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Army Field Manual FM 1-203, Fundamentals Of Flight

I've been perusing the net & came across the site http://www.dynamicflight.com/aerodynamics/

i am interested in acquiring a soft copy of the Army Field Manual FM 1-203, Fundamentals Of Flight, 9 September , 1983

i am trying to produce a computer based training theory component for CPL(H) & thought this might be a good resource to have as reference.

does anyone know if it's available in .PDF format, as many of the other field manuals? or is the content restricted?

thanks in advance
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Pre-Sept 11, you could get onto the Ft Rucker website and download to your heart's content just about everything including attack helicopter tactics training. With a bit more searching I found at the time that just about every training resource in the US Forces could be downloaded freely off their web servers.

Unfortunately when I found this I only had very slow dialup and only got one manual. Very shortly after 9/11, it all went bye-byes, and the Ft Rucker site is now one of the most unhelpful helicopter sites around.

From what I've seen (I've got a hard copy of the 1971 version of that manual), the dynamicflight site has got pretty much all of it there, and I'd be surprised if you found better anywhere else on the 'net.

Your only other option really is to buy the manual from one of the places that sells it to the public, and ask the publishers if you can get it as a .pdf (good luck).
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Good morning
Try to find Ppruner " RW1" he is Dynamic Flight web,


peter R-B
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I always use www.abe.com to buy used books, they have links to bookstores all over the world.

Here are two copies of what you seek:

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Old 27th Jul 2004, 01:26   #5 (permalink)
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you may be intrested to know that Australian Aerody is not the same as the US Army version of events. Having had to study, and qualify, in each "version" of the truth my advice is to forget your search as it will be irrelevant in large sections, and omits important sections of the Australian Syllabus. Ring the Army Aviation Centre in Oakey and try and get a copy of thier latest course documentation. If you do manage to create an "e course" of that sylabus, they would probably be intrested in buying it too!!
Also try Principles of Helicopter Flight by Hank somebody (Wagentock?? sp?). Cant remember his name, but it is a great book.
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thanks gents for such quick responses,

Helmet Fire, thanks for the hot tip, I currently have the book, as part of the Aerodynamics bundle supplied by Advanced Flight Theory, am still working my way through AGK first.

I was actually referred to the dynamic flight site by an Ozzy instructor as a reference

As soon as i started my training i began looking at the theory aspect from my side of the fence (IT) & began thinking about how to present it a bit better, I am not a teacher, but have had plenty of experience as theory & practical instructor in the Military (running young grunts into the ground) & then as a 'sly-villan' doing SCUBA instruction

i have done a large percentage of my (I.T.) theory training on CBT, good content, well presented, & high detail.

i know the format that i want to produce, but at my level the (CPL-H) content is not as readily apparent as might be to a high-hour pilot or instructor (or in my case anyone who is currently a pilot, as opposed to a mere student).

again thanks for the feedback guys, as you can appreciate, at my level, i am still fumbling about 'braille-method', trying to find my way about. so i hope i haven't wasted anyones time with an obvious question

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