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M1 Visa or no Visa and SEVIS approved schools in the USA

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M1 Visa or no Visa and SEVIS approved schools in the USA

Old 12th Sep 2015, 16:50
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Does anyone know if one can obtain an FAA Commercial Single Engine addon followed by a CFI rating on a B1 visa ?
No, initial CPL requires a visa.
You would have known that if you'd read just a couple of pages....
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Old 8th Oct 2015, 13:41
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finishing up FAA PPL with ground school online, entering US with B1/B2

Hello guys,
I am new here and I know this can be silly questions but I have applied for a PPL course in Florida. they told me that I can finish the PPL with them for 2-3 weeks (because the ground school will be online) and I am able to get there with my B1/B2 visa, which mean, I will be taking the knowledge test and some flights training when I get there. So is it correct to go with my B1/B2 visa? my TSA clearance is approved. (as they stated on the website that the TSA clearance would be denied if I didn't have appropriate visa.) and I have my medical certificate ready.

I am worried cause I have been reading a lot of posts on the website and everyone is confusing between the waiver/M1/B1 and B2.
So I just would like to clarify because I am leaving in few days to finish up my PPL. I don't know If I actually needed to M1 which some schools offer that but I need months to complete the course with those schools, which I don't have time to do so. I will be doing it on my one month vacation along with some visitings. Thats why I decided to do this option with ground school online because I can't take months off work.

....and as one of my colleges (we are cabin crews), she had done her PPL in Florida as well. but she didn't tell the immigration the whole story when she passed through the immigration and she just told them she was going to visit friends. I don't think it was a wise idea to do so cause you could screw your passport pretty much if they found out later and when she needed to renew the visa or some sort of things?

I have checked with the flight school. and they said I can tell them that I am there for some flying lessons? and that's what I am going to tell them so. But it would be horrible if I got sent back, It is not a short flight, nearly 20hours from my base.

I would like to advice please!
thank you everyone in advance!!
(I really should read more comments and reviews about this more carefully before I applied.)
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Old 8th Oct 2015, 14:59
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No confusion, any pilot training undertaken requires an M1 visa. It's not difficult to get, the school must send you an I-20 which you take to the Embassy.

The immigration officer will need to stamp that, and see a SEVIS receipt once you land in the US. The school should know this.
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Old 8th Oct 2015, 15:08
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I am not an expert on the whole U.S. visa process, but I do have a friend who overseas the visa office at a U.S. consulate in Asia and I do have another acquaintance who was a CBP officer.
So here is what I do know - never, never NEVER(!!!!) mislead them about what your intentions are when coming to the United States. It is far better to take the appropriate steps and get the visa stuff done the right way the first time. The CBP officers will have access to all of the information you provided when you applied for your visa at the embassy/consulate, as well as notes and other information entered by the officer who processed your visa application.
So if you lie, or mislead them, they can find out. And if they do you will most likely be refused entry and barred from entering the United States for at least five years or longer. Most likely it will be longer - I know of people who made honest and small mistakes who ended up being barred for life. For example there was a woman who was from a visa waiver country (allowed 90 day visits to the U.S. without a visa) and was married to a United States citizen. She entered the United States with the mistaken impression that being from a VW country that she could enter and then apply for residency to be with her U.S. citizen husband. Long story short five years down the road her and her husband are still fighting to try and have her allowed entrance back into the United States after being barred for life.

Anyway I am not trying to scare you about the process. Rather trying to emphasise that the trouble to do it correctly in the first place pales in comparison to the trouble you will face trying to correct doing it the wrong way.
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Old 12th Oct 2015, 15:56
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Yes, you can.

The school cannot legally issue an I-20 to give you an M1 unless you are enrolled in a course of 18hrs a week or more. That piece of advice came from a TSA inspection at a flying school run by a friend. In reality the abuse of this particular item is actually the opposite to what you are trying to do, ie people apply for an M1 and then work/jump ship.

Yes, you should be honest at the point of entry. Depending on where you fly into , your B1/B2 will allow you to go via one of the automated terminals that print an entry slip that you hand in to the customs guy on the way out.

In reality, having a visa is a good step and definiitely one better than entering under ESTA. A B1/B2 is a respectable visa for short term entry. I have used it myself for just what you describe, with honesty. If you are doing adhoc flight training, have done your TSA, have a visa and already have an airport ID if you are working as cabin crew it is extremely unlikely that you will have any issues. A lot of people will tell you otherwise, but have never done it either.

>No confusion, any pilot training undertaken requires an M1 visa

... is confused. No pilot training requires a visa. People require visas. Pilot training below 12500lbs MTOW requires TSA clearance for three well defined circumstances.

