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Old 18th Aug 2012, 06:31   #61 (permalink)
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Originally Posted by rcanlop:7365195
I use MCC Pilotlog. I am really happy with it, but I have an issue with the program importing my roster to google calendar. Help desk has tried to import my aims file and they say it works, but I can not do it on my android phone neither on my android tablet.
Is this happening to me only, or any other user has the same problem?
Are you trying to import via the Android apps? If so, that is where your problem lies. The calendar import function will only work on your PC, you will not be able to import via the Android apps.

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Old 20th Aug 2012, 18:06   #62 (permalink)
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May be I am confused about that. I import the AIMS file on my PC, but it imports all data to MCCPilotlog program, but not to any calendar program on my PC. On "PC sync options" it says "transfer all planned flights to mobile default Calendar app". I sync everything, but nothing appears on my mobile google calendar.
Can you get your flights on your calendar? I canīt.
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Old 21st Aug 2012, 10:15   #63 (permalink)
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Sync planned flights to mobile Calendar app

- iPhone/iPad only - expected on Android winter 2011-2012

- transfers planned future (green) flights and simulator sessions to the mobile calendar app

- to be used in combination with an airline interface

- does not transfer other duties (office, reserve, medical, etc) or weekends (expected 2013)

- when ticked, this sync will only occur for new flight logs - to resync all planned flights that have been synched to the mobile before, use the multiselect function from the Flight page

This should go into the Iphone/Pad calendar app when you re-sync after syncing your completed flights into the MCC. From the calendar app in the Iphone you have to have some kind of syncing between the calendar app and your google calendar. Check those settings in the Iphone.
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Old 21st Aug 2012, 10:32   #64 (permalink)
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Thanks for your response, but I donīt use Iphone/Ipad (sorry,)
I use android both on my phone and my tablet. And I canīt sync future flights (green ones). It seems to be very useful, but I can not use it.
There is nothing I can do on my phone (no further configurations on the calendar), as it should be imported from the MCCPilotlog APP on my phone to my mobile google calendar (itīs the only calendar app on my phone).
When I sync on my PC, it says the number of calendar entries exported. This file is sent to MCCCloud. But when I sync on my phone, it imports everything for the MCCPilotlog app., but it shows "0" calendar entries.

Any other ideas are very welcome!
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Old 21st Sep 2012, 17:44   #65 (permalink)
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Pdf archives from LogTen Pro logbook

Like many of us I'm using LogTen Pro logbook. I found that there was no way for iPad owners to use this application completely stand alone, no way to produce a good pdf file from the .html logbook file.

I tried many online "web to pdf" services (but they don't work fine and there is an obvious problem of privacy) and some iPad application but the result wasn't fine, the documents were outside margines

So I addressed my question directly to the customers service of Coradine (developer of LogTen Pro) and to the developer of an iPad browers called START, that has "web to pdf" functions.

The feedback was great, START developer worked very quickly on it and now iPad LogTen Pro users have the possibility to archive their activity on pdf (landscape orientation) file from the .html file.

I hope that this information can be helpful for somebody
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Old 30th Sep 2012, 09:10   #66 (permalink)
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Now here is an issue with how they did the V6 upgrade!!!

Hi all,

Like a lot of you, I baulked at the upgrade price that they wanted when they released version 6 of their new software and that is seemed like they had no respect for their existing dedicated clients who I'm sure like myself, touted the virtues of the LogTen Pro software to all my pilot friends (even some non-pilots lol). I too also completed their survey that they sent out and was happy to hear that they were actually listening to their customers I thought. However I was very disappointed to hear that their solution was to tell me when I could buy the upgrade at a discount (that honestly I thought was not enough of one). At the time I was taking a break in my professional flying career due to a severe illness with a family member and at the time, I certainly didn't see the reason to spend the money that they were asking even during their discount periods. However now I am back flying again and have picked up an iPad for myself to use as an EFB along with the ForeFlight software and Garmin GDL 39 ADS-B receiver, I want my Logbook on my iPad and have sadly realized that my version 5 iPhone app is not universal obviously and I can only get version 6 for the iPad now that will also require me to upgrade my Mac software and both of these at full price!!! All this simply because I wanted to wait to do the upgrade and not buy during their "special" period. I'm really frustrated with this, I have been a dedicated user for year across two major releases. I really don't feel like spending more money on this then I did for the majority of my EFB solution on the iPad when I already own a copy! Obviously none of you really can help, but after my frustrations while searching the Internet for a solution tonight, I felt like venting a little.

A fellow frustrated Coradine customer,
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Old 30th Sep 2012, 13:58   #67 (permalink)
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I understand your frustration about the way Coradine did this. Apart from the initial discount phase they have discounts several times a year. Subscribe to their newsletter to find out when they have another discount period.

I actually used my old iphone app on the ipad until they had a discount on V6. It worked quite well, yes, it uses only part of the screen or is really huge if run in the 2x setting, but it works nonetheless.
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Old 5th Dec 2012, 10:10   #68 (permalink)
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Totals carried forward from paper to log ten?

Just joined the 21st century and bought Logten Pro for IPad and IPhone. Just coming up to 1500 hrs in my paper logbook and was wondering if I have to enter each flight individually into Logten or is there a way to enter previous totals and start from there?

Many Thanks
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Old 19th Dec 2012, 08:10   #69 (permalink)
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Custom Reports

Hi. Does anyone have a custom report that’s suitable for Australian Flight & Duty time limits for Logten Pro

I have just started working for someone who needs a printout at the end of each month and CAO48 does my head in. I have all my data in logten pro, just need it to print out a suitable report

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Old 28th Jun 2013, 20:08   #70 (permalink)
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Doesn't Sync


I bought first LogTen Pro for iPad and it was great, that I wanted to buy LogTen Pro for the iPhone. Now I'm unable to sync them, my iPad is keep saying that the iPhone is offline, I'm already regretted!
Does anyone have this problem?

iPad and iPhone LogTen Pro 6.0.13
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Old 28th Jun 2013, 21:36   #71 (permalink)
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I had that happen sometimes two. However in my home network it works fine. Both devices need to be in the same wlan and on both you have to have logten open to sync them. You might need to check your network configuration and probably check the customer service at coradine, they are very good.
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Old 30th Jun 2013, 14:26   #72 (permalink)
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Any ideas when Version 7 could be released ?
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Old 12th Sep 2013, 15:02   #73 (permalink)
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Any ideas when v7.0 could be released.

Don't want to get v6 if it is to be updated soon.

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Old 4th Dec 2013, 04:45   #74 (permalink)
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The prospect of having to pay for future logten updates doesn't sit well with me. A logbook is something that a pilot takes with them their entire career, and the costs of inevitable updates will no doubt add up.

FWIW mccPilotLog has a one off cost, syncs across mobile devices (apple, android, windows mobile) without having to pay extra for the mobile versions, and has more or less the same features. Logten pro has better visual appeal, but other than that it just seems horribly overpriced for what it is.
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