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Old 3rd Aug 2011, 16:20   #101 (permalink)
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Yep - 'fraid so. More like fist waving fanatics, raw sewage and burkas.
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Old 4th Aug 2011, 14:26   #102 (permalink)
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Devon & Cornwall Police ASU (EC145) at Exeter

From Flight Gobal...now we're talking...seems like the best opportunity on these pages for a while...

Job Role: Helicopter Pilot
  • Job Hours: Full-Time
  • Location: Exeter
  • Job Position: Permanent
  • Company: Devon & Cornwall Constabulary
  • Salary: 41,697 - 50,418 per annum
  • Posted Date: 02 August 2011 16:28:02
Line Pilot

Force Headquarters, Middlemoor, Exeter

41,697 - 50,418 per annum

You will be an integral member of the Air Operations Unit, providing a vital resource to officers across the Devon and Cornwall force area.

You will operate an EC 145 police helicopter, providing an aerial observation and communication platform for
police related incidents. As a duty pilot, you will ensure that the operation of the aircraft is in accordance with CAA legislation and provide advice and assistance in the planning of police operations. In addition, you will be required to maintain currency of licence and medical qualifications and to undertake, where necessary, maintenance inspections of the aircraft.

For an informal discussion, please contact Chief Pilot Derrick White on telephone 07594623553 between the hours of 9am and 5pm, weekdays only.

For further information and an application pack please Go to apply now to link.

Closing date for receipt of completed applications is Friday 19 August 2011.
Interviews will be held on 9 September 2011.

Building safer communities together
Call and have a chat; Derrick seems very much on the level. Time frame rules me out .

TR, IR and NVG (NVD for you purists) training for the 'right' candidate.

PPI Zulu is just the messenger....
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Old 4th Aug 2011, 14:44   #103 (permalink)
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NVG (NVD for you purists)
Actually, NVIS for us purists...

seems like the best opportunity on these pages for a while...
Apart from the BSP Vacancies thread, of course...
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Old 4th Aug 2011, 15:35   #104 (permalink)
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.................not forgetting the previously mentioned "loogic free zone", eh?

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Old 4th Aug 2011, 19:25   #105 (permalink)
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Actually, NVIS for us purists...
Near Vertical Incidence Skywave? I don't remember that in Air Ops! There was one crazy question about air conditioning that escaped from another exam...

Apart from the BSP Vacancies thread, of course...
If you're already S92, already TRE, already Long Line, already SAR, already superhuman...

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Old 9th Aug 2011, 15:48   #106 (permalink)

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Anybody got any info on the following?

Job Role: Pilot
Job Hours: Full-Time
Location: Brunei
Job Position: Permanent
Company: Brunei Shell Petroleum Company

Posted Date: 01 August 2011 15:53:00
BRUNEI SHELL PETROLEUM COMPANY SENDIRIAN BERHAD (BSP), the leading Oil and Gas company in Negara Brunei Darussalam requires additional personnel to support its offshore Aviation Operations.
BSP has an outstanding helicopter safety record achieved while successfully delivering a high level of involvement by Brunei Citizens in all phases of its operations. The BSP Aviation Department (SAV) has a unique place within Royal Dutch Shell, as BSP is the only Shell company that owns, operates and maintains helicopters as an internal activity.
Now operating three Sikorsky S-92A aircraft, SAV seeks motivated pilots to join this world-renowned aviation organisation.
Essential Qualifications and Experience
UK CAA/JAA ATPL (H) IR or equivalent license acceptable to the Brunei Department of Civil Aviation
Sikorsky S-92A type rating with a minimum 100 hours command experience
A minimum of 1500 hours in command of multi-engine helicopters, of which at least 500 hours must be in command in the offshore oil and gas role
Desirable Qualifications and Experience
JAA S92 TRE qualification
Production vertical reference experience on heavy aircraft
SAR experience
A very competitive salary and benefits package is available for the right candidate and is free of local tax. An initial appointment for 2+2 years will be offered with potential subsequent contract renewal. Company housing, education and healthcare are provided along with access to sporting, entertainment and recreational facilities. Brunei Darussalam has excellent travel links within South East Asia and beyond, enjoys a tropical climate and has a safe working and living environment.
It is BSP requirement that you attach the following mandatory items when you register via BSP Recruitment website:
1) Recent Curriculum Vitae (CV), indicating full personal details and copies of supporting documents
2) Scanned copy of passport
3) Scanned copy of the highest academic qualification certificate
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Old 9th Aug 2011, 16:03   #107 (permalink)
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Topic going on about it over here.
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Old 9th Aug 2011, 17:09   #108 (permalink)
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Oh dear read the previous page!
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Old 14th Aug 2011, 16:24   #109 (permalink)
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Rotary Jobs

