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Helmets - Should you? and Which?

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Helmets - Should you? and Which?

Old 29th Mar 2005, 01:57
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John Eacott,

I've used the Bose X for two years and have had nothing but great noise reduction doors on or off. Could be something was wrong with your ANR. Also, the boom mic is interchangable right or left (two small screws), but doesn't help much if one headset is shared and each prefers the mic on a different side - it would be a pain to change before each flight. The Bose has spoiled me to the point I'll take my chances and not wear my helmet anymore. The CEP might just get me back in it. For what it's worth, here is an abstract of a US Army eval. of CEP vs. ANR vs. standard issue in the SPH-4:

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Old 29th Mar 2005, 02:54
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Having used the Bose X for three years, I do not buy into the belief that the Bose ANR "masks" sounds, because it doesn't. In fact, I was amazed on the first few flights how many more sounds I could discern once the overall roar of the engine was attenuated. Transmission whine, tail rotor buzz, the more subtle sounds of the main rotor working in the air, all suddenly became apparent.

If I can hear the alert beep of a Garmin 195 over the sound of a Lycoming HO-360 pulling 27" MAP in a 60-KT climb, I'm pretty sure that a stall warning horn or the sound of a 134% overspeed would be painfully obvious. (I have no idea what make of ANR headsets might have been used in these incidents.)

Now I can't speak for all ANR systems, but for me, at least, the Bose means I am more likely to hear the important details. I would hazard a guess that anyone who claims the Bose ANR creates a hazard has very likely never used a good ANR headset.
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Old 29th Mar 2005, 04:57
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Fling wing

I have recently ( 2 months) purchased a set of Bose x like you when i first jumped into the Jetbanger with them on i started to hear sounds that were not normally there with our Dave clarkes.

I absolutely enjoy the Bose X without any dramas, except like John E said when you wear glasses it breaks the seal. and when you turn the ANR off its terrible! apart from that they are great as my hearing is only just good at the best of times!!
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Old 29th Mar 2005, 16:18
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NR Fairy,
Yes that was the mooney accident. there was another report linked to this accident later that went in to the ANR aspect in more detail.

Sorry I was not meaning to say ANR cause accidents but simply pointing out that for some pilots (we do all hear in different degrees) in certain circumstances it "may" cause a problem. I still highly recommend them for all the reasons stated here.

Belly Tank,
I agree, I wear glasses a lot when flying and the seal on the Bose X is not good enough. Once broken the majority of the protection/benefit of the headset is lost. That was why I preferred the Telex 50's though larger they did still work great with glasses due to the bigger padding. Oh and they still work great should the ANR turn off with a flat battery if you forget a spare unlike the Bose)

As an aside the benefit of a battery powered set over panel power is that you can still use them outside the A/C especially helpful when going to the boot or rear doors of say a 206 with the motor running. Have used mine when pressed into ground crewing on the odd occasion.

P.S. sorry for using your computer M.T. forgot you were logged in.
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Old 8th Apr 2005, 13:47
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Does anyone have any experience with the Flightcom Denali ANR headsets? They fairly similar to the Bose X, would they have similar pros/cons?
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Old 20th Apr 2005, 01:11
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Cool Plugs and four eyes!

I have used Elacin ER-15 earplugs for ten years. Flying in the tropics and in the arctic for up to 8 hours a day (I know - easy life!) I have never had any ear infection problems. The difference in fatigue after a long day's flying when wearing the earplugs is huge.

Being a speccy four eyes can be a problem by breaking the seal on your headset ear cups. I wear titanium framed Silhouette glasses and they are great. They are very thin and flexible. No difference at all in sound and very comfortable.
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Old 8th May 2005, 23:05
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I have a Gallet helmet and it's starting to fall apart after 2 years, although it is very light and comfortable.

Does anyone have the same problem??

and any info on the new gentex helmets would be great
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Old 8th May 2005, 23:45
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I have had Gallet for years and only once had a problem where a wire came loose to one of the earsets, just needed to soldier it. Otherwise it performed flawlessly for 2000 hrs.

My current employer provided me with Alpha helmet, but I like the Gallet better.
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Old 10th May 2005, 22:02
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I also have a gallet which is now one year old, did all my training in it so lots of sweat and on's and off's. No problems to date.
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Old 11th May 2005, 01:50
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... Helmet choice

For the last few I've used HGU 33's (fixedwing) from Flightsuits in the States, they usually do 3 to 4000 hours before replacing. Order it wired for ANR makes a big difference.

