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What's New In W. Africa (Nigeria)

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What's New In W. Africa (Nigeria)

Old 30th Jan 2007, 19:40
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Thumbs up

And while visiting why not take the opportunity to brush up your driving skills at one of Port Harcourt's fine driving schools, where only the best will do?

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Old 30th Jan 2007, 22:27
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Wow, that really makes Nigeria appealing. Who wouldn't want to go that Tropical Paradise????

Thanks again for the pics. And keep them coming!!

I think I might stay in Canada for a while, it maybe cold and I pay more in tax but at least our driving school cars have 2 headlights!!!

Cheers all

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Old 31st Jan 2007, 20:08
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Grrr The Haves And The Have-nots

If some of you have never been to Nigeria and you're wondering why there are so many problems out here at the moment, the following report frtom Reuters, highlighting why the haves are so rich, is sickening reading:

ABUJA, Jan 31 (Reuters) - Local governments in Nigeria's richest oil state routinely steal or misuse public funds instead of using them to improve collapsed schools and health services, Human Rights Watch said in a report published on Wednesday.
The U.S.-based group said the government had failed to curb corruption at state and local levels, resulting in a "shocking and disastrous failure" to provide basic services and aggravating social unrest in Africa's oil heartland.
The report used case studies from Rivers, Nigeria's top oil producing state, to show how millions of windfall petrodollars have gone to waste in Africa's most populous nation, which ranks 159 out of 177 countries in the U.N. Human Development Index.
"One local government chairman habitually deposited his government's money into his own private bank account. Another has siphoned off money by allocating it towards a 'football academy' that he has not built," the report said.
"Public schools have been left to fall apart and health care facilities lack even the most basic of amenities," it said, listing schools with collapsed walls, no desks, no books and no chalk, and health centres with no toilets, water, drugs or beds.
Rivers is in the heart of the Niger Delta, which accounts for all oil production from Nigeria, the world's eighth-biggest exporter of crude. Decades of neglect of its poor communities have resulted in a rising tide of violent crime and militancy.
Armed groups are holding 38 foreigners hostage in the delta, thousands of other expatriates have fled the region in the past 12 months, and a fifth of oil output is shut down because of militant attacks.
Human Rights Watch said the Nigerian government had squandered a unique opportunity from high oil revenues to address the deprivation at the root of the violence.
Since its return to civilian rule in 1999, Nigeria's 36 states and 774 local governments have seen sharp increases in the funds allocated to them under the three-tiered system of government and sharing of revenues.
As an oil-producing state, Rivers receives an extra share of oil revenues which have surged thanks to high oil prices. In 2006, the state budget projected total government spending of $1.3 billion, double the amount Rivers had to spend in 2004.
"Much of this windfall has been lost to the extravagance, waste and corruption that characterise state government spending," Human Rights Watch said.
It pointed to the 2006 state budget, which gave the governor's office a $65,000 daily travel allowance and $77 million annually for unspecified "special projects".
The state's 23 local government councils, which are responsible for delivering primary health care and education, have seen their monthly revenues rise fourfold since 1999 but there is almost nothing to show for it, the report said.
Local government chairmen use inflated building contracts to generate kickbacks for themselves and contractors and opaque budgets to allocate hefty slices of revenue to themselves. They routinely bill government for services that are not provided.
In Opobo/Nkoro local government area, the chairman's 2005 travel budget was $53,800, more than twice as large as the capital budget for the health sector. An allocation for "miscellaneous expenses" was bigger than the education budget.
Human Rights Watch said even the small amounts that were left for health and education on paper were in fact stolen as there was no evidence of any spending on those sectors.
"A few decades ago Nigeria was considered to have one of the best education systems in Africa and now the schools in the richest state in the country are literally falling apart," Albin-Lackey of Human Rights Watch said of the schools he saw in Rivers State during his research mission there.
Overall, despite Nigeria's wealth, the nation has one of the worst child survival rates in the world. About one out of five Nigerian children die before the age of five, most succumbing to diseases that are easily preventable or treatable at low cost, according to the United Nations children's agency. The country's maternal mortality rate is also among the highest in the world, the UN says.
Data for the delta, including Rivers State, reflects the national picture. The delta has the worst post-neonatal mortality rate in Nigeria, according to the Nigeria Demographic and Health Survey of 1999. It said nationally 30 percent of women said they cannot afford healthcare, compared with 47 percent in the delta.

