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New CAE MPL course

Old 24th Nov 2020, 02:39
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New CAE MPL course

Here's something I didn't expect to say during a pandemic - CAE have a new MPL course available with Volotea. I have copied and pasted the e-mail:"Good Afternoon,
I hope you are well?
We are delighted to let you know that the new Volotea MPL Career Programme is now open for assessments with a new class due to start in CAE Madrid on the 22nd March 2021.

Stage 3 dates will be available to book, throughout December, by the end of the week, ready for Volotea Interviews throughout January 2021 (both interviews will be conducted virtually).

If you are interested in proceeding with your Volotea application, I would advise booking your Stage 2 assessment, as soon as possible, to be available for Stage 3 in December 2020.

The Volotea MPL Career Programme is a cadet pilot course that takes you from little or no flying experience to the point when you are ready to join the airline as a pilot where you will be mentored by Volotea experienced pilots from you first day of training at CAE and throughout your journey to becoming a first officer for the airline.

Why apply for the Volotea MPL Career Programme?
  • The MPL programme provides cadets with more training hours in a Full Flight Simulator than a typical pilot course
  • New Innovative courseware and Ground School structure to include the new CAA subject KSA (Knowledge, Skills, Attitude);
  • Study at three different CAE locations and make memories that last a lifetime: CAE Madrid, CAE Phoenix and CAE Barcelona
If you have any questions, please get in touch.

Kind Regards,


I really don't understand. "Experts" are predicting there will be no jobs for 4-5 years yet I'm seeing 2-year MPL airline courses starting in a few months? Any explanations?
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Old 24th Nov 2020, 07:36
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I don’t think the term ‘expert’ applies to those who express an opinion as to the rate of recovery.
Even the economists will disagree just when.
Two essential parts of the jigsaw is the return of business travel, and general unemployment.
Economic upturn (bounce back).......the great unknown

The sponsor is probably taking a punt that the vaccines (3 so far) will
“right the ship”, and starting the training process now will have then ideally placed, with cheap labour. If the sponsor gets it wrong about the economic recovery probably no worse off?

The critical Qs are who takes the financial risk prior to licence issue, and what ‘guarantees’ exist that employment will occur in a timely manner.
RTFQ the contract, in particular the ‘small print’.
This time, ensure that the bank of Mum & Dad, allow a lawyer to scrutinise their kind offer, before thinking about giving their autograph ✍️

You know the story about lemmings......

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Old 24th Nov 2020, 10:06
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My explanation? CAE need some students to pay for a rather expensive course and if Volotea (insert any airline really) choose not to take you in the future, it's your problem, not CAE's.
Caveat Emptor

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Old 24th Nov 2020, 10:35
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I wouldn’t claim to be an expert, but I am an airline pilot who remembers the last 3 downturns (1990, 2001 & 2008) - none of which were remotely as bad as this one. Every time the industry hits hard times it takes years for the job market to recover.

Why are CAE advertising exciting opportunities to ‘make memories that last a lifetime’? Because they are a training provider selling a product, and they want people to buy their product. Whether or not anyone finds employment afterwards is not their problem.

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Old 24th Nov 2020, 10:47
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The lifetime memory may be, paying off your loan, if you managed to get one!
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If a potential candidates attitude to risk and their level of judgement is such that they decide to go on this course, this raises serious questions about their suitability to follow this career path....
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Old 25th Nov 2020, 18:53
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As others have said here already.

1.It's quite obvious that CAE as the training provider is in this game to make money and profit. The airline has no risks involved what so ever. On the other hand, the airline will have the potential to make a profit off the cheap/free labor that the student, acting as second in command on their commercial flights, provides to them. None of the two organizations are real stake holders. The student on the other hand... - "Volotea MPL Career Programme 111,775 €".

2. CAE MPL Volotea Program:

3. Now - Go figure how long it will take you to pay that sum off if you were to remain with this outfit (1400euro/month + some sector pay for a new First Officer!!).
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Old 26th Nov 2020, 20:00
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Yes. at 3 locations = get dicked aound......€122K.... the cost to deliver it is less than €60K so we'll make more than €60K profit if you sign here....did we actually guarantee a job? surely not?...on we go.....
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Old 27th Nov 2020, 07:24
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......double occupancy apart from BCN ( phases 3,4,5 ) where you pay at your expense for accommodation.

Throughout the whole training, meals & entertainment are NOT provided as part of the course price.
So the true cost is not 112€ k, but significantly more.

Junior Birdmen think Caveat Emptor: think Due Diligence ~ ensure that your eyes are fully wide open if you decide to have a punt along this courageous route.
Don’t worry about the selection process, as it is already in the bag.

At least FTE courses provide accommodation & meals on their Jerez campus as part of their ‘one stop shop’ over 60 weeks for their integrated courses.

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Will Volotea survive this current crisis? I suspect that there'll be a few airline company casualties before the end of 2021...
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Old 27th Nov 2020, 14:50
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You’d be absolutely insane to sign up to this given the state of play. If not anything else it demonstrates clearly your decision making / risk analysis is not on par with the non-technical skills required for the job. Try a simple DODAR on the situation.
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Given what happened to the batch of EasyJet MPL pilots this summer, I honestly think you would have to be stark raving bonkers to do an MPL course at the moment.

Go for a modular ATPL course that allows you to fly anywhere, light aircraft instructing, bush flying etc. etc.
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MPL is too dangerous nowadays, stay away
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