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Old 31st Oct 2002, 23:27   #61 (permalink)
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An accident waiting to happen, if ever I heard of one. And to think the victims could be reading this thread right now and do NOTHING ABOUT IT.

What a sad state of affairs.......
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Old 1st Nov 2002, 00:21   #62 (permalink)
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Well gents,

this has all become just a little disheartening, myself and a few mates had a serious interest in persuing a few tours to the region and thought that ADA would have been the place of joice.

We / I certainly thank you all for the imput and now have to step back and reevulate the whole situtation...........

does not seem to be as rosy as the other boards have portrait it, although the Canadian's for some reason seem to love it there, maybe it is the ex-chnage rate for them,

Although Canadians are the " Bikers of the Helicopter World"

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Old 5th Nov 2002, 04:29   #63 (permalink)
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Abu Dhabi Aviation

If you watch the news, you'll see ADA just had a helicopter shot on one of their contracts, two injured.
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Old 6th Nov 2002, 06:15   #64 (permalink)
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I agree with Yarba's comments, 99% (I thought the training section was at least quite satisfactory). They asked me to extend my first tour the day I arrived but I didn't even last there for one tour. The accommodation is *****, no question about it. The a/c in my room had 2 positions, hot and hotter, or rather noise and noisier. But the shower had only one position, just off. And as for those little black ants that swarm through your room, they are immune to every nerve agent known to man!! The admini-gestapo-guru's are mostly curry munchers hell bent on giving you a hard time, or trying to fine you, or blaming you for one of their cock-ups. Regarding the pay, I've heard that a co-pilot at Aramco in Saudi probably earns twice as much as an ADA Captain, but having said that, lifestyle must be factored into the equation (at least you can have a drink after work in the UAE). The maintenance facilities are first class, no question about that. If you decide to go and you don't like it, join the club. If you do like it, then make the most of it and enjoy your time there!!
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Old 11th Nov 2002, 15:47   #65 (permalink)
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Question PPL Self Fly Hire in Oman, Dubai or thereabouts ...

Some of you may remember a couple of months ago that I asked this question about Rio de Janeiro when I thought I was getting posted there. That didn't happen, and now I'm destined for a 6 month placement in the Gulf instead!

I'm a mere JAR PPL(H) rated on the Hughes 300 and R44 and was wondering if anyone knows if I can self fly hire (most likely with a safety pilot) a helicopter in or around Oman or Dubai? Indeed, does the concept of General Aviation even exist over there?? Oh yeah, what's the language of ATC as well?

Any information and advice greatly received. Feel free to lob in the usual jokes about the impending war.


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Old 11th Nov 2002, 17:53   #66 (permalink)
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the ruler of dubia has a 44 but the chances of using it are nil

i tried last year without any sucess if you get any info please contact me

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Old 12th Nov 2002, 07:48   #67 (permalink)
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Old 14th Nov 2002, 16:05   #68 (permalink)
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MD 600 Driver
Sorry The Ruler of Dubai does NOT have a 44. The Dubai Air Wing has operated many types of fixed wing and helicopters over the years, but they have never had a piston engined helicopter.
No wonder you couldn't use it!
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Old 18th Nov 2002, 14:51   #69 (permalink)
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As usual, PPRuNe proves to be a great resource .... even if the answers aren't quite what you want to hear!


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Old 26th Nov 2002, 14:44   #70 (permalink)
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Gulf Helicopters

Hey ll,

got a call this morning from Gulf offering a job in Qatar.

what are they all about?

how is the pay?

how is the maintence?

how is the management?

and if anyone should know a bud of mine use to work the as a engineer...is DG still there?

best regards,

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Old 26th Nov 2002, 22:56   #71 (permalink)
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If you decline from the job, can I have their details? cheers!!!!
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Old 27th Nov 2002, 09:47   #72 (permalink)
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An associate of mine went to work for this company or the other one in the area which is Aerogulf. One of the two anyway. I'm pretty sure it was Gulf Helicopters. The pay was about $145 u.s a day tax free. I think that accom was also supplied as part of the package. He started there about 2 years ago but has since gone to the other operator in the area. Good luck
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Old 27th Nov 2002, 17:03   #73 (permalink)
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Mostly 212's, mostly offshore, if I remember correctly.
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Old 28th Nov 2002, 13:13   #74 (permalink)
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I believe DG back at Rotorwreck
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Old 29th Nov 2002, 13:08   #75 (permalink)
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$4,000 per month while working.....no pay while on leave??? Such a deal then! Those pay numbers must be wrong....they do pay better than that but not enough to be worth of serious consideration in light of payscales around the world. Perhaps that is why AbuDhabi has such a high turnover rate and Aramco is now targetting Peruvians with FAA licenses for recruitment! The Big Three Gulf operators all claim to have competitive wage rates....(they do...with each other!) but alas....not with the rest of the world it seems. With the gathering storm in the northern end of the Gulf and the reaction of those events by the residents south of there....one should be very careful about going to the Gulf Region now.....especially for the wages offered.

