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Ryanair Mentored Programme - Bartolini Air

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Ryanair Mentored Programme - Bartolini Air

Old 10th Sep 2020, 08:51
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Bravo, sir. Nice to hear some sensible talk, and also some what inspiring.
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Old 11th Sep 2020, 13:59
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Agreed - sensible talk indeed, my posts on this forum fully concur.

Whats alarming to me is, it seems a complete waste of time trying to communicate facts and reality on social media, including on this forum. Today we have a new phenomena called 'alternative facts', never had these in my day or before the social media explosion. Good luck to all trying to find out what the real facts are - anybody got any suggestions of where to go for them?

Bottom line, keep the flying dream alive, its in everyone future if they want it badly enough, conserve fuel (money), go modular, don't pay large sums upfront, do your research, pay as little as you can and complete your training from zero to CPL/IR for $40-50K max!
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Old 28th Dec 2020, 11:38
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Now that Ryanair is asking Ä30k up front for the TR for normal cadets is the mentored program the only way to get in with a bonded TR?

On the website at the FAQ section they still mention that it is.

Any current student of the mentored programme here that can confirm this? If so that would be great as I have been looking at joining them and passed the first assessment.
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Old 28th Dec 2020, 13:27
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I should imagine everyone will have to pay 30k- IF they choose to join Ryanair
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Old 28th Dec 2020, 21:37
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Can you a provide a link to where they state that mentored cadets have a bond option?
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Old 30th Dec 2020, 12:44
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I am not allowed to post a link yet here.
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Old 30th Dec 2020, 18:59
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I canít find this FAQ page your alluding to? Ryanair HR stated on LinkedIn that the bond is gone, I canít see why mentored cadets would get an exception, itís not like they are needed right now.
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Old 31st Dec 2020, 03:35
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I assume this is the one he meant
It can well be that they need to update their website, though you are correct that as of today it still is there advertised.
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Old 4th Jan 2021, 04:34
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Good morning,

I would like to start the pilot academy of Bartolini Air during this new year, Specifically From November 2021 cause I am graduating in engineering.
Now the question is, I read about the confirmation of the 210 max order from RYR and the The arrival of the vaccine Over Europe It certainly bodes well and motivates even more to start flying school And even more a Ryanair mentored program. I can Suppose in the first year and maybe in the next (2022) the available jobs will be Occupied by those who lost their jobs in 2020 but from 2023 obviulsy the situation will be similar to the 2019, when a great airline like RYR easily assumed.

About that I am very Confident In starting the flight school in the final current year. But I have a question about bartolini air.

I would like to know more Personal experiences like feedbacks about the school By those who are currently students or have been. My first Concern is about the weather in Poland, Will I have time to fly or will I be put on hold?

Another question is how you Evaluated The alternatives to Bartolini Air. I think that under 70k euros the best choices for an Italian guy are:
FTO Padova around 70k Ä
FlyBy School around 70k Ä
L3H in Ponte de sor 78k Ä
SevenAir in Portugal around 77k Ä

I have been in touch with many schools and the one seems to be Friendlier Is the FTO Padova, In any case Bartolini Air gave me a good idea. The one Which seemed to me the least close to explanations clarifications and advices is definitly L3h and SevenAir, and I definitely never expected that. About flyby school it has definitely nice new aircfrats and simulators but it has also many many students and on the website it has not good riviews Even if Most of them seem fake.

SO at the end of this story, can anyone suggest me the right thing to do in my case on its own point of view?
Many thanks to everyone! Bye
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Old 22nd Jan 2021, 19:51
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Smile Ryanair Mentored Training


Long time lurker, first time poster!

Am in the middle of ATPL training atm, career change at 30, got the PPL last Spring literally a couple of days before the March 2020 lockdown & the world ended!

Been looking at advanced schools round Europe & Ryanair offer a Mentored scheme, where your CPL, ME IR, MCC etc is all done with Ryanairs involvement, you are interviewed and assessed before beginning advanced training (Gateway 1, so ATPL theory complete, PPL and hours building all done).

Question is, is this scheme worth it??? I am aware how bleak the jobs market is atm, and am mindful that flight schools are keen to fill slots and take the monies, but the school I am talking to seems genuine and I trust them (Bartolini in Poland), just wondering what your guys views are on this, anyone on here been through this scheme, anyone on it atm. Ryanair are buying more MAX planes and seem very keen to get going again once all this clears and the vaccine seems to be working, would this scheme be a good way into the industry or better off getting a whitetail CPL & throwing the CV out in a years time & hoping for the best?

Currently sitting on 10/14 ATPL first time passes (95% average), waiting on lockdown to clear to complete the remaining 4. Hours building about half way there, my local club keeps closing with lockdowns and I keep losing currency.