Pilot training for the initial issue of a private ( or cpl if first stand alone faa licence) , multi or instrument rating requires Cat 3 TSA.

You can quite happily add a float or rotary rating to a land certificate for example without TSA.

TSA is not specific about visas, but expects you to be legal/resepctable about your entry.

TSA have in the past asked me to prove that I was legally in the USA when I had to apply for a permission whilst inside the USA, I sent them a copy of my B1/B2 which worked just fine.

Hope that helps

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Old 12th Oct 2015, 21:10
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No it doesn't help.

We have a mega thread stickied for that reason.


Advise from a friend, I was told this, I was told that doesn't hack it.

Only Part 141 SEVIS approved schools can provide flight training to Foreign nationals that do not hold a Green card.

You're mixing up two things:
(because the ground school will be online) and I am able to get there with my B1/B2 visa, which mean, I will be taking the knowledge test and some flights training when I get there
Online training is to pass the Written Test, it is NOT Ground school required for your Private Pilot Training course.
No matter how much or how little training you do...any training for the (original) issuance of a Pilot certificate ...requires a visa.
Because you're not a US Citizen.

they said I can tell them that I am there for some flying lessons?
The school knows that they are NOT telling you the truth and they are asking YOU to lie to an Immigration Officer as you are NOT going for some flying lessons you are going to train, pass a check ride and be issued a pilot certificate.

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Old 30th Nov 2015, 17:44
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Centerline Thrust

If a foreigner already holds a FAA commercial certificate with a centerline restriction, and they want to remove it, do they need to get a Visa for flight training?
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Old 25th Dec 2015, 00:59
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I'm going to take a stab at this and say NO...as there is no increase in skill level considering the pilot in question already holds a CPL ME (centerline restricted)
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Old 1st Mar 2016, 21:57
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Hi there.
I need an advise as to which type of visa i need to apply for my ATP CTP.The school told me that they don't provide I-20 for the ATP CTP so is the B1/B2 visa ok to apply with a letter proving i'm going for the course?
thanks for the input
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Old 2nd Mar 2016, 01:16
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As per, the entire thread, you need to find a sevis approved school that can issue you an I-20 and either a M/F visa.
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Old 22nd Apr 2016, 07:32
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sinlge engine add on

sorry if this question has already answered .

i hold a FAA commercial multi engine
and i want to add my single engine rating.

can i join usa with tourist visa for this purpose?
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Old 18th May 2016, 17:07
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Hi there,

Is it normal that a flight school asks me $500 to issue the i20 ?

Thank you guys
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Old 20th May 2016, 14:35
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Is it normal that a flight school asks me $500 to issue the i20 ?
Yes it is.. specially the initial ones if first time with them.
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Old 20th May 2016, 16:58
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thanks for your prompt reply spaflyer
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Old 30th May 2016, 11:18
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I've been in touch with a flight school that do not issue I20 form, and the director told me that there is no problem, I just need to scan him my passport and visitor visa.
I will risk to go to jail, isn't it?
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Old 8th Jun 2016, 01:47
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Do anyone has a knowledge that Can I fly with the A1 visa(which is diplomatic visa)or not?I contacted TSA,FAA and most of pilot schools no one has clear information about that
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Old 11th Sep 2016, 20:59
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Indeed, that practice is illegal and you could get into serious trouble with US Customs, worst you end up in jail. Happened to an Egypcian guy at Florida Flyers in FL, just for staying too long or sth similar; and this school does issue I-20 ! Unthinkable to not get it before going to the US.
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Old 14th Oct 2016, 00:59
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Hi flyers
If any of u can clarify me i have a B1/B2 visa and was getting ready to come to the US for th ATP CTP isn't that possible?
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Old 14th Oct 2016, 01:13
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Originally Posted by N1 Limit View Post
Hi flyers
If any of u can clarify me i have a B1/B2 visa and was getting ready to come to the US for th ATP CTP isn't that possible?
B1/B2 is a tourist / business visa, the school you use, may be able to transfer you to an M1 visa. I'd call them and ask to clarify, or call a few schools to make sure they're all saying the same thing. I did my IR addon on a visa waiver, you might be ok with the ATP.
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Old 18th Oct 2016, 10:42
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I am trying to establish what I need to do to convert my CA$A Grade 2 FIR to FAA equivalent. I havent read deep enough into this post to dare poke my head up with questions yet.

However, when I rang the US Consulate in my city, they directed me to this webpage. It asks questions to try and assist you in determining which type of VISA you will require. Perhaps give it a crack and compare it to what you are being told by flying training provider. Which ever result is the encompassing - go with that. Getting barred from entry will def sink you before you've started. Best of luck.

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