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dcoded 20th Sep 2010 16:35

type on 737CL for 7000eur?
Baltic Aviation Academy
Any one heard of them?

Google them up.
They apparently offer a type rating on the 737CL for 7000Eur.
The course is called "From dusk till dawn" and all training is done between dusk and dawn, hence the name and the price they claim.
The type is off course without Touch and Go landings in the 737Cl, but they can hook you up on that too, but I don't know the price but the carrier is Small Planet Airlines (never heard of them)

I am currently looking at the MCC which is done at the 737CL, the price is 2600Eur, which is fairly good.

So, is this a scam?

flapless wings 5th Nov 2010 04:34

I am plannning to do my 737 NG rating self sponsered from them?
Anyone any comments or anyone who has done his type rating from them?
They will host the fround classes in Lithuania and FFS in London.

Thanks for an early response.

Kind Regards

tecbar 5th Nov 2010 10:52

I only did my CRM course with them. Pretty professionnal, good installation, good instructor. Nothing bad to say.

flyboijai 20th Dec 2010 08:43

the training hrs is less with baltic.:O

remixx 2nd Feb 2011 09:45

What is the site of Baltic Aviation Academy?

captainsuperstorm 2nd Feb 2011 10:09

and you think to land a job?

too nice to be true! get real, there is no easy way.All they want is your Lituanian dollars:E

SW1 2nd Feb 2011 10:12

I think these guys may be more reputable:

About us :

remixx 3rd Feb 2011 05:58

Thanks for the link. I've found many useful information about the trainings :ok:

typhane 19th Jul 2011 15:38

Hi Everyone :}...

Any feedbacks about Balticaa????? I'm planning to go there for september 11 for a TR 737cl. They are quiet cheap but that can be risky. This school is running for less then a year (. I dont want to wast my time and my money. So, is there any former students who pass a TR in this TRTO???

thksss ;)

JMSA_PILOT 19th Jul 2011 15:46

does any one knows any one that had made successful line training thru them?

typhane 20th Jul 2011 18:25

Yes... that's a good question...So, anyone ????:confused:

Sirijus 20th Oct 2011 16:51

Hello guys,

I might be able to answer a few questions about the academy and correct a few mistakes.

It started trainings in about ~1992 for then Lithuanian Airlines' pilots. In ~2006-7 the company separated from the airline and became Flylal Training. A few years ago the name was changed to BAA, that's why you might think it's there for a very short time.

The academy has got it's own A320 and B737CL simulators and a Fire Fighting trainer, there are plans for further expansion - this only proves that you don't pay to get the academy out of bancruptcy, you pay to get your service.

The main reason why the prices are not that high - Lithuanian salaries. For comparision, Lithuanian salaries are something like 4 times lower than British salaries. That is because the living expenses are much lower too.

About the Line Training - I have never asked about anybody who received that, but I know that Small Planet Airlines (which is in the same business group as BAA) is hiring pilots for their bases in Poland, Lithuania, Italy on the B737 and A320, some of whom will be/are pilots with little experience.

For those who are interested but not have heard about BAA - visit the site. Also the Marketing Department has made some nice videos and put them on youtube and facebook.

For your information, I do work there as well as study ATPL integrated. As a student I can tell that everything has been good for me - we are taken care of. But as I am an employee as well, it would not be politically correct if I told you any more good things about the academy.

If that helps - I am not paid for posting here, nor am I paid for an attracted student or anything that is associated to posting here. That is the job for the Sales Department, my job is unbelievably unrelated.

EDIT: About the 777-400 thingy - probably a simple IT team mistake, that will be corrected, thank you!

Good luck! :)

roma_ua 20th Oct 2011 17:16

I`ve been there couple of weeks ago. I`d like to mention that their integrated course is pretty much interesting and I`d like to join the next one. Currently, I`m trying to get appropriate summ to join. Of course I`ve got my own doubts about it cause the course lasts for 2 years of intensive education, but it`s another story.

I`m glad to hear from a real student some feedback about the academy.
On what stage of your course are you now? How do you evaluate the process and your progress? Where are you from? Thx

Sirijus 20th Oct 2011 17:40

On what stage of your course are you now? How do you evaluate the process and your progress? Where are you from? Thx 20th Oct 2011 19:51
Hey. I am in the first year and we have just started the ground school, still on the first subject (Principles of Flight). Though I have not started fully yet because I was late doing my payment - the CBT has not arrived as a result. But others say that it is quite hard and they do get exhausted at the end of the day. But progress is clear looking from the side and the knowledge is building up (as you might expect of course). I haven't been to all the lectures as I don't have the CBT yet (will receive it next week, a lot of catching up may I say), but the one's I've been to were definitely interesting and informative - the instructors are flying pilots so they've got plenty of stories to share, and they do. Most of them are able to explain you in English (well, the whole course is done in the language), Lithuanian as well as Russian, so when somebody doesn't understand, they might get help in a language more comfortable for them.

A disadvantage I can see - the course might be a little bit too long for an integrated compared to western academies, that's because of our local weather - when we can't fly, we just can't. But we'll see what happens, BAA has plans on buying more new aircraft so maybe we will use the good weather we've got in the highest potential.

By the way there is an Ukrainian guy (you're from there if I'm correct?) studying ATPL Integrated, maybe he could tell you more. PM me for his e-mail.