Maybe this is where some of the money paid to Rivers State went:

But this is how his 'subjects' live:

In view of the above, anyone wonder why they're angry? The Governor's 139 is presently just flying around empty (at what cost, to who?) for the crews to build up their 50 hours pilot time on it.
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Old 31st Jan 2007, 20:30
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Since photos are becoming 'de rigeur' here now, perhaps the governor may be reduced to travelling in this if the EFCC charges against him ever come to anything

That's if the fuel queues here allow him to get any petrol for it
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Old 31st Jan 2007, 20:30
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A nice article about the politics of Nigerian oil.....

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Old 1st Feb 2007, 08:52
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Joke for the day...

A Nigerian and a Malaysian are at school together in London. After graduation they keep in touch, promising to visit each other at home when they get the chance. After ten years the Malaysian tells the Nigerian to come visit him at home. He has a government job and life is good.

When he gets there the Nigerian sees a beautiful house with a Mercedes in the drive. That evening the Malaysian asks the Nigerian to look out across the way at the new motorway and the new bridge. 'You see that?' he asks. 'Ten percent,' waving his hand at everything he has.

'Ah-ah! You must come to see me in my country!' replies the Nigerian. 'I have a government job too!'

The Malaysian goes for it. He finds the Nigerian living in a small palace with a Rolls-Royce in the driveway, very impressive indeed. That evening the Nigerian asks the Malaysian to look out across the way at the new motorway and the new bridge. The Malaysian says that all he can see out there is a dirt track and a rickety wooden bridge. 'You see now? One hundred percent,' says the Nigerian.
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Old 1st Feb 2007, 15:14
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Unhappy You Left at a Good Time Chuks


You got out at a good time. Port Harcourt is daily descending into anarchy with the police getting ever more useless. I'm sure you've read about the raid on the police stations here by MEND on Sunday, in which they freed one of their leaders. MEND said they sent about 50 men, the police said it was about 300, probably as an excuse for rather carelessly allowing 125 prisoners to be 'liberated' from 2 police stations. It's pretty much summed up by one part of a report in a local newspaper where one of the market women was frightened by the noise of gun fire beside Moscow Rd but was really frightened by the sight of the police running up the road pulling off their Berets and uniform jacets and throwing them away . It's about all the Nigerian police are good for.

Meanwhile a group claiming to be MEND, exhibited the Fillipino hostages taken from the Baco Liner in Chanomi Creek, to the press yesterday. "If the government doesn't listen to us, in 72 hours things will start happening," said Tamuno Goodwill, a masked militant who described himself as a field commander of the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND). He said he was referring to attacks on oil facilities and the security forces guarding them. "We are going to drag the president into a civil war," said Goodwill, who did not reveal where the militants were keeping their Filipino captives.
Goodwill said his group were MEND fighters, although that is disputed by Jomo Gbomo, the person who has spoken for the faceless militant group since it first surfaced in Dec. 2005.
Gbomo has said MEND was not involved in the attack on the cargo ship. It is impossible to obtain independent confirmation of these details as the MEND has never offered details of its structure and leadership.
Gbomo says the group is fighting for the impoverished people of the delta to gain control of the region's oil wealth. He has also demanded the release of Asari, although he says Asari is not particularly important to the struggle.

Most of us out here now are just trying to maintain a low profile (not difficult as most expats in the Niger Delta have some kind of curfew imposed by their companies. Even with extra allowances being offered it's especially difficult to get pilots and engineers to come to Port Harcourt now. If things continue like this it will soon become just like Warri, with little or no social life as pubs, clubs and restaurants close down because of falling custom.

Good luck in Saudi, though it sounds a pity you're having to leave Algeria - sounds nice. You can always get an Emirates flight and route home on leave via Lagos so you can call in at the BRC and swap tall tales with old friends - you would be wellicome!
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Old 1st Feb 2007, 15:20
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I reckon the oil companies cannot afford to properly protect their workers and contractors......knowing how tough times are economically and all. You folks in Nigeria might reconsider your concerns about what you perceive to be inadequate efforts to safeguard your well being and all. I think it is really over the top for you to think the oil companies can afford such vast investments of capital in these times of depressed earnings and profit.