Hi There

Im a unlicensed Engineer with lots of experiance on R22,R44,AS350,AS355,A109,H500,H520,E480

Was wondering where is the best place to find Employment around the midlands area is ?

Any help would be appreciated
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Old 18th Aug 2011, 15:27   #110 (permalink)
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Any of you do speak French??

Zenon Recruitment currently requires a number of AS365 N3 Captains for permanent positions based in Africa.

The position includes working a 6 week on 6 week off roster with all flights, accommodation and transport provided.

You must be current on the AS356 N3 and be French speaking to be considered for this role.

To apply for this position please email a copy of the following to ashley.ewen@zenon.aero
- CV/Resume
- Copy of License
- Colour Copy of Passport
- All applications will be treated as confidential.

Zenon Recruitment is acting as an Employment Agency in relation to this vacancy
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Old 19th Aug 2011, 03:29   #111 (permalink)

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Hail Mary Pass - Where to Look for a Job

Where can a 1200 hour pilot (all turbine) find a job other than the Tuna Fields? No luck with the tour operators in HI and Vegas, and no luck with the Gulf of Mexico operators either. Lots of emails sent and calls made...

Will travel anywhere. About ready to push everything in storage and go to Africa or the Middle East and knock on doors.

(FAA rotary commercial instrument.)
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Old 19th Aug 2011, 21:52   #112 (permalink)
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The sandbox


Have you tried Abu Dhabi Aviation, the need quite a few pilots.
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Old 19th Aug 2011, 21:59   #113 (permalink)
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Any pilots out there with two pairs of hands for this job?!

Bootcamp Helicopters, LLC
5430 Lynx Lane; Suite 176
Columbia, Maryland 21044-2302
United States

Job Location:

Contact: Robert Schapiro
Ph: 301-717-5455
Bootcamp Lights | Innovative Advertising

Bootcamp Helicopters, LLC is looking to hire one to two part-time pilots to fly Sky Sign in the Baltimore/DC area.

Job Description
Pilot will receive flight orders from Director of Operations usually 24 hours in advance of flight. Orders will include the time, location, and a follow-up e-mail with the Sky Sign message file. He/she must prepare to arrive at the airport in Clarksville, MD with enough time to preflight the helicopter and sign, upload message file to the computer, file a DC SFRA flight plan, receive a departure clearance, and (during winter months) pre-heat the helicopter. He/she will need to arrive on location at the specified time. During the flight, he/she will maintain communication with the ground spotter using one radio, while communicating with ATC with the other.

All flights occur during night hours, so pilot will log a significant amount of night flight time. Our normal refueling airport, when in the Baltimore area is 25 NM from the departure airport, so pilot will log cross country time as well. Depending on sunrise/sunset schedule, flights will take place between 05:30 - 07:00 and between 17:00 - 21:00. Weekend flights may go as late at midnight. Pilots will not be expected to fly both shifts in one day, however they may elect to do so.

Occasionally, pilots will be asked to assist in attaching/removing the sign under the supervision of an A&P. This process usually takes about an hour to 90 minutes. When the opportunity arises to re-position the aircraft to nearby cities (e.g. Ocean City, Atlantic City, New York City, Richmond, etc.), pilot will be the first offered the second seat for the ferry flights.

