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Neil Duncan Robertson v. Her Majesty's Advocate

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Neil Duncan Robertson v. Her Majesty's Advocate

Old 10th Mar 2004, 05:40
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I read this earlier this afternoon and still feel very, very ill many hours later.

For once, justice and the law have got it absolutely right.

On a personal note, I know the major role that was played by Danny in this; He suffered personal threats and a great deal of unpleasantness throughout the whole business but was utterly tenacious in seeing that this animal was brought to justice. I for one would like to extend my most heartfelt thanks for all that he did. There is no doubt that the world is a safer place with this character behind bars.

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Old 10th Mar 2004, 06:47
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Great job done by those behind the scenes at PPRUNE to get this guy locked up. If it wasn't for your outstanding actions he might still be up to this abhorrant behaviour. My thoughts now turn to the victim. I pray she's a tough little cookie and, against the odds, hope that she somehow manages to regain a semblance of normal life.
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Old 10th Mar 2004, 07:26
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Jolly Green Giant
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Grim, grim reading....

I forced myself to read this and it is sickening but I'm glad I did to fully comprehend what this little girl went through.

I have 4 children myself, now all grown up and happy but my heart is breaking after reading this. God knows how many other Robertscums are out there....

You sometimes wonder how lawyers can do what they do. I mean how can Roberstcums lawyer stand there and challenge the imposition of the discretionary life sentence, submitting that the sentance was "an excessive disposal having regard to the nature of the conduct described in charge 1 and the fact that the specific incidents mentioned in the Crown narrative occurred within a relatively short period of time towards the end of 2002."

I remember Robertscum when he was tring to get his fantasy airline off the ground, he contacted us in Dublin to try and get us on board. We told him to f**k off as it was clear he was a Walter Mitty. Little did we know that was his best trait........

Some people really do have depressing jobs. Remember these social workers and clinical psychologists and the courts deal with these cases frequently.

It can be a sick and tragic world out there. I'm now going to e-mail my children and tell them I love them, then I'll go and cuddle my wife and thank god that our kids have grown up safe and are happy.
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Old 10th Mar 2004, 16:31
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Could only read the first paragraph. Life should mean life in this case.

Well done to Danny and all those responsible for bringing him to justice.
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Old 10th Mar 2004, 17:58
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I hope a certain, soon to retire, By Captain reads these pages and realises what his activities could lead to. Be careful out there.

One world 22, I envy you your last paragraph and wish you well.
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Old 10th Mar 2004, 19:06
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'Nonces' such as this ba$tard can expect little sympathy in the slammer.

I'm sure he'll look forward to a porridge shampoo etc.....!!
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Old 10th Mar 2004, 19:49
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They should chop his member off, and shove it down his F;;king
throat, ba##ards like him should not breathe the same air as us.
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Old 10th Mar 2004, 20:39
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I hope that more people are able to read this report and to take lessons from it. As wonderful a tool as the internet is, it is also a Godsend to the sick and twisted as it can easily be used to identify and trap the naive and desperate who turn to it as a last resort.

On these forums alone there are many desperate and naive wannabees who come here for advice and guidance, and I'm sure there are fantasists lurking in the shadows who would be more than happy to offer their own particular brand of 'professional assistance'. I can only hope that given the superb job Danny and the team appear to have done in playing their part in this case, there is now a wealth of experience and awareness within these forums to prevent a repeat.

My wife has spent her entire working life within Social Services, and unfortunately during that time has had some involvement in cases such as this. Disgusting and abhorent as his actions may be, sadly there are many even more nauseating cases than this which occur with frightening regularity. Like many such criminals, only the actions for which they have finally been caught come to light. It doesn't require a great leap of imagination to consider just how many more offences individuals such as this commit over an extended period of time, nor how many equally sick associates they have made. I truly wish it were possible to identify each and every one of them and allow the genaral public to do with them what they will.

Children have the most remarkable ability to recover from the most horrific traumas, whether physical or mental, and I'm sure I am not alone in hoping that this will be the case for the little girl concerned, and for the other poor kids that have undoubtedly been subject to this evil paedophile in the past. To an adult it may seem that this could never happen, but I know that it can and does, and such children go on to lead successful and happy lives, and to be loving partners and parents.
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Old 11th Mar 2004, 01:50
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aka Capt PPRuNe
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Just for information, I would appreciate it, if posting a reply to this thread, that readers count to ten before hitting the submit button. Whilst the details in the report are graphic, to say the least, I and my moderators don't want to have to spend too much time having to edit or remove replies just because the poster doesn't have the maturity or eloquence to write something that is actually meaningful. Gut reaction is a 'given' and there is no need to put ones fantasies of revenge to print.

On a slightly separate note, I see that there is no mention of Robertson and his guilt on either airliners.net or the spoof site, airwhiners.net. The owners of both those websites allowed Robertson to use their forums to attack me personally. They allowed him to try and belittle PPRuNe and the campaign that I ran to expose him for the paedophile and swindler that he was even though I sent them copies of the evidence that I had collated. It was not until I employed the services of a lawyer and threatened them and their hosting companies to desist from allowing Robertson to continue making posts against me that they chose to put some sort of restraint on him.

