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Alan Mann Helicopters (Nostalgia thread)

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Alan Mann Helicopters (Nostalgia thread)

Old 20th Apr 2011, 11:18
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Compressor seizure - Can be caused by corrosion under the top hat section which holds the compressor stator vanes in place. Have seen it occur in flight where the stator vanes will "lathe" the compressor hub through and basically the hub collapses followed by the complete compressor. Have seen this on a "new" Bell 206. Associated large bang and TOT normally "pegs out" at the max. See here

N1 lock up - usually on a newly overhauled turbine caused by N1 turbine tip rub. On a hot start just as you are about to light off the N1 section will seize. Not much to worry about, just wait until it cools down and it will free up and you can start it again. Standard procedure until it knocks the high spots off. Best part is the look on the pilot's face! See

N2 lock up - caused by carbon build up on the labyrinth seals on the PT wheels. Can be knocked off by turning rotor backwards. Normally an oil type problem and/or cool down procedure.

Carbon buildup - The drain from the forward N1 turbine bearing is through one of the support struts. If not allowed to cool sufficiently (relative term) the oil will coke in the strut and the bearing cavity will flood and the oil that normally flows through the strut now goes out through the labyrinth seals onto the face of the turbine wheel. Not good. Hot turbine wheels do not like quenching with cold oil. Good chance of wheel failure and exit from engine.
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Old 23rd Apr 2011, 08:36
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RVDT: Many thanks for that helpful explanation.

G-AZRU has cropped-up before on the Nostalgia Thread (wearing Dollar's colours) and it was intimated that she served as the personal transport to James Hanson for many-a-year under the 'pilotage' of Patrick McHaffey.

RU was supplied to Hanson by Mann's in March 1972 and seems to have worn the colours below throughout her time with them. In August of 1980 she was bought by Thruxton's Heliwork and the following year by Dollar Air Services.

AgustaBell 206B JRII G-AZRU at Blackbushe in 1976 (Photo: Peter Nicholson)

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Old 23rd Apr 2011, 20:12
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G-BCVZ aka EI-BIJ has moved on. Although I don't have the details, I know it went to France, Bordeaux region, I believe in 2009.
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Old 24th Apr 2011, 07:41
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Registered F-HCRI, 26-01-2010 to Giragri 17 SAS, 17460 Thenac.
from the French register.

G-BCVZ, New to Camlet Helicopters Ltd, 29-01-1975 to 14-03-1975
to Alan Mann Helicopters Ltd., 14-03-1975 to 28-01-1980
then to Eire 28-01-1980.
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Old 26th Apr 2011, 09:56
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Social duties only

Good day all. Not interested in reg numbers but up for a party. Did I miss anything?
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Old 26th Apr 2011, 10:58
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Andy, am planning to meet up with ex-Mann'ers TRC, VRF440 and perhaps also NJT for a wee snifter or two on my next visit to Blighty. But there are probably other get-togethers of ex-Mann personel, perhaps the Savage would know.

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Old 26th Apr 2011, 11:23
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Am I still here?
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G-AZRU together with G-AVVH became EI-BES and EI-BEV respectively and were operated by Airwork Ireland during the sprraying season of 1978. BEV was lost in a bucket slinging incident in Wicklow and was replaced by EI-BHE which was purchased in Belgium.

Happy days but unfortunately the farming community was not ready for us and the company subsequently was folded and the machines returned to The UK.

When I figure out how to do it I will post some photos of BEV and BES in their crow spraying regalia.
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Old 26th Apr 2011, 12:33
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Captain Savage

Talked to GS this am, Sav, and he pointed me here. Something must be done, ideally at the 4 SHoes (if it's still there). One summer evening, anyone?
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Old 16th May 2011, 17:55
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Formerly G-NOEL and prior to that G-BCWN this Alan Mann supplied 206 was once flown by PPRuNers Long Box and Paco. With Paco, according to Dennisimo, the cyclic came off in his hand while performing the full freedom of movement check prior to start-up!

Another PPRuNer involved with this craft was TRC who helped transform the ship from BCWN to NOEL.

AgustaBell 206B JetRanger II G-RODS at Dunsfold on 14th June 1986. (Photo: Kevin Slade)

As an aside, the last recorded commercial movement at Heston Aerodrome (a 'farewell flight' for CAA staff) was performed by this craft on 6th June 1978 when she was G-BCWN.

