320 are interesting but it would nice to see a FMECA of the various systems. I did a FMECA on an A350 WIPS, so I know someone must have a copy.
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Old 21st May 2016, 11:15
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Egyptian navy findings so far, click on the image for a higher resolution

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Old 21st May 2016, 11:20
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Thanks Mo!

That was clearly a high-energy impact with sea.
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Old 21st May 2016, 11:20
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Re Egypt Air 777 fire posted by Tatelyle:
Probable causes for the accident can be reached through:
1. Electrical fault or short circuit resulted in electrical heating of flexible hoses in the flight crew oxygen system. (Electrical Short Circuits; contact between aircraft wiring and oxygen system components may be possible if multiple wire clamps are missing or fractured or if wires are incorrectly installed).
2. Exposure to Electrical Current.
ASN Aircraft accident Boeing 777-266ER SU-GBP Cairo International Airport (CAI)
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Old 21st May 2016, 11:21
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O2 bottle is FWD LHS by the NLG dog box.
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Old 21st May 2016, 11:23
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Special Conditions: Airbus A318, A319, A320, and A321 Series Airplanes; Astronautics Electronic Flight Bags With Lithium Battery Installations
A Rule by the Federal Aviation Administration on 12/05/2008
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