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BWA Unanswered Questions

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BWA Unanswered Questions

Old 16th Dec 2001, 16:48
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The roots of the failure of BWA can go back many years and many unanswered questions could lay at the doors of past incumbents.

The fact remains that BWA were a smalll, family style airline run by dedicated staff with one common aim. That of making the company successful and secure it's future.

When 1-11's became increasingly difficult to operate into Europe due to their chapter II restrictions,we had to look further afield and this mean't the big city.

The reversed takeover of Castle Mill promised many things to the company and I recall at the staff briefing announcemout a buoyant atmosphere and promise of job security and finance to develop the company move into the 21st century.

The fact remains that all the change to a PLC really brought with it was the stark realisation that without serious funding, the change to operate leased aircraft was fraught with financial dangers in an increasingly competitive market for jet capacity.

Maybe another wiser move was for 4 x ATP's and not 6, but the real nail in the coffin has been the high prices BWA have had to charge clients because of the overheads it had to meet to keep creditors, banks and above all the staff, paid and happy.

Many attempts to buoy up the company were made and maybe investment in the staff and company technology would have been wiser than some of the consultancy fees paid to external companies brought in to assess BWA's worth and supposedly work something out better for the future. Maybe a chat with the staff involved may have been both cheaper and more fruitful (a lesson to all I hope).

Earlier, there was talk of 40m assets. I would venture to suggest that the real assets the company have owned have been the fantastic staff dedicated to the last and prepared to work many a long hour of their own time to make the thing work for all. Their flexibility and sheer dedication, backed by some loyal and fantatsic customers has no particular financial value but is priceless in every other respect. There were many on Friday who said they would have continued to work for nothing in order to keep the thing afloat, that dedicated and family an atmosphere there was at BWA.

Best Wishes from all our contacts have been both heartfelt and honest. The 56 years this company survived touched many lives, not just our own, but above all, it's sad demise is a loss of magnitude proportions to the industry and to all the families affected directly by it's failure.

Those who seek to take the cream from a fantastic company, may it turn sour upon you all.
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Old 16th Dec 2001, 16:58
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Mr Softie
All that may be but the reality is a lot of people have lost their jobs when a few have made a great deal of money.Mostly accountants.

I am under the impression that quite a few out there are seeking compensation.I am suggesting where they should start.

Look also at the antipodean connection you will find further clues there
Old 16th Dec 2001, 17:05
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Thumbs down

Mr Softie, while I share many of your views that BWA had the best staff in the world, I think wishing anyone who trys to rescue something from the ashes, bad luck, not very productive. If some of us are lucky to enough to get new jobs from this, then good luck to all!

As if by magic the shop keeper appeared!
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Old 16th Dec 2001, 17:31
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Red face

Just had a dear john from B.World dated the 11th Dec i applied a year ago !. sounded like a good outfit to me.Best wishes to all the staff affected.
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Old 16th Dec 2001, 21:04
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Red face

Well, it very sad to see an airline with the history of BWA going bust. I remember well the days of Sumburgh and watching the BAF (as it was then) Viscount doing the "Lighthouse 1A" onto 33.
Sad, also that so many accusations have been made with little or no facts to back them up. Although I don't know all the individuals personally, I do know by reputation that folk such as JM, JH, MM are managers of the highest calibre, and are also people of distinct integrity and honesty. If you want to blame someone, I suggest you dig a little deeper than the obvious targets.

It is quite clear that the new company being discussed was not set up with the intention of doing damage to BWA, a simple perusal of the dates that things were done will show that.

Yes, there may well be wrongdoing to answer for, but please aim at the correct target when spouting off!

Finally, it is probably a good thing that Holt CJ has gone, as his pseudo-legalese was getting a little tedious and his treatment of Horatio was remarkably similar to that which he accused Horatio of, ie bullying in its nature.

His interpretation of what the law is supposed to do was highly entertaining, though!
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Old 16th Dec 2001, 22:45
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MOR is so right you Guys need to dig deep
I have passed some info onto one of your Captains today which may help
Old 16th Dec 2001, 23:09
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Horatio, thanks for your advice and it was by no means patronising. I appreciate that you are trying to help and for that I do truly thank you.
As for everyone else. Puritan I am sorry, genuinely sorry and withdraw my comments (which I were misinterpreted) wholheartedly.
1 2 GO, Having read JH posting, and spoken to him via e-mail, I have had to eat a large slice of humble pie and I did deserve it.
JH actually fought for the airline right up until the last minute, as did everyone. I didn't know just how hard everyone had fought on the whole matter.
If anyone wants to contact me I am at: [email protected]. Feel free and I will apologise to you personally if you wish.
I was angry at first, like we all are, now I simply want to put the whole thing behind me and try to enjoy Christmas.
Let me end this by wishing everyone a merry christmas, a happy new year, and all the luck in the world.
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Old 16th Dec 2001, 23:32
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Virtual Mountie

Good on you! You have publicly apologised to those that you albeit, unintentionally defamed. It takes a brave man to come on line and unreservedly apologise in the manner that you have done. I respect that, very much. That takes balls, and you're a better man for having done so.

I'm certain that many here understand and sympathise with your predicament at the moment. Sadly, there are too many that have recently gone through the same mill. However, I firmly believe that things are beginning to look up and it is just a question of time before many of these are reinstated in their rightfull place; i.e. behind the controls of an aircraft.

I wish you and all of your colleagues a very happy and peaceful Christmas and sincerely hope that 2002 wil bring you all new and exciting opportunities.

If I can help you personally, ask some of the guys that know me, then email me. I dare not post my true co-ordinates, for the fear of wrath from Capt Pprune and the punitive damages that he would inflict upon me!! (Happy Xmas to you too Danny <s> )
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Old 17th Dec 2001, 04:21
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Thumbs up

Well said Virtual Mountie. I wish you well and a very Merry Christmas.
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Old 17th Dec 2001, 12:51
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That’s it, then. Superb airline, staffed by the world’s best employees and run by men of the highest personal qualities and with enormous integrity, now gone down forever.

No one should ask the reasons why, it was all down to Osama bin Laden. Anyone suggesting otherwise must heed the CEO’s explanations and his assertion of having fought for the airline to the final moment.

Having suitably eaten humble pie, the doubter shall make a grovelling public apology. He will then be loudly applauded for his enormous courage and promised unspecified assistance and the hope of future employment.

Yeah, right. Makes me puke. Sad, sad days.
Old 17th Dec 2001, 14:44
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JH's post on the BWA site goes into everything in quite some detail, and also provides some useful information about where and with whom to pose the relavent questions.
Creative accountancy seems to loom large in the frame.
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