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Mcc Courses

Contact luftransport in Norway I think the run such courses
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Crazy Scandihooligan
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Lufttransport TRTO webpage says they do TRT on SA365N Dauphin, but nothing on MCC. They do state that they offer training in CRM. Contact them, they may well be able to point you in the right direction

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Why you need MCC with Dauphin? The MCC is MCC. You can have it anywhere, where is approved MCC training program. Try also or

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thanks guys.

its just more interesting to do it in the heli we operate, thats why I'm looking for MCC AS365.

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Angel MCC Courses

MCC courses in Europe fall into two categories. The amendment 5 to JAR FCL2 means that there are now two courses - MCC IFR, and MCC VFR.
In UK only one MCC IFR. Try Don MacDonald at Tiger Helicopters he has got a super new simulator based upon the A109.
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Try Helisim @ Marignane, they have one FFS with a 365 N2 Dauphin cabin.

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SA365 Door removal

I can´t seem to find any reference in AFM on limitations etc if standard door´s are removed on SA365.

Anyone know anything about door removal on Dauphin

The aircraft does not have sliding doors and I may need to remove doors for filming.
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110 knots, don't have the AFM reference to hand.
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Doors off,

You can found references from AS365 FM SUP 15 (Transport of external loads).
VNE is 110kt.


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Excellent Thank´s. Now I can sleep tonight
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Old 10th Dec 2008, 18:20
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AS365 or competitors

Looking for info on the various models of AS365s.

Any advice or tips on what to look out for would be appreciated. Performance, Maintenance issues, Passenger comfort, Range with full seats and Offshore gear, Support, Operating costs etc. Anyone ever have a cargo hook on one?

Would be operating mostly Sea level, 30+ C. Any kits out for NVG?


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Well if you are talking hot then the N at MAUW i.e. 4000kg on a small deck can be rather sporting, quite doable but sporting. The N2 is more like a doddle and I would recommend that over the N, also it has got an extra 250 kg, sadly I have no experience with the N3, though their Glasscockpit would make life that much easier. You can quite easily hide the dinghies in the roof of the 365 as well.
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Dauphin variants

Spent many happy years zipping round in Ns and N2s on the North Sea, N2 certainly more capable than the N, think of them as analogue(N)and digital (N2) versions.

No problems with underslung loads, and can be fitted with a good range of survival aids for over water operations, and as pointed out there is a neat fit for a pair of life rafts in the cabin roof.

Delight to fly, but can be a bit fragile in places, doors cabin and boot tend to be a bit on the flimsy side. Boot size is quite good without being capacious.

The pilot seats were designed around the standard 4ft three hunchback gnome - with a withered limb, worth investing in good quality seats there.

I cant vouch for its performance in more pleasant climes, but agree with the the previous poster, N probably a bit sporty, N2 will probably do it most days.

Single engine performance whilst not stellar, is adequate and will get you home. Autopilot out is not too much of a handful - for the ex mil guys, its like a gazelle on steroids.

IFR is a good machine (flew it SPIFR), bit sensitive in pitch, but keep on top of that and its OK.

Dauphin used widely around the world which is always a good sign - variety of engine fits, used arriels, never had one fail on me.

Tough little aircraft, worked hard offshore for years, and stayed out in all weathers.

Flying a desk these days, and dauphin was the last type I flew. No bad days with it, and dont recall any real vices with the aircraft.

Bit of a subjective answer, but HIH

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I'm flying AS365N3 at the moment, and I used to fly N2 and N.
During more than 3000 FH on it, I have had a very few engine's problems ( mainly due to chip detection device, fixed now on the new N2 and N3).
I was flying offshore, ship pilot transfer, military and SAR, and the main problem was the engine power in the hover, on the N and when temperature was up to 25C..
I'm now flying a N3, for SAR purpose in a country where the normal temperature is ISO+20 (OAT is there 30-35C), and we still take off at 4300kg, hover at sea at 4100 (at the MCP).
For underslung operations, you can go to 1600kg on the N3...
Empty weight is approximatly 2800 kg, depending on the options installed on board..
A really good chopper to fly, easy to and very safe...
But just my point of view....
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We had no real troubles with the doors as such, the boot hinges would die on a regular basis but when I left Eurcopter where trying to do something about it.
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Maintenance wise the N2 and N3 are very reliable as far as I can tell. No problems that couldn't be solved up until now.
We had a few cracks at the 25° frame, but probably caused by the pilots hanging into the strap that is attached at that point to get into the aircraft, as the pilot doors are not very big.
The engines on the N3 are easy to maintain and if for any reason you have to do an engine replacement, it can be done very fast due to the great acessability. The N2 demands a little more attention because of the anticipator, but it isn't to bad eighter.
We use them for a wide variety of jobs, from offshore to hoisting to HEMS and VIP.
I know Lufttransport in Norway has NVG kits on their machines, but I think it would be better to get your information at your local Eurocopter Service Center.
Roof dinghy's are an option, but I have heared they have life rafts that can be mounted on the outside of the aircraft that serve as step. In that way you save some space on the inside.
All I can say is that the Dauphin has proven itself trough the years.
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Thanks for the info so far, please keep it coming.

I have heard that the Ariell 2 series (in both 365N3s and 76s), had trouble making powerchecks in warmer temps after 600hrs or so. Is there any validity to this?

What is available for barrier filters on the 365?


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Dauphin Helicopters

Hi all, this is my first post on Rotorheads, i have recently uploaded a website dedicated to Dauphin helicopters, linked below. If any of you out there can update my site or would like to add a picture (aim is one of every registration!!) that would be most welcome.

many thanks Dave.
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excellent site. v useful
s/n 6309
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Hi David,

Check your email, I just send yo a huge file file with Dauphin pictures

Good luck,

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