Happy to help :)

roma_ua 21st Oct 2011 05:54

Thx, Sirijus for your reply. I think I`ll contact you or him later when you finish your ATPL exams. Then it will be more obvious how worth it is. Did you consider other flight schools in Europe? Chech`s or any others (not as expensive as Spanish or British ones)?
Have you spoken with guys who are on their second year of training? What do they tell about the weather and BAA?

Sirijus 21st Oct 2011 07:59


Well I have had done my research, some of the academies did offer something valuable for a good price, most of the reviews were good (can't remember though where exactly, I will need to find the tables in my old computer). However, weighing all the pros and cons, like living expenses, little to no negative reviews, etc. I chose BAA.

ATPL Integrated group started only this year, but I've talked with a guy who is on modular and got his PPL in September. He said that he is quite happy about the choise and everybody was helpful for him. Have you been here, you could probably also tell that the atmosphere is good, that makes a difference :)

roma_ua 21st Oct 2011 09:33

And what about the weather? I`ve heard much concerns about it.
I`ve noticed pretty good athmosphere at BAA too :ok:
BAA still remains my N1 choice, but still looking for others.
Want to be 100% sure in my choice, or at least close to it.
Thx for reply.

bedix84 21st Oct 2011 17:09

Dear All,
please make sure You already did all you re-search about TR-BT and eventually LT, because I dont think the BAA is cheaper that aother TRTO.
I will put for you he price that BAA gave to me and if you try to find other TRTO, you can find that you can do TR+BT with a total cost of 21.000 Eur.( 12/13000 for TR and 6500/7500 euro for BT).:ok:

Price for type rating in BAA is:
  • A320- 20500 EUR :confused:
  • Accommodation here in Vilnius for all training period is around 700 eur. Base training price is:
  • A320- 8000 eur. :confused:
  • Line training possibilities for A320 are 300 h (23500 eur+ additional airline taxes) and 500h (33000eur+ additional airline taxes).
You can recognize so, that price for TR in BAA is expansive.

other points to think about:
  • The simulator centre and equipments are good but the learning lessons and experience of Instructor are lacking.:=
  • All Lithuanian FO, coming from Lithuania and did the training in Baltic, failed the simulator assessment for Easy jet Direct FO
  • Small Planet Airline (737 and 320) are a very unprofessional company to work for: lack of safety, lack of information,lack of maintenance, lack of rules and standardization,and you will be flying little per months, maybe you can afford to reach 40 hours, you'll be always the third crew flying,discriminated as pilot who pay to fly and first of all no experience after you're LT,you'll be in trouble then to aplly other companies.:oh:
This is the direct experience of one Pilot next to me.
So said, dear fellow open your eyes and do some research and ask some young pilot here oin PPrune, that have got some SP experience...they will tell you!
You are advised!

Sirijus 2nd Nov 2011 08:28

Small Planet Airlines is in Avia Solutions Group as is BAA, however both are different companies and BAA offers BT and LT not only in it. I talked to a colleague and she mentioned that an A320 self-financing group who have just finished are having their base training with Vueling and Line Training with Atlas Jet. We also have agreements with other companies and are always opting for the best solution for our students.

About the airline itself and the things you mentioned – neither can I agree, nor can I disagree. Again, we are different companies.

About the instructor incompetence – we have around 300 instructors from all over the world and of course not all of them will be perfect. But after having a bad experience with one or two, it is unfair to blame them all.

If the living expenses are too expensive for you, there are cheaper options (which would require some sacrifices – safety, comfort, convenience, etc.). However the price in a hotel seems quite fare for me.

About the line training costs – these do seem high and I can not comment too much here because nobody told me the exact prices and that depends more on the airline than us.

I can not disagree that BAA is not the cheapest TRTO in the business, but being the cheapest would mean that quality should be sacrificed in order to maintain that cheaper prices. However the price you said (20500) is something I can hardly believe in. That is why I‘m asking: could you send me the e-mail you got from us with the offer? We would like to investigate how such high prices were offered. Also, what do you know about our graduates being unsuccessful in the Easyjet assessment?

Anyway, we are sorry that you and your friend had a bad experience with BAA. The academy is doing its best for the students, but sometimes, no matter how seldom or how often, it may not be enough.

I personally wish you and everybody else a good luck with your careers, and hope you will find what is best for you.

P.S. If somebody has doubts about the academy, you can check BAA‘s Youtube channel for interviews with students or just buy a ticket and come and visit it. For the correct prices – you will find the e-mail on the website.

citationdos 22nd Nov 2011 10:55

I just received this letter from them, they are really the most expensive TR in Europe.

And they are not good enough because a friend of mine went there and he didn`t like it at all. The way the promote therselves saying "we are the best and everybody else es bad" it's a very cheap way.
I don't know how they can charge that much in a country where the level is so low.

Just to give you a stamp of TR B737 which has got no value without flying hours.

We have upcoming B737 NG Type Rating Training since 5th of December.

Package include:
·Type rating training (16 working days of ground course and 36 hour in FFS) in Vilnius, Lithuaniaand in Brussels, Belgium.
Accommodation for type rating period with breakfast
·Transportation to/from airport/training center/hotel
Base training (6 T/G) in Cimber Sterling (for JAA license holders)
New Year celebration (additional cost)
Price – 24000 EUR*
Entry requirements:
100 hours as pilot-in-command of airplanes;
·Valid ME, IR (multi-engine, instrument rating);
·Valid CPL or ATPL;
·Valid Class 1 Medical Certificate;
MCC certificate of completion;
English level 4 according to ICAO requirements.

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