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Deadly Stupid Stunt !

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Deadly Stupid Stunt !

Old 2nd Feb 2003, 11:37
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I am currently working in Germany and have caught all of the news on the local Fernseher !(TV) The pilot in question is also known within the Bundeswehr to have played it 'close to the envelope'. He idiotically opened the envelope this time. According to local reports the tail rotor was ripped off and subsequently (and not unsurprisingly) led to th crash. In accordance with German regulations the pilot will now be held responsible for the death of a crew member if the accident investigation bears out 'Pilot Error'. This means a civil action of manslaughter.

CRM is an integral part in obtaining a CPL in Germany but can in no way account for the 'do you reckon we can make it?' or the 'Why not we've done it before' attitude of both the pilot and crew. (note its CREW resource management, not Pilot resource management)

German air law is, naturally, and exceedingly correct and heavy book and the pilot can expect it to come winging its way towards him at a very great rate of knots, very soon.

This sort of stupid stunt puts the pressure once again on the professional fliers within Germany who play by the rules every day in areas and situations of grave difficulty. I am honoured to be able to fly with some of the best helo crews Germany has to offer and would like to state that this incident and that in Hamburg should not reflect upon the other flying within Gernamy.

(Pheeeew, got that off me chest!!!!)
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Old 2nd Feb 2003, 12:47
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For what it is worth....Germany has no monopoly on these kinds of events. Unfortunately, every time something like this happens it harms the rest of the helicopter community.
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Old 7th Sep 2005, 14:17
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In Germany started now the court procedure in this sadly accident.
On the first day the pilot confessed the deadly stunt, but insisted on a technical failure in the tailrotor gearbox as the really accident reason. In his words was he able to fly the helicopter safe trough (under) the bridge.

The surviving HEMS Crew Member reported there was no arrangement within the crew to try the deadly game. It was a single pilot decision without further words to the other crew.
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Old 7th Sep 2005, 15:05
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Thumbs down

What a terrible thing to do.

Ego's cost lives .... he has to face the music. Could not have been a nice 2 year plus wait for him ?
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Old 7th Sep 2005, 15:54
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Accidental touch down in flypast by B206 Jetranger

There is a video clip out there on the internet where a pilot does a fly past in a Bell 206 Jetranger at a airshow.

He does a wing over, too low and heavy, because of his full load of passengers and then subsequently touches down relatively hard as he attempts to recover from the wing over, but then continues the flight.

The stupidilty was that he did an imprompto fly pass and wing over with a load of passengers onboard. How more stupid a stunt can you get?

Can someone please post a link to this video clip.

I hope that the German pilot that did the stupid under the bridge stunt gets charged with manslaughter and have his pilots license revoked for life. The co-pilot should also be reprimanded for not preventing the stunt and just sitting there ready to die.
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Old 7th Sep 2005, 16:14
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Here you go, Recuperator. Here's the original thread on that JR incident. The link to the video is in the first post.

For the record, it was more of a torque turn than a wingover, but the end result was the same.

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Old 7th Sep 2005, 17:11
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Thank you

Thank you Bravo 73. It was very stupid and they were extremely lucky to have walked away from that!

I wonder what the damage was on that machine?
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Old 7th Sep 2005, 18:27
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I would like to see more of a close up of the damaged airframe.
The skid looks like it is in the normal position.
I wonder if the bridge under stunt was at low speed?

I didnt read the article or translate it

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Old 8th Sep 2005, 12:12
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I have to add a few things:

Someone called the pilot "professional", this is not professional behaviour.

A professional pilot never, ever endangers the lives of passengers (the crew are just as well passengers)

You only take risks when the mission requires them.

Stunt flying is something you do when you're alone if done at all!!!

The saddest thing in this case is that not he, but his crewmember and collegue died.
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