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Old 1st Feb 2007, 18:44
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Don't tell anyone but...

lots of situations we get into, we think the people at the top must be really, really stupid. What does that say about us, given that we are underlings? Still, you look at some of the decisions they make and you think, 'Sh*t for brains, or what?'

Stupidity is contagious, too! You hang with dummies long enough, your own brain tends to go into 'stand-by' mode. Otherwise it keeps getting you into trouble. Eh, SASless, you with your febrile mind? (Thinks to self: he's going to have to look up that one for sure!)

I cannot say that I am any smarter than you guys still in Nigeria; I would still be there but for the mysterious workings of fate. The further away I get from it, especially after just six days in ALgeria instead of NIgeria, when no one tried anything on at all, not even when my 'pah-tick-oo-lahs' were not totally 'in ordah,' the more I wonder why I stayed so long.

In Hassi Messaoud there were no beggars, no robbers, no piles of rotting garbage... nothing like that in my (very limited, of course) initial exposure to one small corner of a very big country. It is just that in Nigeria there is sure to be something shocking, revolting or shockingly revolting just around the corner. Well, I owed my first job there to a rotting human corpse that turned my Canadian predecessor around and sent him back home before Management even knew he was gone.

There was a wrecked car in the old Ikeja Roundabout with a dead guy in it. They told the New Guy that when he arrived in the dark. Next day he took a walk in daylight and saw that there really was a dead guy there in that wrecked 504, when he had thought this was just a morbid joke they played on each New Guy. He had flown in on a round-trip ticket so he went back to the villa, got his stuff together, made his way to the airport and caught Lufthansa back the way he had come. Meanwhile the Norwegian troll who ran things was amusing himself thinking of the New Guy left to rot in the villa for a week until he could finally be admitted into The Presence. Surprise!

You guys be careful now. Remember that it isn't 'the bullet with your name on it' that you need to worry about but the one addressed, 'To Whom It May Concern!'
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Old 1st Feb 2007, 19:21
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If we got upset everytime we had to work for an idiot....we would be running around with like axe murderers.

Hmmmmmmm...bet an axe would beat a radio hands down! Whatever was I thinking?
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Old 1st Feb 2007, 19:33
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Devil Axes and Murder


Thinking of axes, murder, working for idiots and the whole 8 yards (the ninth was confiscated by customs ) I hear there are still a lot of upset people in Mauritania having to work for a certain Viscomte who somehow came to mind when I saw your post
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Old 2nd Feb 2007, 09:52
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The Count without the

Hear his latest victim is the Chief Engineer himself sorry I mean Engineer in charge of course as they only have two machines.
Whats does 35 years with a company mean anyway ? answer Jack S--t when you have management like Bristow's
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Old 2nd Feb 2007, 09:58
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Nigerian In Law
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Hey Sas,

Sadly nowadays the radio just isn't a viable option. What with miniaturisation even a direct hit with maximum force (or Extreme Prejuduce as you Americans like to call it) wouldn't cause any damage or injury worth posting on PPRuNe. His back to back is on the way out too. I imagine that makes a near 100% turnover there, and nobody ever asks why

There was a small riot between Okada drivers and MOPOL yesterday afternoon around GRA junction (near Arreta). Just to keep us on our toes !! Plenty of tear gas and shooting. Someone should write a book about this stuff !!

I wonder what next ? Watch this space

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Old 2nd Feb 2007, 22:32
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And the powers to be in the headshed in the UK wonder why I refuesed their generous offer....

You would have to be seriously demented to sign on with that outfit!!
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Old 3rd Feb 2007, 09:22
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You send me the raw data and I shall turn it into literature, okay? Just a cheap paperback book, nothing too dear. Where we make the money is later selling the A4 sheet that gives the aliases on the left and the real names on the right!

Sex, violence, mass stupidity: it's all there just waiting to be written up. The biggest problem is, who would believe it?

Too, do you know any good lawyers? I think we might need a little bit of help on the 'libel and slander' front. Or is telling the truth a good defence?

