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self funded guys

Old 8th Apr 2011, 09:18
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I went integrated, for what it's worth and I'm fairly well documented through the site as just asking people to make sure that they FULLY understand the costs and impacts behind going mod.

However, what really struck me about this thread is that people (with one exception) are being really SENSIBLE about it - you're talking about doing it when finances allow, saving your cash - I LOVE the seaplane and taildragger concept. I just REALLY wish more wannabes would take the same view and try and work out a sensible approach to the funding of it.

So whilst my good wishes are worth absolutely nothing at all, I really wish you the very best of luck - enjoy it, it is really really hard work, but it's also huge fun!
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Old 8th Apr 2011, 09:25
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and after your CPL, what do you do? fly a jet?

"oh no, I will fly small planes for a living!!!"

in your dream mate!
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Old 8th Apr 2011, 09:29
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The cost of the ATPL exams in the UK went up to 68 each
Just as well I finished mine last year then.

I think it's probably fair to say that while RollNow!'s figures are pretty correct you should give yourself a contingency fund for the flight training - say 20k in total for the CPL and IR. How does that sound to everyone?
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Old 8th Apr 2011, 10:25
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my figures are 'perfect world' first time pass figures. Which im hoping will be more accurate than not I think 18-20k is about right for the CPL / IR based on the fact that a lot of people partial the IR FT.

The way i see it though, if you can get it all done for minus of 40K you've done pretty well. Not to say anything bad about intergrated but i know i cant be paying the 70K plus Euros that PTC at WAT would want for example. Let alone Oxford!

Starting in Canada really helped i must have saved at bout 40% on UK private training and hours. Was a good start. Leaves me in a good position to finish the real nitty gritty in the UK in terms of CPL, IR. As for the MCC as long as its credible im open to suggestions on that.

Basically faster = more money so it seems. Modular is cheaper and if you pic the right places for the Commercial stuff you'll be ok. This is the message i get from many of the Airline guys i work with. I told them what i was doing and they all approved.

My advice would be to have ALL the money bulked for the particular module you are doing. PPL you can maybe do week by week but i wouldn't recommend that for the rest of it.
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Old 8th Apr 2011, 15:19
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nail on the head mate! I hate reading 100s of threads about I want to be a pilot with no viable route or sensible license decisions.

I never even considered Canada or tail/sea planes but ill deffo look into it now.

yeah I'm dreading failing exams due to cost and time but its something ill really have to consider as I go along. hardest part of me will be the 14 ATPL exams I think.

Did any of you guys do distance learning or integrated for the G/S? Any coments welcome

cheers guys
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Old 9th Apr 2011, 18:10
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Good on you for saving to do it. Very wise. You will not be risking your future by having mega loans etc.

Don't discount a second job also, I have work 7 days a week for 3 years, and during that time I have completed my atpls, passing them all first time.

But bewarned, it is hard. You will have no social life! Look at every way you can to make money, I saw a bargain car and turned. Grand profit on that, made some on shares, sold gear on eBay, even cycled to work to save on fuel. It is possible, but you won't have much of a life while you do it. But in my mind a better life after training than some muppet with a 100k debt paying 1000 a month+rent after going to Oxford and a low paid first officer job, or worse still no flying job.
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Old 9th Apr 2011, 19:56
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shares I'm looking at, doing some medical trials as long as they don't effect getting a class one and also looking at the cycle to work program, could be a brilliant way to keep fit and save 20quid a week in fuel.

Almost every one has said its hard and im quiet looking forwards to the challenge, If its hard to do then its worth doing in the long run I reckon. And a few years hard graft and training to get to that place puts me hopefully in a nice job one day for the rest of my time so again deffo worth it.

nice to see it is doable and again cheer for the reply
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Old 10th Apr 2011, 16:16
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Save money, and only when you have ALL money for PPL do you start doing it, and make sure you time it with good weather season.

Do NOT do your PPL in the autumn, best time April/May, same with regards to starting your CPL.

Do PPL one year, hour building and ATPL theory.
Then 1 or 2 years after do your CPL, wait with the ME until you have the money ready for ME, so you do those both at similar time.
You do not want to get delayed because of bad weather, because that will cost you much money.

CPL is done in 4 - 5 weeks, ME in 1 week, IR is around 2 - 4 months.
ATPL's takes longest time, 6 - 15 months, depending how you do it.

