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Air rage (again)

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Air rage (again)

Old 19th Aug 2001, 02:47
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Thumbs down Air rage (again)

Picked this up from BBC website

Air passengers threatened cabin crew in mid-air after their flight home was diverted because it was running low on fuel, it has been reported.
About 15 travellers threw beer cans and tried to break into the cockpit, according to a spokeswoman for the Transjet airline.

The incident happened after passenger heard their Cyprus to Manchester flight was being diverted to Gatwick Airport on Wednesday evening.

The plane had used more fuel than usual due to strong winds, and the captain realised that flying to Manchester would have broken regulations by depleting reserves.

Sussex Police attended the plane upon landing, but no arrests were made.

People felt there had been poor service and things seemed to escape out of control

Sussex Police detective
The Transjet spokeswoman said an announcement that the plane would be making an unscheduled stop had sparked outrage.

About 50 passengers became unruly and some 15 threw cans, spat at stewards and tried to force their way into the cockpit, she said.

Police at Gatwick were alerted by the captain, and boarded the McDonnell Douglas MD83 plane when it landed at 2020BST.

One detective who boarded the plane said: "We feared there would be major problems when we heard the numbers involved, but things calmed down when we arrived.

"People felt there had been poor service and things seemed to escape out of control.

"All we could do in the end was give people who might have been involved a stern ticking off."

The passengers were later transported to Manchester by bus.

Thomas Johansson, who runs Transjet, said the plane could have reached Manchester, but doing so would have breached regulations by using up too much of the reserve supply.

"There were around 15 passengers who behaved very badly. They were spitting and throwing beer cans and they tried to break into the cockpit.

"The captain decided to divert to Gatwick and he called the police but couldn't identify them."

Address for story is http://news.bbc.co.uk/hi/english/uk/newsid_1498000/1 498104.stm

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Old 19th Aug 2001, 05:03
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So why not add fuel and continue to EGCC, or was the aircraft based at KK?

Perhaps it was the thought of 4 hours + in a coach that caused the uproar! (not that I am in any way condoning the actions - hope they dragged a few away for a night at HM pleasure)
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Old 19th Aug 2001, 12:28
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Diverting in to LGW and coaching pax the rest of the way......Hmmmmmm call me synical but that used to happen on Tristars a few years ago! ...As for the unruly pax. When will we as an industry ban these scum for life from every airline. With the threat of never being able to fly again people will think twice!

Edited in to english

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Old 19th Aug 2001, 12:48
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Makes you think huh..
With the "sudden" increase in airrage, are the pax the only ones to blame?..
I think that the airlines have to accept some of the blame. Also some case-reactions are overkill; take the 2 drunk sisters who had the airplane divert to alaska , due to them being a bit drunk and argueing like a typical husband and wife, Any FA with some people skills could have saved that one. Also it was also admitting defeat to 2 drunk 18 year olds!! I am not defending any acts of violence at all, but I hope that airlines would quit relieving themselves of responsability and the pax of rights.
Besides I should be happy as it generates more revenue for us, the bizjet charter ops..

<flameproof pants on>
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Old 19th Aug 2001, 13:04
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I go with you on that one LRDRIVER.

I've also stood in line at check-in, been grunted at by some check-in clerk, had my baggage tossed onto the conveyer, queued even more, been man-handled and verbally abused by the security check, had to wait in a dingy, smoky room, had the flight inexplicably delayed nemerous times, not found anywhere on board to put my hand baggage, or had it taken away at the door, had my food or drink just tossed at me with no more than a typical grunt, been sat waiting for slot times in excess of an hour and not had the crew tell us what we were waiting for, been ordered about by bolshy cabin crew who's job it isn't to look after your food requirements and a thousand other things! As far as I'm concerned; let the media and the airline industry drop this brainwash, bullsh!t about Air Rage. If they want to stop it, first they have to clean up their own act!
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Old 19th Aug 2001, 13:51
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Absolute Tosh 126.9. Try the service in Parkhurst if you don't like the airline service. There is NO excuse EVER for INBRED MORONS resorting to threats of violence. If these people tried to enter the flight deck then the police should pursue them with the vigour of an attempted murder investigation. (And then give the suspects a good kicking down at the station)
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Old 19th Aug 2001, 14:00
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Here, here Bally Heck.....

A good friend of mine came up with a novel solution last year when a few pax of Nigerian persuation started a bit of a Brouhaha on the ground in Lagos....

He evacuated the cockpit and went back to the hotel....let security sort it out!
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Old 19th Aug 2001, 14:44
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What the hell is
Are you making up a language as you go along here?

My opinion on the matter is posted, and stands. Of course, if some idiot attempts to endanger the safety of the flight, it needs to be taken up sternly! That much is clear and unargueable!

However, almost all so called AIR RAGE stories one reads these days have nothing to do with that! They're about sensationalism and bored British public! They're usually posted in such great literary works of art as The Sun or The Mirror, or other such wonderful UK contributions to society.

I have personally witnessed passengers being verbally abused by airline staff; and when they came to react, labelled Air Ragers! Absolute Bullsh!t. If I were waklking in the street, and someone addressed me like that, I'd be libel to knock their block off. What makes it justifiable for them to do it as airline staff or crew? Sweet nothing I tell you, and they deserve to be punished. It's time that airline staff started treating their customers like customers, and not like cattle!

