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QED Fred

Does that not serve as a shining example?

It does not matter one iota if recruitment is above target if the “retention rate” and “ratio numbers” are wrong. The ship is crook no amount of money will replace life style, I know as I left a job a few years back and was offered exactly double to go back, thankfully sanity prevailed and my original decision to stick the job were the sun did not shine remained solid.

There are plenty of guys out there that Easy Recruitment in their infinite wisdom exclude for one reason or another, like….

Guys that after no contact in months suddenly get a PFO and a week later it becomes knowledge that there is an age limit for TRSS.

Guys that have plenty of total time (3000+) turbine time, command time and are even rated but don’t have much jet experience don’t even get a look in?

So when this summer cost easy big $$$$ in over time, cancelled flights and cross hires (if they can get them) don’t whine that you cant find crew. All because of some recruitment policy designed with heads in the sand.

Finally if anyone in the Easyland orange palace actually reads this and wants to get in contact with rated and available pilots then PM me
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Originally Posted by Norman Stanley Fletcher
walla - I for one really appreciate the work you guys do in very difficult circumstances. You cannot put a quart into a pint pot and that is what we are trying to do with the limited resources we have available at the moment. There is a huge flying program to fill and only a limited number of crew to do it - you have my great sympathy in trying to make it all work. Well done mate.
Spot on!
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"Meanwhile the poor old cutomers are having to be flown around by the likes of Futura and Titan - its only a matter or time guys............ "

I dunno about Futura, but Titan are a first rate UK outfit. Their aircraft are modern and have more cabin space than yours.

I have read plenty of positive feedback from passengers on Titan flights operated for easyJet.

In fact, I think that most would prefer it if you subbed ALL your flights to Titan.

You sound pretty arrogant. Are you managment?
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I remember seeing Futura flying for TopSwiss when GVA changed to the A319.

Quickly playing devil´s advocate: isn´t it a little bit ironic and frustrating if you see the hoops we have to jump through on a continuous basis (line training, FLIDRAS, line checks, command assessments) and then see that flights are being flown by other airlines where you have no/reduced quality control and where training standards might be very different?

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Oh yes Doug - the standards pf these airlines ARE different and no mistake.

It's only a matter of time...
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