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Old 16th May 2011, 18:31
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G-NEL / RODs delivery

And me, S. On the morning of the (hi-vis) hand-over to Noel, fuelling completed, the water drain was done (of course), And the elecric drain-valve stuck, dribbling fuel endlessly on to the hardstanding. All normal efforts of trying to stop it doing so were to no avail. So it was me who 'volunteered' to change the valve, in situ, since insufficient time to defuel. Which I achieved OK, but at the time of the ceremonial title claim (Press, photos and all that stuff) I was in the shower dowsing myself with lots of hot water to get rid of the couple of gallons of Jet A-1 which engulfed me when I removed the duff valve and fitted the replacement.

Only done this once before in Canada - frankly I don't care if I never do another one. Jet A-1 around the nether regions creates a burning sensation you never forget.

Subsequently Noel found out about this 'hiccup' and at Christmas a Harrods van turned up at our house with a hamper - which was as welcome as it was unexpected, and very much appreciated. Good chap and very nice gesture

More memories!!! - VFR
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Old 16th May 2011, 19:07
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Another Rotorhead involved with this craft, well done VFR!

All normal efforts of trying to stop it doing so were to no avail.
Do you mean giving the bottom of the drain pipe a good whack!

Never really had much to do with this ship. When she was owned by Noel I saw her once while pulling out of Brooklands in the Towers 206L. Noel was hovering about the field with a bucket dangling beneath him no doubt practicing for one of the helicopter trials.

In the days when Edmonds was driving her she used to wear SONY titles on the forward cowling.


ps: Yes, Jet A does sting a bit if you don't wash it off. Back in my PNG flying days there were a couple of contracts where one had to self-fuel in certain locations and, on occasion, while folding the pump away the hose would offer its final contents over my fabric boots. By the end of the day one's foot would be bright red with flakes of skin falling off. All great stuff of course - when one was young!
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Old 1st Jun 2011, 07:42
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Bell 206L1 belonging to Agusta SpA demonstrating at Cranfield on 8th September 1979 wearing Manfred's sticker on her forward door and shadowed by a Manfred 206 in the background. (Photo: Ray Barber)

This originally Agusta-owned Bell 206L1 was one of the first LongRangers in the UK after Ferranti's G-BFAL.

Alan Mann operated I-CDVM (above) for about a year between '82 and '83 when the craft was registered as G-BKGG prior to being returned to Italy.

Out of curiosity .. did Agusta ever manufacture the 206L? My understanding is that they did but .. I have never seen one!
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Old 1st Jun 2011, 13:49
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anybody got any pics of BKGG then ?
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Old 1st Jun 2011, 15:15
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Fondly remembered news report of an incident at Fairoaks involving G-OAMG, one of the Mann helis......

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Old 1st Jun 2011, 18:36
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I'm afraid the whole 'sheep dog flies 206 under instruction from shepherd at Fairoaks control tower' seems to have passed me by!

Any elaborations warmly welcome.

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Old 1st Jun 2011, 20:39
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ZE411 109 from 8 Flight Army Air Corps (used to support 22SAS). I believe were refurbished at Alan Mann after being brought back from Falkland Islands.

Yellow one taken at Netheravon and in blue was at Heathrow - note no reg.

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Old 3rd Jun 2011, 13:16
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The Day Today

Sav, it was a spoof news item on this brilliant Chris Morris piss-take of CNN and its endless appetite for stories. Prob 1986. Al Davis flew and Adrian Munday was in the tower (can't remember the other ATCO's name or recognise the shephard). I was languishing in hospital at the time or would surely have claimed the job -- I'm a much better actor than AD.

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Old 3rd Jun 2011, 14:30
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AH: Thanks for that!

Bell 206L1 G-DALE at Biggin Hill in July 1989 (Photo: Bill Teasdale)

Another Mann-supplied early model 206L was the ubiquitous G-HBUS originally sold in November 1980 to loyal-Mann-client Willowbrook International. In '82 she moved on to another Mann client the Toleman Group (doubtless replacing their AB206 G-TPTR [formerly G-LOCK]). Evidently while with Toleman she suffered at least one (perhaps two) engine failures while hover-taxiing!

In '89 she is then sold to Dalend Ltd. and re-registered as G-DALE prior to being shipped back to the US in January 1990.

Despite her ubiquity there seem to be precious few images of HBUS!
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Old 3rd Jun 2011, 14:56
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G-DALE became N720B of Omega Aviation based in Dublin, where it still remains to this day.
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Old 6th Jun 2011, 13:29
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Toleman Power Toleman Racing (dragged from the recesses) was written off in Cyprus I believe in 86.
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