So much of what goes on in Nigeria, and in aviation in general, the truth reads stranger than fiction.

I wish I had saved it but we once got a nastygram from our new Leaderess telling us, in future, not to have the aircraft de-iced at an outstation but to bring it back to base for that, where it was so much cheaper. I guess she forgot about the costs of hiring a low-loader.
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Old 3rd Feb 2007, 22:43
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Hello world, even here in the lee of marshmallow mountain, we are not totally living in maple city metropolis. The camp will be finsihed within the time and budget constraints we have set. Do you really imagine we will listen to nonsense about who wants communal living areas or jogging tracks or tennis courts? You'll stay on Areta and we'll say yes to everything you demand, but do just as we've always done - exactly as we want, with a nice smile, and then tell you what you're getting. Why would we leave our nice, safe, well-guarded camp and visit the squalid dump in which you're presently incarcerated just to waste more company money on drinks for someone who's been a thorn in our side for far too long. Good riddance.
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Old 3rd Feb 2007, 22:54
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It's good to see our weak-kneed northern cousins tear themselves apart about their gay bar or crummy accommodation as it turns the spotlight away from our own problems (and a whole bunch of new suckers is leaving chc for our shallow unfulfilled promises). Well, the gay dollar is fast crumbling against our manly, Iraq-kicking-butt-goodole-George yankee dollar and with us you have the security of the militants not knowing where you're living - because we shure as hell don't have a goddam idea. As for gay bars - you may have them in Richmond, but we sure as hell don't in Houston. Join a real-man's company (but with integrity as our watchword), Bristow or OLOG or whatever it is we've decided is best for the corporate image this year
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Old 4th Feb 2007, 01:09
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Another "Not So!" by Bristow Management

As for gay bars - you may have them in Richmond, but we sure as hell don't in Houston. Join a real-man's company (but with integrity as our watchword), Bristow or OLOG or whatever it is we've decided is best for the corporate image this year

Errr...ahhhh....there is at least one I hear!

Take yer pick you big burley brutes you!

Houston Gay Bars

Your Source for Houston Night life

611 Hyde Park Pub - (713) 526-7070. Located at 611 Hyde Park. There is a wide mix of customers in this place. For you early girls! The bar opens its doors at 7:00 am, noon on Sundays. **

Bartini - (713) 526-2271. Located at 1318 Westheimer Road. Just a short walk from the other clubs. Small amount of free parking, or park on the side street, where permitted. Most of the restaurants in the area will tow so be careful. Offers lots of shows, dancing and patio that faces the main street. Two story, converted old house.*

Brazos River Bottom, BRB- (713) 528-9192. Located at 2400 Brazos Street. (Downtown) Just a short taxi ride away from the other gay bars and well worth the drive. This is the place to be if your want to Two-Step. Fridays and Saturdays the house is HOT. Dancing, Hot muscular cowboys and " REAL DOWN TO EARTH MEN" ****

Bricks II- (713) 528-8102. Located at 617 Fairview Street. Walking distance from most of the other gay bars. They call this the " Neighbor Country Bar" Open 7am (noon on Sunday) Just a very low key small place that feels like home.*

Chances,G-Spot, New Barn- (713) 523-7217. Located at 1100 Westheimer Road. All we can say is that if your a women, " THIS IS THE PLACE FOR YOU" Three huge clubs in one. They open at 2 pm. Complete with a woman's band. This was an old restaurant that was converted in to a night club. This is a MUST see if your a lady.

Club Rainbow- (713)522-5166- Located at 1417 Westheimer Road. Nice woman's bar

Decades - (713) 521-2224. Located at 1205 Richmond Street. Neighborhood bar that has pool tables, shuffleboard and a jukebox.. Lots of older men hang out and gossip. If you have "juicy dirt" that you want to spread, or want to hear the latest and greatest "dirt", you might hear it there first. Lots of free parking on their gravel lot.

E/J's - (713) 527-9071. Located on 2517 Ralph Street. Go here if your looking for male strippers. This place is full of guys that know have to spell FUN. Dancing, great patio, Lots of parking, and street parking. Get your cash ready to start tipping. 100% worth the $5.00 taxi ride to the place. Strippers on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Guava Lamp- (713) 524-3359 Located on 570 Waugh Drive. This is their new location that will be open soon. Always the youngest hot guys playing pool and sing-a-long piano. Great place for you guys that live in the heights.