Alpha used to claim the lightest helmet, the HGU33 (kevlar shell) was lighter and was quieter than an Alpha. A practical edition is a peak instead of a visor, not popular with the trendoid set (you don't look like you've just hopped out of your F18) but very usefull with low sun conditions.
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Old 11th May 2005, 02:26
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As to Skidlids, I have always somehow used the basic Military SPH-xx (Gentex) whatevers. Sent my last one to Flightsuits. www.flightsuits.com and they redid the Mike and Eearphones for a reasonable price. ANR is great but it costs more, I cant hear doo-doo anymore and never did listen to what I was told.
Had a friend here throw a sweet paint job on www.smokinpaint.com and got a neat liplight from www.seitzinc.com
It will outlast my flying career....

There are lots of SPH's out there on the internet and with a little love can be like new cheaper.........notice I said cheaper than buying New.
Start by looking on www.ebay.com I have seen a few there from time to time...........Buyer Beware.
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Old 15th May 2005, 22:12
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I had a Gentex for a few years then changed to an Alpha.I think for the price a Gentex is the better helmet.Thinking of buying another Gentex,but have heard good things about Gallets.
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Old 16th May 2005, 22:29
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Arab Goat
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Helmet Comm's

Hey Guys,

Just wondering if any body knows where i can get some comm's work done to my helmets in Melbourne, Vic, Aust. I have several which require re wiring and soldering the connections back up.

Thanks in advance guys and gals

Arab Goat
Old 17th May 2005, 01:50
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We use S.E.T.S., www.sets.com.au , or 9878 7158.

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Old 17th May 2005, 03:30
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Alpha Helmets

I bought an Alpha helmet last summer and was offered a volume control as a factory fit to help me when I get old and deaf.

The volume is really low, I fly R44, ASTAR and 206 generally and all seem about the same.

Anyone else have an alpha and find the ear volume too low or have I just got a bad example?

Everything else about the lid is great and I have ne regrets in any other aspect of buying this peice of equipment
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Old 17th May 2005, 03:39
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I have an Alpha and have the same prob, it does not not have the volume control on it though.I many use it in the 44 but it is the same in the 500 and 22.Thats probably not much help but its interesting to here of someone with the same sort of prob.
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Old 17th May 2005, 11:03
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A helmet, a helmet, my Kingdom for a helmet. The one day I did leave it behind the turbine did the unexpected and stopped whining, : The sound of me with the 1600 kg of useless aluminium strapped to my butt falling through 100ft high trees was only drowned out by me screaming at myself for being so stupid as to not wear the thing. The pain of the 154 stitches in my face and the word Jaeger printed of my forehead is now the base line for the decision to wear or not to wear.To wear always wins. And if it makes the pax nervous, put up some relax signs.
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Old 17th May 2005, 23:48
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I recently purchased an Alpha Eagle and have found it outstanding. Its light and comfortable and the A/C I fly is bloody loud in the cockpit, and I dont need earplugs under it.
Unlike the my old Gentex and the Gallet I tried.
I highly recommend the Alpha Eagle
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Old 18th May 2005, 01:39
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Cool To wear or not to wear?

The day the **** hits YOUR fan you will wish you had every piece of safety and survival gear strapped to you! I fly over the water a hell of a lot and wear a helmet every time I get into a machine even if its just a ground run. Whats the point in doing HUET if you drown because you knocked yourself out during the inital ditching? As for the pax getting nervous well on the very rare occasion that anyone has mentioned why am I wearing a lid I just tell them its ok if they get smacked in the face with a seagull at 100kts as get to wake up with a broken nose and a great pub story! However if I get smacked unconcious then we all die and no more pub stories - ever! Harsh but true Mr Pax. That normally shuts them up and they can see the reasoning behind it! I wear a full fire retardent flight suit, boots and a Switlik vest with every survival aid known to man stuffed into it. Its a dangerous game and as professional pilots we should all be looking at risk management and minimisation. Pilots have a duty of care to our pax and wearing the right gear is only a small part of it. The people we fly are well used to the pilots wearing a helmet and full safety gear. I'm sure that if we turned up wearing a surf shirt, baseball cap and shorts they would look sideways at us as if to say "is this guy serious"!?
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Old 18th May 2005, 03:27
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Thanks Granny .My Alpha was one of the older ones, i to have heard good things about the new Eagle, might be a step up from the older Alpha's?
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