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EraNova00 19th May 2019 04:49

Hello everybody
I am going to take my aptitude test in September. I am new here, could somebody kindly describe me briefly what is the situation in the academy now?

uberfly 19th May 2019 21:13

Originally Posted by EraNova00 (Post 10474678)
Hello everybody
I am going to take my aptitude test in September. I am new here, could somebody kindly describe me briefly what is the situation in the academy now?

There is no before and after. As previously mentioned, just read what has been written here. This would just give you enough information. For the future references, if there would be some improvement, probably people would also write here some positive feedbacks but there is no at the moment. I hope it is clear.

youngretired 20th May 2019 18:50

They’re improving about the marketing skills as I can see from here.

uberfly 22nd May 2019 18:39

Current waiting times during the progress of training;

Theory to VFR 1-1,5 months
VFR to Night VFR 3-4 weeks
Night VFR to FNPT 2 months
FNPT to IFR 3 months
IFR to Multi Engine 1 month and increasing

Basically minimum 8 months of sitting at home. Please correct me if numbers are not reflecting real waiting times.

EraNova00 22nd May 2019 21:55


do you really think it is funny? I am about to pay 62000$, worrying, trying to figure out the truth., and what do I receive ? A “perfect” joker, that instead of writing down a real facts and things, writes me some stupid bullshit and thinks that it’s fun! If you still didn’t get, I should tell you - your jokes are not appropriate and relevant to the case. Go to circus, it is a place where jokes are very welcomed!

hid3 23rd May 2019 06:05

Mate, chill down. Instead please have some read on older posts in this thread to find out the responses.
Since you mentioned 62k, were you accepted to Wizz cadet programme or has the price dropped?

Finally, nobody forces you to pay that amount to BAA - there are many other great schools around.

EraNova00 23rd May 2019 06:25

Forgive me, buddy... I had a really :mad: day... usually I don’t do like that... now reading once again a :mad: that I’ve written and feel like an ... you know who...
i don’t know what price was exactly before, but I was told that the price for WizzAir cadet program is 62k

Dukaster 29th Jun 2019 12:16

I just talked with a captain. In his previous Airline, the hiring of former BAA students is a No Go.
Says a lot about the quality of the school...

P40Warhawk 29th Jun 2019 17:18

Such an useful comment. So heard from, spoken with doesnt bring anyone anywhere. Which airline was he talking about?

ansarias 11th Jul 2019 22:39


Can you still help out with this? I'm in the final stages of the Wizz air cadet program selection process and would like some advice.

PilotRoger 12th Jul 2019 14:23

Great input.... So which airline?

Warlock1 15th Jul 2019 07:29

BAA s reputation isn't the greatest in the aviation community, however one captains feedback isn't enough to generalize the whole crowd coming out of there either.

Dukaster 15th Jul 2019 09:07

The Captain's feedback is just another among many others
it's a low quality school, the prices have increased which have made the deal not really interesting.
Graduation is 6-8 months delayed so far, just for information (€€€).

Now guys you know more about the school. If you enroll, you perfectly know what to expect, big boys.

Lynx1 15th Jul 2019 11:00

Maybe in that captain's opinion, who says he is right.

I am a recent graduate of the school and got a job for a sponsored type rating with good pay at the first assessment I did, so couldn't have been that bad.

The school has many issues and i wouldn't recommend any friends to go there, but to say everyone coming out of there is rubbish and cannot find jobs or companies have no interest in them is not true at all, not in my experience certainly.

iflytodream 15th Jul 2019 11:15

BAA is maybe not the best school so far but many many students are already pilot today in some big airlines.

For the others that cannot afford EasyJet program at +120k€. Wizzair cadet program is really attractive for only (non PPL holders) 62k€ TR included (bounded).

PilotRoger 15th Jul 2019 15:06

It would be good if you could tell us more, because with all your posts, it looks like you are mostly pissed off at BAA rather than being objective, and all aspiring pilots need objectivity to make an important decision on choosing their flight school.

From other side, I just hope someone from BAA is reading this comments, so they could improve or do something about it.

Cheers mate!

saxamen 30th Jul 2019 13:15

Just read my story, man and make a decision!

uberfly 2nd Aug 2019 13:51

IFR flight partially halted at the moment due to lack of instructors for couple of days already and probably will last few more days.

hid3 2nd Aug 2019 21:18

Any ideas how often do VFR students are having their flights now?

spacecruiser 7th Aug 2019 23:16

A320 hour building
Dear expert fellows.

I need advice regarding A320 hour building program which is offered by aviation cv. Are they reliable? One of my friend didn’t had good experience from them. He was dropped from program and aviation cv not even replying to email!

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