The position pays $50 per revenue flight hour and $30 to assist in attaching/removing the sign.


500 hours total helicopter time
50 hours in the DC SFRA
50 hours in the Robinson R22
Hold an R22 PIC endorsement
Hold a valid second-class medical certificate
Have completed the RHC Safety Course within previous 7 years
Must be able to hover the R22 in place for upwards of 2 hours.
Must be experienced in the DC SFRA and surrounding Class B airspace.
Must be able to handle flying the helicopter while communicating on two radios and occasionally changing messages on the laptop computer (in the passenger seat).
Must know how to operate a Garmin hand-held GPS.
Must be a team-player. No Blue Falcons please.
Pilots who know the general layout of highways in the Maryland/Northern Virginia area are preferred.
Pilots who hold a DC FRZ PIN, or are in the process of obtaining one are preferred.

Sky Sign Description
Sky Sign was invented and patented by Sky Sign Inc. There are photos are videos available at: Bootcamp Lights | Innovative Advertising. The helicopter and sign have a Supplemental Type Certificate and have been inspected and approved by an IA and two FAA airworthiness inspectors. When the sign is attached, the aircraft operates in Restricted Category. We hold an FAA waiver to allow us to fly at 500 ft. while operating under Restricted Category. The sign adds about 105 lbs. to the aircraft and places the CG considerably farther aft. Due to the aft CG, this is a single-pilot operation. Normal cruise speed with the sign attached at full power is 55 to 60 KIAS. The aircraft is very maneuverable with the sign and is very difficult to settle with power.

Contact Information
If you feel you are qualified for the positions, please e-mail resume and/or questions to:
Chief Pilot: Robert Schapiro
E-Mail: RMSchapiro@bootcamphelicopters.com
Phone: 301-717-5455
(E-Mails Preferred)
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Old 19th Aug 2011, 22:08   #114 (permalink)

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I emailed Abu Dhabi, no luck. Tried calling 971-2-5758000 but it just rings endlessly. Do you have a better number?
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Must be a team-player
don't know why.... you seem to be doing everything yourself...
Must be able to handle flying the helicopter while communicating on two radios and occasionally changing messages on the laptop computer (in the passenger seat).
.... and all for peanuts too......
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Old 20th Aug 2011, 07:20   #116 (permalink)
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Engineering work

You could always try Patriot at Coventry Airport (adjacent to Air Atlantique), they have a fair amount of work and you have the experience on type they could use - VFR
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Old 20th Aug 2011, 07:30   #117 (permalink)

Avoid imitations
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If you bend over they could stick the broom up your *** and you could sweep the hangar floor at the same time....
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Old 20th Aug 2011, 11:09   #118 (permalink)
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I think you'd already be bending over so not far to go till you get a look like this...

talk about milking the out of someone trying to get somewhere in the beginning building hours...!

And safe as well....
Holding a hover for up to 2 hrs and changing text on the laptop on the pax seat in a 22..... You can just imagine how that rock would drop when the engine went poof and one was typing a new message.....
I think isn't big or scary enough...
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Old 20th Aug 2011, 12:27   #119 (permalink)
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Normal cruise speed with the sign attached at full power is 55 to 60 KIAS. The aircraft is very maneuverable with the sign and is very difficult to settle with power.
What a statement!

Hovering over a built-up area at 500' agl at night with a 12 meter sign under the aircraft, single pilot in an R22, with cg well aft and your head in texting and writing on the laptop on the seat next to you at the same time. Did the FAA not see any problems at all with this when they certified it or am I being over cautious? In addition they are paying peanuts, so are not going to attract the most experienced people around. I hope they have some fairly strict operating procedures. I would not touch this one with a barge pole - which incidentally is probably going to be shoved up the pilot who takes this on.

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Old 20th Aug 2011, 12:40   #120 (permalink)
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And only 50 hours needed in a 22.

Horrorbox. Totally agree. What a stupid thing to write! Almost means it will settle but don't worry because I've written it won't!
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