Inergy, Mango Lounge,Amnesia- (713) 660-7310 Located on 5750 Chimney Rock Located about 15 minutes away from the other bars. Latin flavored with a Houston twist. Huge late night crowds, Sunday Shows.

J.R.'s with the Santa Fe - (713) 521-2519 Located on Houstons most famous gay address 808 Pacific street. This is Houston's Top gay bar. Dancers, Pool, Eight liners, Drag shows, Strip contest and lots of give-a -ways. This is a Houston MUST SEE AND DO. Lots of parking and located next to other great bars like South Beach and Montrose Mining Co.

Keys West - (713) 571-7870 Located on 817 West Dallas Street. Piano bar.

Mary's - (713) 527-9669 Located on 1022 Westheimer Road. Conveniently located on the Metro bus route.

Mela's Tejano Country - (713) 523-0747 Located on 302 Tuam. Known as a great woman's Hispanic bar, but everyone is is welcome. Just minutes from the other bars, on the edge of downtown.

Metor- (713) 521-0123 Located on 2306 Genesee Street. This the the one of the best looking bars in houston. Find the man of your dreams here modern lounge with lots of videos and music. This bar has won lots of bar awards and is a MUST SEE AND DO. Lots of parking.

Michael's Outpost- (713) 520-8446 1419 Richmond Ave. Convenenietly located on the Metro bus route.

Montrose Mining Company -(713) 529-7488 on the famous 805 Pacifc Street . EVERYONE IS THERE. This place is packed, wall to wall. Lots of crusing. Draft beer on the patio. Pool table. Dancers. Great location so that you can bar hop from J.R.'s to South Beach to The Mining Company. Park once and party all night. Lots of parking.

Rainbow Room -(281) 872-0215 Located at 527 Barren Springs. Neighborhood bar if your " Out there". Near 45 north and Airtex. Not far from the Airport.

Ripcord- (713) 521-2792 Located at 715 Fairview Street. Next to the other bars. Leather bar that is packed and is where EVERONE goes after the other clubs call it a night. If you did not meet "Mr. Right", you might see him after dark at the Ripcord. Great Patio.

South Beach - (713) 521-9123 Located on the famous 810 Pacific Street. This is a club that every gay man should see. Waterwall, dancers, dancing, best light show in town, and lots of parking. Once you go in..... you will agree that this is one of the best night clubs in the WORLD. Huge croud with the line to get in, all the way down the street.

Rich's Houston- Located at 2401 San Jacanto. This is one of the best dance clubs in town.

Viviana's - (713) 862-0203 Located on Washington. Primarily Hispanic club between the heights and Montrose.
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Old 4th Feb 2007, 08:41
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Nigerian In Law
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Question Who Would Have Known ?

I'm shocked. I've lived in the same area for a long time and have no idea where any gay bars are. But then I doubt if there are any in God's County. Sas knows an awful lot of Houston ones though............

At least CHC's "thorn in the side" got a leaving do (at the people's expense, management wouldn't pay one kobo I hear) BEFORE he left. Better than hearing about it AFTER you've gone !!

Some very unhappy people in BGI. Delay in fulfilling promised leave purchase, no word on family health insurance or loyalty bonus and an enforced move to a bad area with up to 4 hours of travel to and fro. More vacancies on the way perhaps ?

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Old 4th Feb 2007, 12:40
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Which is your favourite from that list?

I hear that the new CHC death compound could now be more than a year away as they're supposedly having lots of staff input into the plans with the architect before anything is finalised. I dare say, some people will keep making suggestions just to delay everything as long as possible . I heard that they didn't ven bother having a leaving party for the last pilot who left, despite him having been there for more than 3 years - guess he didn't have a maple leaf tattooed on his heart .

NEO, are all the BGI guys in PH now moving to the same place? Seems like a bad move - putting all your eggs in one basket and all that sort of thing. That road journey sounds horrific and very tiring - not to mention dangerous. Surely all it's doing is increasing the risk to staff as the roads are very dangerous. Do you find it difficult to get people to work in Port Harcourt now?
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