Even after the evidence was presented to the owners of those sites, Robertson was allowed to continue posting on topics that didn't involve me or PPRuNe and thankfully the police moved to have Robertson placed into custody which finally stopped him gathering more converts to his twisted causes. Even today, there are posters on those forums that refuse to believe that Robertson was actually a dangerous man and the owner of Airwiners.net still claims that Robertson is a trusted friend and may only have erred slightly in his ways.

I still have circumstancial evidence from Robertsons time in Africa, especially as 'CEO' of 'City Connections' in Rwanda, of his abuse of local children. Unforunately, there is little that can be done about that and thankfully, the judiciary in Scotland have had the common sense and foresight to make sure that Robertson will not use his intelligence to con and worm his way out of this life sentence.
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Old 11th Mar 2004, 07:24
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I had a brief look at the details of the case and I did not get past the first paragraph....
Truly, truly horrible.
I read the post by Danny after he was convicted and I was not aware of this man or his activities on the site. I was astonished.
Shortly after this, I happened to come across an article in a woman's magazine telling the story from the mother's point of view. It was so sad and the whole thing is just sickening.

after reading ur post a very long time ago, I'd just like to say that u r truly a good man. God bless you for being so resiliant and your actions probably helped save a number of children from being abused.
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Old 12th Mar 2004, 02:23
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Makes me want (momentarily) to go back to my old career and help to catch a few more of these bast*rds. The question has to be, how many other victims are out there? Personal experience tells me this is just the tip of the iceberg. Rot in hell....

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Old 13th Mar 2004, 01:04
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A positive end to this saga for NDR, but I will always remember the feeling in the pit of my stomach on reading this report. I have recently become a new father to a beautiful baby girl, so this story has taken on a slightly different meaning to me.

I would like to extend my sincere thanks to all involved for bringing this evil man to the justice he so obviously deserved.
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Old 13th Mar 2004, 02:00
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I must say that reading the report ranks as one of the worst things I have ever done...thoroughly depraved ..A question though ...as he has been given life what can he actually expect to serve?
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Old 13th Mar 2004, 02:21
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Red face

I loathe what the Guv did as much as the next but to be honest with you when I read that stuff the mothers behaviour & naievity did & still does my head in.

What I'm wondering is what does 'a life sentence' mean, I always take the term 'life sentence' with a grain of salt. I wonder in reality how long he is likely to serve?

I was talking to a police officer in Ireland who specialises in child porn recently regarding an email about teenage porn that had come into a computer that concerned me. I said to him the email even had a name, phone number & address so this evil predator should be easy to track down. Then I realised my naievity & said to him 'Of course they may not be real'.

He retorted 'Listen, nothing is real on the internet unless you post it yourself'.

Words of advice & warning that should be heeded I think. While the internet is a wonderful tool of communication, convenience, research & education, one should always remain cautious & prudent about its use & others users claims since it isn't reality.

Old 13th Mar 2004, 06:16
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Haven't read the link, neither interested in the details of the Dutroux case. We know what these fcuking psychopats can do to children, but I don't have to know the details. It's like stopping at an accident watching the bloody parts lying around, satisfiying ones low instincts. One day these vermin have to answer mightier powers and may they feel the eternal heat off hell
Old 13th Mar 2004, 07:30
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Danny and the others have done an excellent job in bringing this man to justice.
Deepest deepest sympathy for the young girl, she has been tragically robbed of her childhood. We can only hope she finds the strength to overcome this horrific episode. The poor girl.
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Old 13th Mar 2004, 21:27
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I hope a certain, soon to retire, By Captain reads these pages and realises what his activities could lead to. Be careful out there.

Well, if you know of another weirdo around, it's your responsability to make the police aware of that.
Think about his victims. could be our kids ....
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Old 14th Mar 2004, 02:55
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Thread Starter
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Whilst I appreciate what you say, and why you are saying it, at the end of the day, it is a question of evidence.

If the vital ingredients are present, then the matter may be able to proceed as you describe.

If allegations are made, the evidence must be produced to substantiate any claim.

If the police in the UK are satisfied, then a file is sent to the CPS for their consideration.
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Old 14th Mar 2004, 06:52
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The Police were informed but the victims of this person are my adult daughters who were forced into years of silence to, mis-guidededly, protect their Mother. My knowledge of the past was given to me under harrowing and very traumatic circumstances. very recently. Believe me if I could find a way to do the b******, I really would.

As for protecting others, I can only offer the odd hint on this forum and hope, as in NR's case, that someone can find a means to get the guy. I am also hopeful that I played a SMALL part in steering Danny in NR's direction for the person I knew him to be.

Please find it in you to bear with me in a complicated and life sentence of sadness and unhappiness in that I was not able to prevent what happened.

Like I say, be so careful out there.
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Old 14th Mar 2004, 13:01
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My sentiments exactly - couldn't have put it better........
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