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Old 29th Aug 2003, 03:28
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OK Flytest, this is the last snag we had, just after a few days routine scheduled maintenance operation:we air tested our bird and our HUMS completly failed the symptoms were;
1/ No record at all on the data card (we tried 2 different)
2/ "MDR" light on at all times(normal because of 1)
3/ The red light on on the "IMP"(normal, because of 1 and 2)
4/ No "HUMS" warning light on the caption advisory panel....(not normal, I think)

This came after a slow progressivly degrading situation along with passing weeks, I believe our HUMS just gave up its fight with many thousand greemlins.
I must admit such a sophisticated device requires a very comprehensive training to keep it operating properly, as well as a good deal of experience.

By the way did you get my mail ?

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Old 29th Aug 2003, 16:38
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This could be a whole bunch of things, it may be something as simple as your data card not "pre-flighted" properly, however it is likely to be something more.

Without going into too much depth here, if you fly for the company I think you do, then I know the HUMS expertise is lacking there, however, you have a support agreement with the HUMS manufacturers, therefore I suggest you (Or your engineers) raise a problem report and get the guys at the HUMS Support desk on the case, from what you have said they should be able to fix the problem without too much fuss.
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Old 30th Aug 2003, 03:09
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Yes Flytest, you have put the finger on it, the HUMS system set up should go along with a real expertise and an open minded maintenance policy...but this is another story
It is one of the aspects of a silent revolution our corporation has to chalange, of wich the "jurassic park thinkers" will not survive.
The concern is: how much arm can still they cause untill then ?
.... but here the slope becomes a bit slippery

Glad to have talk to you Flytest.
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Old 27th Aug 2004, 06:37
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Question Costs for AS365 N3 initial training course?

Does anybody know how much the initial training course on the AS 365 N3 at Helisim or any other facillity is?
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Old 27th Aug 2004, 20:41
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I have a 1996 FSI S76 course list in front of me. In 1996 an initial FSI S-76 initial was $19,225(US) with a sim-check ride.

The 365 is in the same cateory so I'm a quessing it will cost in excess of $20,000. US.
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Old 11th Nov 2004, 09:25
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AS365N3 - Any experience?

Greetings from sand-side. The customer we work with has ordered 2 AS365N3s which are due for delivery next year. Later this month, the Manager is off to France to complete the deal, hand over the IFF/ELT codes and generally check that all is well. He has asked us to provide him with a list of questions that he should ask Eurocopter, to minimise the risk of any nasty surprises. We have gone through the RFM that Eurocopter have provided, along with what role-equipment information we can find, and have produced a useful list. However, it would be very helpful if any users out in Rotorhead-land could provide us with info/experiences on the AS365N3, particularly regarding introducing it into service. So, if you have any knowledge you're willing to share, would you do it here or by PM please?

Thanks in advance,

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Helmet Fire - Whats Childflight in Sydney got, is that an N2 or an N3.

Dont worry found out it is an N2 at Childflight. However Vic Pol in Melbourne have a couple of N3s there and they were the first ones to be used for Police work in OZ. Will see if I can get a contact number for them.


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Old 5th Dec 2004, 13:05
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I'd just like to say a public thankyou to those who've contacted us about the N3 - particular gratitude to Our New Zealand Correspondent for his part in arranging most of the comms! We look forward to continuing our acquaintance with the operators we've met online, and to passing-on the acquired knowledge as it builds.

Now, anyone else out there operating EC135T1s at 50 degrees Celsius who'd like to pass on useful tips/ share their worldly wisdom ?
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Old 5th Dec 2004, 16:28
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Don't do it!!

Get you one of them proper 135s, you know the T2/P2 ones.

We've all been flying as test pilots in the T1 until the real 135 turned up
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Old 5th Dec 2004, 16:35
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Too late, Bomber, they've had 'em here for 3 years (2B1 engines!). Our job is to make them work in a worthwhile manner...

Thanks for all the test flying, though
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Old 9th Dec 2004, 10:05
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Same problems with the engines as the S76C+ models in hot climates - the engines fail to meet power assurance minima and have to be rejected early. It seems the Arriel 2 series engines don't like hot climates, no matter what type they're installed in and have problems maintaining power margins around 600 hours.

The other problem with the N3 is range. It has the same fuel capacity as the other N models, but fuel consumption is up to 305 kg/hr at 140 kts TAS at lower altitudes.

The twin engine power is excellent and it's good for 'hot and high'. If you're heavy and flying at altitude, don't be surprised if the first limit you reach is the collective top stop, before getting to any engine or transmission limits. You'll still get at least 140 kts TAS though.
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Old 9th Dec 2004, 12:46
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Thanks for the information; fortunately our (pressure) altitudes aren't going to be particularly high, no jebels or hills in this neck of the Arab/ Persian Gulf. Lack of range MAY not be a problem, as the operational radius for our task is pretty restricted. I hadn't even realised that any other aircraft type operated with Arriel 2s - you live and learn, eh?
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AS365 variants

Can anyone give me any views on the AS365 as a corporate machine, both from pilot's and pax point of view? What benefits do the N1 and N2 have over the earlier Ns? Particularly interested in speed and range. Rough price guides for a decent acft?
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Old 15th Jul 2005, 08:50
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Post Dauphin endorsement

Where can you get an endorsement fro the above type in Australia, including approximate cost please?
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Old 15th Jul 2005, 11:14
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The operators of these types are (from north to south):

CQ Resq at Mackay
Capricorn Rescue at Rockhampton
Westpac Rescue at Lismore
Child Flight in Sydney; or
Victorian Police

Try any of them and ask for a price. I would assume you would get a wide variety of instructors.

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Old 17th Jul 2005, 10:40
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Thanks Oogle, will drop them an email
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C-series Dauphin question

Hi everyone,

I heard that you can't idle a C-series Dauphin because the vibrations of the tail rotor drive shaft at idle can produce structural fatigue.

Is that right? Does this mean the engines are always running at higher than idle? Can someone explain this?


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No idea whether it's due to vibration, but the 365C Start and Shut Down procedures don't allow any running at "ground idle". After start, the FFC lever should be "pushed forwards slowly until it contacts the forward stop", and for shut down "Set the FFC in the shut down (fully rearward) position without pausing in the 'idling' detent".

According to my old Flight Manual, anyway: it may have changed!
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On the 365 C series, the shut down procedure is now to set one engine on ground idle (30 sec) while the other remains at flight idle. After these 30 sec, you shut the idling engine off and you set the one that was on flight idle to ground idle for another 30 sec.
It is said that the vibration frequency with both engines on ground idle doesn't match with the tail boom metalic structure.
This procedure is the same on AS 365N but different on N2 where you can set both engines at ground idle (30 sec)....The tail boom is made of composites here.
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AS365 vriants

I have several AS365N2 & N3 in service. Everything is matter of power. All of the AS365 are very fast cruising helicopters, ca 175 knts max, cruise is 150 knts. They all fly very comfortable, ths due to theconstruction of the Main Rotor. Very good helicopter.
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