You can work during your PPL, hour building and your ATPL theory, and save money.
Rough figure 50.000, but can be done for less.
Split them up in parts, make sure you have 15.000 when you start your IR, you do NOT want to screw up your IR time and training, because it is 375 an hour in the aircraft.

It can be done for less, you will see as you go along if you stay within or outside budget. Hour building can be done cheap in the UK, you fly C152 around 80 an hour. You work at same time, to avoid any loss of your savings.

CPL/ME/IR can be done for 21.000 + exam fees, ATPL for 3000. So that makes it 24.000 + extra fees another 3.000 - 4.000.

PPL I don't know to much about, but 100 hours PIC in C152 will cost you around 8.000.
Here is a copy of another post I have made. They are slightly high prices, taking into some extra as contingency.

Do it all in 2 or 3 steps, and you will be fine.

It took me exactly on the date 2 years from I passed my PPL until I got my IR. And I think it is not easy to do it much faster than that.

Add the numbers together:
PPL : 7000
Hours: 9000
ATPL: 3500 (books and exam fees in addition to the course)
CPL: 7500
ME: 3000
IR: 15000
MCC: 2500

If you do distance learning on your ATPL's I think you have to calculate at least 12 months to complete the ATPL's, I know guys and they struggled to do distance learning less then 12 months, it is possible, but not easy.
The way I see it, you will probably spend 9 months to do your PPL and hour building, the rest of the flight training probably within maximum 5 months. So you have the rest of time used for ATPL's.
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Old 10th Apr 2011, 18:59
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I think time frame depends on your circumstances. When I went to the States to get my PPL I had lost my job thanks to the recession. I was there for 2 months, the course itself took about 2 days over a month. That was in 2009. To date I have just over 100hrs and 6 ATPL exams complete. At the end of this year I should be at the stage where I can start the CPL course, but won't be doing this till next year, ME/IR probably the year after so I am looking at about 4 years in total.

Be aware that things change a lot in just 2 years yet alone 4. You need to flexable, not to ridigid with your plans. If you think it will take a bit longer to complete someting (had this issue with ATPL exams), you need to accept it and get on with it no matter how frustating it is!
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Old 11th Apr 2011, 21:04
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A PPL will set you back at least 9000.00 now in the UK. I would be very surprised if I saw for anything less. I know it depends on where you learn to fly. But all flying schools will say on their websites PPL for 7000 - but that's in minimum hours, with only 10 or 20 free landings and a couple of books. I'm training at Biggin, so expecting at least 10000.00 maybe a little more. With fuel going up i don't see prices reducing. Gone are the days of PPL's for 6000.00 to 7000.00 in the UK.

Also if your working, It would be very difficult to complete your PPL and hour building all in 9 months?! Unless you have cash reserves or your saving 2000.00 a month after tax. First you have the good old British weather to contend with ( I had to wait 8 weeks from February to March / April just to have one lesson because the weather was so rubbish!) Second, most people who work will only be able to fly at the Weekends which are the busiest times to fly. And if you do complete your PPl say within 6 months, you need another 90-100 hours to build in four months?! Ambitious, but not practical. Ride out the recession, pay as you go at a consistent but not overloaded level. There's time
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Old 13th Apr 2011, 00:42
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I've read through many of the cost breakdowns posted on here.

My plan has always been to save about 30,000 over two years and go and do this...

Euro American School of Aviation - Airline Pilot Program

Can anyone see a problem with this idea, because 24,000 from zero to JAA is pretty good, no?
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I'd look into hidden extras like test fees or costs of extra training above minimums, but certainly seems cheap. They seem to be using FAA and conversions as much as possible to save costs. Similar to what I plan to do.

I'd also wonder if perhaps airlines wouldn't respect your FTO as much.. but to be honest that's a problem for a different day and may even be a phantom one at that.
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Old 14th Apr 2011, 05:43
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nobody do a PPL with 36h!
IR in 25h, I doubt.
and 5h multi??? that' s the minimum for the FAA. Practically you will need 15-20h.

Multi IR must be done in Europe, ad another 40'000 euro.
add transport, food, tax, extra exam if you fail, extra hours.

in total, expect over 90'000 euro. very far from their initial 24,000

don't fall in the "cheap training"trap .In aviation, nothing is cheap!

Your Captain Superstorm.
The aviation Specialist
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