Thanks for your help & stay safe all
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Old 22nd Jan 2021, 22:39
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Go Modular.......repeated time and time again is a message that seems to get lost time and time again.

The very mention of 'whitetail CPL' or 'Mentored Training' just takes us right back to where the problems began for so many when the pandemic hit.

Offering advice on this forum just seems to get diluted time and time again so perhaps like me, many might be wondering, what is the point? All I will say, again and again, spend $50-$60K at a good modular school(s) not $100K plus.
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Old 22nd Jan 2021, 22:45
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That is what I am doing, the CPL with Ryanair mentored is only marginally more expensive than the CPL that is not (by 'whitetail I did not mean an integrated course).

All options I have are various takes on the modular option, which I am mid way through, I have no interest in MPL's or anything locking me into a specific airline, but the Ryanair scheme does give training to their standards and (according to the flight school - yes they want to sell the course), a better chance at securing the job at the end. Makes sense, if I was Ryanair I would prefer a candidate who has trained to my standards as opposed to some any old CPL from god knows where.

However should Ryanair pull any stunts (L3 / Easyjet / MPL), the license is still valid at any other airline. Like I said, the cost quoted is only marginally more, about £2000, just trying to work out if that cost is worth it.
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Old 23rd Jan 2021, 09:49
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This program is just a marketing ploy by the ATO.

The only way now to get in at Ryanair is to pay €30k for a self financed type rating. A program like this gives you no advantage over others nor does it give you a higher chance of employment. It makes no difference where you did your (CPL/IR/MCC) training, Ryanair only wants your money.

You could even argue that taking part of this program will work against you in the long term. Once the market recovers and other operators will start hiring, how will they perceive the fact that you were trained according to Ryanair "standards".

Keep your training as cheap and generic as possible. There are massive expenses awaiting you in the future for type ratings and recurrent training.

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Old 23rd Jan 2021, 12:55
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PGF - I would be interested to know what qualifications and hours you have presently (I assume a PPL and maybe a few hours?) and what price you are being quoted to achieve your CPL/IR from this exact point to be able to give you any suggestions or possible options.The £2,000 more is too vague.
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Old 23rd Jan 2021, 13:39
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PPL & some solo hours, 10 ATPL theory exams completed 95% average no resits.

The quotes I have from Bartolini are:

CPL, ME IR, MEP, UPRT & APS MCC. Exams and plane rental included.

28045 Euros

Or 31275 Euros with Ryanair Mentoring.

They said the advantages of the Ryanair option are, interview before committing training, guaranteed interview at the end, which if I fail, Bartolini will give me additional training at their expense to retake the interview. Plus by being taught throughout advanced training to an airlines standard, opposed to generically then logically Ryanair would be bias towards their own Mentored students.

Unlike MPL though any nonsense from Ryanair / Bartolini (think L3 / EasyJet) the license is still valid to apply to another airline.
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Old 3rd Feb 2021, 20:31
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Thats the best explanation. Any of the those schemes are nothing but a marketing ploy, with only one party benefiting here and that is an FTO. After all you all end up with a same licence.
I also did my training in modular way and actually gained employment quicker them some full on CAE Oxford, Jerez style students.

Spend money wisely now, this crisis is here to stay for many many years and be aware that market is already flooded with excess pilots. And to consider when things do pick up ( if it ever happens) airlines will straight away go for experienced and rated guys, just like they always did in the past. And RYR with their MAX aircraft I don't think they are expanding but simply replacing the fleet for a more efficient and modern jets.
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Old 5th Feb 2021, 11:36
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best to reach out to current and former students who have enrolled or currently enrolled and ask them about their progress etc, honestly speaking cant see RYR recruiting low hour CPL holders until 2024/2025..
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Old 16th Feb 2021, 23:57
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I think you are wrong when you say Ryanair will hire experienced pilots once market begins to recover, maybe that applies to other airlines, but Ryanair? Haha, definitely they will go after low hour cadets that will work for much lower salary and paying 30k for TR, that is, they will work for free for 1 or 1 and a half year...
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Old 17th Feb 2021, 15:09
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SO Ryanair is back to what they were. 30K for overpriced "TR", a bit cheaper than Easyjet. Honestly not a surprised for me, they need cash. How about contract? Is it a Ryanair contract or self-employed as it was?
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Old 19th Feb 2021, 14:07
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Sign a training contract with AFA, pay £30k with no guarantee of employment.

Massive risk at the moment. Ryanair’s traffic down 92%. They say they are recruiting for next summers growth but doing type ratings now, that doesn’t make any sense when they literally have an army of furloughed pilots. It’s a simple cash grab to pay for their new venture.
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