One man's opinion!
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Old 1st Dec 2002, 07:08   #76 (permalink)
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I'm currently working for Gulf Helicopters and we have the option of working 6 and 6 or 8 and 4.

Basic rate in Doha is US$262 per day so depending on what rotation you work depends on your income. we're flying 412's and the work is steady 50 to 70 hours per month but tends to become very routine very quickly.

As with ADA and Aerogulf we're all hoping that a significant pay rise is around the corner but no sign of it at this stage. We're all aware that pay scalesaround the world are increasing to the point that we'll get left behind not too far down the track. Having said that, we have a good bunch of guys here and the lifestyle is pretty relaxed. Doha is a very safe place to work and contrary to popular opinion is not dry.....just a little on the expensive side!

We live on a compound and usually share a villa between three pilots. We have a clubhouse a pool, sauna and gym and share the compound with the Emiri flight cabin crew. We work to JAROPS and I've had to work harder for less money elsewhere.

Maintenance is good although we've had a run on some of our experienced LAME's leaving to go to ADA. Training is reasonable and we all get six mointhly VBC/IBC checks and night deck currency.

All in all not a bad job, not the best pay in the world but not the worst. a nice relaxed lifestyle and a good bunch of guys.
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Old 1st Dec 2002, 15:53   #77 (permalink)
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4891 USD per month at Gulf Helicopters....you guys still not paid for your days off I recall. Also, you have no medical insurance or long term or short term disability insurance either as I recall. If you opt for the 6/6 rotation you take a cut in pay as well too if I remember correctly.

Aramco is paying 5500 USD per month....for all months on or off on an 8/4 roster with 2000 USD towards your ticket home. No medical insurance, no disability insurance, and possibly no on job insurance beyond what is in their aircraft coverage. Food is paid for and nice accomodation.

AbuDhabi pays about 5250 USD per month for all months worked including leave months.....and also offers a reduced pay rate for a 6/6 roster as I recall. Also really crappy accomodation to live in as well and buy your own food if you can find transport to the market.

All three operators are behind the times regarding pay....they each claim to be competitive with each other....which they are...but the rest of the world is leaving them behind in pay and benefits.

I left Aramco after being offered a job in the USA....gave them a chance to improve their situation but they would not.....matched the pay, picked up medical insurance, short and long term disability insurance, company funded pension, self funded pension, college tuition reimbursement, work related training reimbursement, paid sick leave, paid holidays, paid vacation, and pay raises yearly. I went from an 8/4 roster to a 2 on/5 off roster . I pay Federal and State income taxes now...but the benefits value alone exceed the tax costs I incurred by the change. The company pension contribution is 3.5 percent of gross wages and the company matches up to 6 percent of my self funded pension contribution....those two things alone make up one third of the tax bill. Add in the medical, dental, and prescription insurance and I break even.

Except for the Income tax benefits.....working overseas isn't always what it is knocked up to be. I did the overseas thing for many years with several different operators.....had a good time in some places....endured others.....and saved a lot of money....but of late.....it just doesn't seem to be worth it. The absolute lack of medical benefits alone is enough to prevent me from working overseas again. One major illness or serious injury can cause you serious financial problems....the absolute lack of concern by management to that one issue was enough to convince me to seek greener pastures. When you compute the numbers for these jobs....you must factor in all the costs and benefits to be able to make an effective business decision regarding where to work. Sometimes staying at home and paying the tax works when fringe benefits are considered.

The only way we can force the wages up as pilots is to withhold our labor from the outfits that fail to pay reasonable wages and provide the fringe benefits modern society dictates as being proper and normal.

One man's opinion.
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Old 1st Dec 2002, 20:59   #78 (permalink)
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To be blunt...it's right down the same crapper as the fixed wing market?!!!
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Old 25th Dec 2002, 22:59   #79 (permalink)
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Does anyone have any info on the B-230 operation that Gulf helicopters is starting?

Where will the base be, Is it single pilot, what´s the pay etc....???
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Old 28th Dec 2002, 12:53   #80 (permalink)
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Cool Bell 230 Operation Gulf Helis

Gulf helis has been seeking experienced offshore 230 IR Captains to be based on an offshore Island Base (Halul) on a 6/6 basis (weeks that is!). Pay would be about $285 per day right now, but is expected to rise at the end of January. This is a one aircraft contract detachment servicing rigs in a nearby field (10 miles away) - 2 pilot ops. No booze on the island, but good sat TV, single accomm and free food. 6/6 terms give you a return air fare every leave. No annual gratuity/bonus guaranteed, but if you like desolation/living on nothing, then it's for you, bud!
Contract expected to fire up with a 412 early Jan until 230 arrives and gets up to speed in Feb/March.

Hope this helps!
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