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22 Degree Halo 30th Nov 2013 06:25

Used to drink in the Clutha Vaults years ago. Always a packed pub (even at 11am on a Tuesday morning:} )

Still no word on fatalities but I see all 3 of Glasgow's main hospitals have taken people in relation to the crash.:suspect:

onetrack 30th Nov 2013 06:32

News media in Australia are reporting a number of fatalities - at least 3, with multiple numbers of injured.

Police helicopter crashes in Glasgow pub, fatalities confirmed - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Three feared dead in Glasgow chopper crash

CharlieOneSix 30th Nov 2013 06:49

Why on earth do the BBC use such people as Chris Yates for comments on aviation incidents. When interviewed this morning he said that the blade visible sticking out of the roof was the helicopter's tail rotor! On a 135t2!!!!!:ugh:

AvNews 30th Nov 2013 07:34

At least six people have died and 32 have been injured after a police helicopter crashed into a pub in Glasgow, Sky sources say.

Glasgow Helicopter Crash: At Least Six Dead

Trim Stab 30th Nov 2013 07:54

What's this got to do with Mil Aviation
Well there is a fair amount of cross-over in Police Aviation. Most police helicopter pilots are former AAC.

Stu B 30th Nov 2013 08:07

How long might it take for rotors to stop turning after a reasonable successful autorotative touchdown? Account on radio from a bar occupants was something to the effect of (sorry I did not note the exact words) "the band stopping playing in response to some event, the audience joking that "the band had brought the roof down", but occupants not seeing it as a major event, *the band then re-starting playing* and then the major building collapse with smoke/dust, etc". If the rotors had been at a very low energy state at the moment of impact it seems perhaps surprising that the impact was not severe enough to trigger an immediate building collapse, or at least cause a situation where the folk inside the bar immediately saw an urgent need to get out?

katismo 30th Nov 2013 08:27

Stu, wondering why they autorotate. In my experience with ec135, there is no need to autorotate if one engine got a problem. There could be something else or more going on. I am sure the investigators will find a detailed reason for this accident.

Sad news.

md 600 driver 30th Nov 2013 08:32

Just seen Chris Yates (aviation analyst )on TV says awaiting the black box to determine what happened ????

Grenville Fortescue 30th Nov 2013 08:43

Originally Posted by katismo (Post 8180439)
Stu, wondering why they autorotate. In my experience with ec135, there is no need to autorotate if one engine got a problem.

Twins still require autorotational capability, fuel related issues being just one example which could affect continued powered flight but there are numerous additional scenarios which may force a twin into autorotation.

Oldlae 30th Nov 2013 08:50

Sad to hear of another helicopter accident.

I understood one eye-witness to say that "the rotors weren't spinning". This suggests that it was not autorotating, which throws suspicion on the main gearbox.

steveo67 30th Nov 2013 08:54

Interesting report from Editor of Scottish Sun who witnessed the descent. Can't help but think this could have been a whole lot worse but for a fairly hard landing followed very shortly after by a roof collapse. That junction is well covered by CCTV so I've no doubt the events will be well documented.

Gordon Smart, editor of the Sun's Scottish edition, saw the crash from a multi-storey car park nearby.

He told Sky News: "I thought it was a plane that was going to crash. I looked up at the sky and I could see the helicopter falling, tumbling ... and then there was an eerie silence for the last part of the fall.

"But the thing that was disturbing and shocking was there was no explosion. I couldn't understand why a helicopter would fall from that height and not explode. To see the angle, the speed and the trajectory of the fall ... it was a horrific sight."

Glasgow Helicopter Crash: At Least Six Dead

Tankertrashnav 30th Nov 2013 08:57

I think initially the roof took the weight and then collapsed after a 'successful' emergency landing.

It does seem particularly unfortunate that if the aircraft was out of control it crashed onto a single storey, flat-roofed building (although Glasgow does abound with pubs of this construction). Does seem to suggest that it might well have been a last minute choice for an emergency landing. But, like a lot of those spouting on tv, what the hell do I know?

Lon More 30th Nov 2013 08:57

Press briefing scheduled round 1000 local.

scotbill 30th Nov 2013 09:02

One of the more impressive witnesses spoke of the helicopter dropping out of the sky - therefore not under control.
Is it true there was no smell of fuel? And why no fire - compared to that recent tragic incident in London?

jymil 30th Nov 2013 09:02

If there was no post-crash fire, then maybe there was not much fuel left in the tanks ? Just my 2 cents of unsubstantiated speculation.

Shackman 30th Nov 2013 09:06

Did notice on the one brief shot of the Fenestron that there appeared to be no rotational damage to the blades/tips, as with the visible main rotor.

Stu B 30th Nov 2013 09:08

Possibly - but anioher scenario could have been fenestron drive/shaft failure

Oldlae 30th Nov 2013 09:11

I have seen the latest TV pictures showing the tail boom and fenestron, the break up indicates to me a very heavy impact on the roof.

Lon More 30th Nov 2013 09:11

Sky tv reports efforts seem to be scaling back from a rescue operation to a recovery operation.

AvNews 30th Nov 2013 09:18

Official statement by Scottish Police downgraded earlier report of fatalities (initially cited as being six by Sky News) to one person.

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