Put that in your pipe and puff on it pal!
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Old 19th Aug 2001, 14:53
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Thumbs down

Please don't get the idea that this is all got up by the Press. I have seen scores of such cases in Court and the behaviour concerned was not only dangerous, but must have terrified the other passengers. Trying to open the door is a common one (yes, I know you can't, but does Granny in 32E know that?) as are assaults on crew, damage to property and the rest. And this is all at a major airport with no charter traffic; so it is no good just blaming the shellsuits. The person in the dock is just as likely to be a suited businessman as anything else.

It's real. I don't know if it has increased, but I do know that airlines are much more ready to press charges than hitherto; in one case a foreign airline brought both pilots and two FAs 4000 miles to give evidence. The defendant promptly changed his plea to guilty.
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Old 19th Aug 2001, 15:40
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Everyone has missed 1 vital point here. We are not just talking about verbal abuse. According to the Police Statement some passengers tried to break into the Flight Deck. We have all seen the consequences of this actually happening already with the BA incident not that long ago. If memory serves me correctly didn't that 747 lose something like 6000ft. This report doesn't say at which stage of flight the incident occurred but might not have had 6000ft to lose!!
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Old 19th Aug 2001, 20:02
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This kind of thing will continue until strong and well-publicised action is taken against people who threaten and abuse flight crews. The Europeans seem to let these louts off easy. It's well know among US crews that deplaning disruptive/threatening pax in the UK or Europe usually results in no action. Criminal and civil action should be taken and they should be BLACK-LISTED from airline travel. They can walk to their next vacation, drunk all the way, if they want. IMHO.

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Old 19th Aug 2001, 21:11
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Just have done with it and shoot all passengers. Why not just carry freight - it doesn't argue.

Most of the stories do seem to appear in comics (aka nespapers).
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Old 19th Aug 2001, 21:18
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Flown 'em all...for ignorant and disrespectful behaviour, you can't beat the Brits and the Irish..plebs in plenty, and litle in the way of tolerance or good manners. (I'm a Brit, but that doesn't excuse them...moving abroad as soon as I can)
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Old 20th Aug 2001, 01:25
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"About 15 travellers threw beer cans "

Says it all really!

When are they going to ban alcohol consumption on all flights??

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Old 20th Aug 2001, 02:09
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Scrap the juice, hand out spiffs, alcohol inflames the other mellows, thats why a blind eye was turned to it in the prison service.

Then Draper would be able to have a ciggy.
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Old 20th Aug 2001, 03:03
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Is it a fair question to ask why, of all the flights from the med to the UK at this time, this was the only one which did not have enough fuel due to high winds?

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Old 20th Aug 2001, 03:06
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126.9 I think your wrong in this instance - The aircraft used extra fuel due to headwinds and had to divert to LGW to avoid burning fuel below legal minima.. However instead of coaching the pax: they should have had a quick refuel and continue onto MAN. If all the facts given to the passengers most of them would have understood and there would have been no problem. This airline is not based at LGW so there were no ulterior motives afoot.

Roadtrip - I don't think this is a purely European issue; I seem to recall plenty of Diverts to US airports where the miscreants have been offloaded and let off by the local judiciary. I don't recall any US courts taking a tougher line with these people.. I stand to be corrected if anyone else knows better.
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Old 20th Aug 2001, 03:16
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I remember the fuss on here when an international airline was caught arriving low on fuel reserves.
I don't condone the reaction but it makes you wonder about the flight plan fuel/diversion fuel/field etc.
Also where the plane/crew was based.Don't know anything(about anything?) or Transjet.
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Old 21st Aug 2001, 01:39
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I agree that there is absolutely no excuse for violence, no matter how poor the service. So what to do?

It's a no brainer, actually. This is what I do as a passenger time and time again. I quietly tell each person who screws me up that I am dissatisfied, I note their name and the precise time and location of the incident.

When I get home I write to the airline - using exacly the format of an accident report and providing detail at that level.

Then the airline writes back to me. If I am a member of their frequent flier programme they give me some gift FF points, or a discount on my next flight or, if it is really bad, both. If it is not Star Alliance they generally just give me a discount. Some airlines just send a grovelling letter of apology. I pin those up on the office wall and try to avoid that airline in future. Occasionally an airline writes to tell me that it was all my fault. I circulate those letters to all my friends and close business colleagues.

I am very careful to write only when the service is genuinely bad or causes actual inconvenience - and is not just the expected grumpiness of someone working under pressure.

This is so effective that I just regard bad service as being a discount voucher from the airline, and so am able to stay calm.

Cheaper flights or a stay in prison? Where's the choice?

(Statistical appendix. In the past 10 years there are 22 airlines on which I have travelled more than 20 rotations each. 17 of those have never generated one my letters, but 1 of them has generated 7. Does this message get pulled by Danny if I name it?
My home airport airline has put up with me 646 times in that period and I have complained twice.)
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Old 21st Aug 2001, 13:08
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Any chap as don't know "tosh" is the same as "piffle" is prob'ly a bit of a bounder (prob'ly slouches too, doncha know).
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