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EASA ATPL(A) to FAA ATP Conversion Process

Any updated info in converting a current EASA ATPL(A) with Airbus ratings into an FAA ATP?
I hold an FAA CPL/ IR from the old days...
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You won't be "converting" anything, you'll be getting your ATP. For that you need a CPL/IR - either your FAA or EASA will do the job. You may or may net need TSA clearance and a visa

First you need to stand an ATP CTP course which is similar to an MCC course.
Then you can take your ATP written exam
Then get flight training in a piston twin as required to take the ATP test. You may be able to find a SIM provider that will let you take the test on type, but you won't get the type rating unless you do the full course.
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Hi guys,

I have EASA ATPL and I would like to “convert” it to FAA.

Can you suggest a school that offer ATP theoretical training for foreign students?
At this moment I found some school in Florida, but I would like to have more options.
I do not mind to travel to some other state.
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You can do all this yourself without a school! Apply directly to the FAA online, to have the FAA verify your EASA license with this form.

Once your EASA ATPL has been verified by your issuing country, the FAA will contact you by email, then you need to make an appointment to a FSDO (in the US city/state of your choice).

During the FSDO in person meeting, and after reviewing all your [original] credentials, the FAA Inspector will tell you exactly what you need to do.

E.g,: you may, or may not, have to take the FAA ATP written exam, if you do, you can easily study by yourself with an online course (see suggestions below). You also might (or not) have to take a CPT course from an approved provider (Certification Training Program - there are more providers that subcontract from the approved ones in the list). You probably won't need a TSA authorization because you are already a licensed pilot (unless you want to do some flight training in a large aircraft or a turbojet).

Again, avoid so called schools and specially those for foreign students! Unless you have money to waste, and want to do all that is not required (student visa, TSA, expensive ground school, lots of flying with an instructor, etc.). That's how these schools make their money, and they know how to milk foreigners who don't know what they don't know.

This said, there are many serious training providers in the US. One is ATP Inc. but I would not use it in your case, because you said you already have an EASA ATPL.

If needed, these are IMO the two best self study ATP written exam prep courses: and
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Hi, thank you a lot for all the information you sent me.
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There is no way you can avoid FAA ATP written test and ATP-CTP. For ATP-CTP, OP needs to go to school (approved sim center).
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avionimc is spot-on.
If you're not a US citizen it might take the FSDO two weeks to evaluate your security threat level so you can visit them (even if their building is under the downwind-to-base turn of your local airport at which you fly), although when I ran into this issue a convenient workaround was to have the meeting in the lobby which requires no security clearance of any kind.
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According my research you are right, I have to follow the course and fly on a sim with a plane with more than 20tons (I fly a bizjet with MTWO 14tons).
Can you recommend a school?

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ufon, I would first apply for verification and then meet with a FSDO Inspector in person to find out exactly what he is requiring in your specific case.

If you are indeed required to perform a CTP, then you can select the best CTP training provider for you -- some CPT providers can use a FFS representing an aircraft weighing less than 40,000 Lbs if they were granted a deviation from 14 CFR 61.156 (as per FSIMS 8900.1 CHG 705). Check also AC 61-138. Good Luck!

PS. metric units such as Kg or Tons are not normally used by the FAA. When you meet with the FAA Inspector, make sure you speak the correct FAA language, and don't tell him how it is done in EASAland, and about all the EASA nonsense. BWDIK
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Thank you. Yes I will apply for the verification letter and I will see what they say me.
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Once you have your EASA ATPL verification, all you need to do is complete the ATP-CTP course and then the flight test.

You can do the flight test in a light twin (seneca) if you want. Or the biz jet type (in a sim) you already fly. It just has to be be multi engine complex. No minimum weight.
You do not need a student visa. You will need to get finger prints in USA for sim training.

I did this in 2018 with an ICAO ATPL.
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PanAm in Miami - ATP-CTP & ATP checkride in the Sim.
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If anyone now what would roughly the price be for this process? EASA ATPL with DH8/IR tr to faa ?
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About 4k USD for the CTP + accommodation 1 week.
About 3-6k for the type ride. Educated guess. 3 days accommodation
TSA and fingerprints etc maybe $250.

If you don't need the type on your FAA ATP, just do the skills test in a Seminole/Seneca/Baron and save thousands!
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Don't you forgot the ATP written test ?
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I did the ATP written test at the place I did the CTP course. Or you can book in and do it at a test centre. The test fee is $150 and the online question banks people use is a only about $70 to sign up.

I didn't add it in cause after spending 5k+USD I don't think anyone would miss $220 USD on top.

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Hi all,
Like Ufon I also fly a Biz jet with an EASA licence and I am also about to go down the FAA route. Could someone recommend where to obtain the ATP question bank and or study guide. Thanks in advance
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I'm in the exact same situation, certificates and ratings and I wanna do it too. Did you end up going forward with it? If so, can you shed some light on the process?
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I'm going down the same route as @ufon but I actually hold an FAA CPL/IR ASEL already (obtained in the US and not piggy backed on my EASA) and currently flying the A320 in Europe with an EASA ATPL(A).
All my totals are higher than the required minimums to obtain an unrestricted ATP but I have no clue if the ATP-CTP is the only option or if there is a cheaper way. I've also heard that I can take the checkride on the A320 but it won't be on the FAA certificate...
Any ideas on the whole process, ideally with the A320 included?

Thanks everyone!
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If you are applying for an ATP-MEL, the ATP-CTP is required to sit the relevant Knowledge Test.

If you take the checkride in the Sim, there are two options, depending on the school. I've seen the ATP offered with or without the type rating on the B737. This would be similar for the A320.

If you have sufficient hours on type, the approved course would typically only be 2 sessions plus a checkride. It makes sense to include the T/R.

Under FAA, the grant of a type rating also gives MEL...

... but not SEL privileges. There is also no effective credit for that additional checkride, which mostly consists of an Instrument checkride, on one engine - but none inoperative.

Good luck.
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