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Another Rotorhead involved with this craft, well done VFR!

All normal efforts of trying to stop it doing so were to no avail.
Do you mean giving the bottom of the drain pipe a good whack!

Never really had much to do with this ship. When she was owned by Noel I saw her once while pulling out of Brooklands in the Towers 206L. Noel was hovering about the field with a bucket dangling beneath him no doubt practicing for one of the helicopter trials.

In the days when Edmonds was driving her she used to wear SONY titles on the forward cowling.


ps: Yes, Jet A does sting a bit if you don't wash it off. Back in my PNG flying days there were a couple of contracts where one had to self-fuel in certain locations and, on occasion, while folding the pump away the hose would offer its final contents over my fabric boots. By the end of the day one's foot would be bright red with flakes of skin falling off. All great stuff of course - when one was young!
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