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Davef68 29th Nov 2013 23:03

Originally Posted by Savoia (Post 8179987)
Are you referring to the accident involving G-EYEI getting caught in a snowstorm in January 1990?

yes, didn't have time to look out the details, it wasn't actually on lease, but the second back up when G-SPOL was out of use.


Paracab 29th Nov 2013 23:15

Sky news (!) suggesting that the aircraft may have landed on the roof which subsequently collapsed under it's weight.

Utter speculation but consistent with lack of post crash fire. The holes certainly lined up for some poor souls tonight.

G-CPTN 29th Nov 2013 23:27

Eyewitnesses speaking on the Beeb (R5) describe it falling from 500 feet misfiring and spinning and rotors not turning.

Edited to add:- No fuel fire . . .


C.C.C. 29th Nov 2013 23:29

Just watched a news flash on TV.

I was the duty Helimed 05 pilot the night G-SPAU did not return.

elro 29th Nov 2013 23:54

Latest reports from survivors is that the machine didn't actually crash it landed on the roof hard then roof collapsed. :yuk:

Paracab 30th Nov 2013 00:44

Andy Dixon, ex RAF, is currently hanging himself on the BBC. Cringeworthy doesn't get close.

Wiggins61 30th Nov 2013 00:45

Don't think so. Very little rotor speed. Blade tips still in tact.

G-CPTN 30th Nov 2013 01:24

Police Press Conference due within the next few minutes, apparently.

Technet101 30th Nov 2013 01:45

Looking at the pictures it looks like the rotor blades were still connected and the ones in the pictures show no rotational damage possibly supporting the view that they were stationary on impact ? Thoughts.

betty swallox 30th Nov 2013 01:53

Police Helicopter down in Glasgow
BBC News - Police helicopter crash: 'Multiple injuries' at The Clutha pub in Glasgow

Technet101 30th Nov 2013 01:56

The fire chief has just confirmed that there are trapped victims still in the building.

MightyGem 30th Nov 2013 01:57

Just seen the Police statement. Still no word on casualties, which can't be good. :(

In view of the likelihood of fatalities here, your comment is a little bit tactless dont you think ?
He's OK. Been there, seen it and done it.

NutLoose 30th Nov 2013 02:02

Yes, from what I have heard the casualties are the crew, everyone else ok.. Not good :(

betty swallox 30th Nov 2013 02:48

Not good at all.

Geoffersincornwall 30th Nov 2013 03:24

Jim's successor is alive and well...
....and spouting complete tosh on BBC. I've never heard such complete rubbish - worse even than dearly departed Jim - may he rest in peace.

I beg the Beeb not to use 'experts' in this way. They should know by now that anyone willing to spout in such detail so soon after an air accident is NOT AN EXPERT.

This expert wasn't even an aviator.

Please BBC don't do this.

G :ugh:

This refers to the 0400 broadcast

whoateallthepies 30th Nov 2013 03:42

BBC Shame
There is a half-baked idiot being given air time by the BBC news. It is possibly the worst post-crash drivel and speculation I have ever heard!

Does anyone know who this "Ex-aviation firefighter" is? And tell him to button it?

Hughesy 30th Nov 2013 03:57

We just saw that news brief in PNG.
That guy sounded like a complete muppet!!
"disengages the rotors...and just before arriving at the ground he would reengage the rotors in what I beleive is called a autoroation"

far out! :ugh:

Hope the crew and civi's get out all ok.

sitigeltfel 30th Nov 2013 05:58

A comment from someone inside the pub at the time...

Grace MacLean was inside the bar at the time of the crash, and said there was no big bang or explosion at first, and just some smoke.
She said: “The band were laughing and we were all joking that the band had made the roof come down.
"They carried on playing and then it started to come down more and someone started screaming and then the whole pub just filled with dust. You couldn't see anything, you couldn't breathe.
Maybe a "Weegie" can answer this. Was the pub formerly known as the Clutha Vaults? I seem to remember it from years ago when staying at the Holiday Inn across the street

Glasgow_Flyer 30th Nov 2013 06:04

Yes Sitigeltfel, it still is (although known as the Clutha).

jolihokistix 30th Nov 2013 06:12

Some of the reports mention rescue crews in the basement. Would that be where the original 'vaults' were, I wonder?

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