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Flybe to start the MPL

Old 27th Sep 2008, 11:05
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Flybe to start the MPL

Link to an article on Flight Global attached. With FR slowing down recruitment and Flybe moving towards the MPL I forsee even tougher times for wannabes. Those two outfits would historically take the largest slice of low houred pilots.

Flybe will be the first UK airline to train pilots to the MPL
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Old 27th Sep 2008, 19:20
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From a business point of view, its a good idea, it will keep pilots at the airline unless they can afford to upgrade their licences.
From a pilot point of view, i would imagine these guys would be well looked after as they are least likely to move and so will form a stable pilot force for the airline to work with.
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Old 27th Sep 2008, 20:21
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A cunning plan to handcuff f/o's to the airline. Does anyone actually ever stay at Flybe for more than a couple of years?

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Old 27th Sep 2008, 20:42
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There are mixed feelings about the MPL. Good for 'the chosen' I suppose. But recently, the Danes laid off a number of RHS MPLs. Who now have nowhere to go because they don't hold a 'regular' licence. No one, it seems, will take them with their MPLs.

Good idea?
Bad idea?
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Old 28th Sep 2008, 15:09
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Willie said it. It was Sterling Airlines which hired world's first 9 MPL and they all had been flying sectors. flybe must be aware of this fact and I guess they will have some contingency in their scheme to make it look more attractive. We will have to wait and see. I might apply ..I only have my class 1 medical ... no licenses.
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Old 28th Sep 2008, 15:17
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I can only imagine that Flybe will be inundated with CV's so no real need to have a back up plan.
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Old 29th Sep 2008, 02:55
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I wonder which FTO they will be using?
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Old 29th Sep 2008, 12:40
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My money would be on AFT at Coventry. Don't have any first hand information though.
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Old 29th Sep 2008, 12:50
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They use FTE for their 'Mentored Pilot Scheme', so perhaps there?
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Old 29th Sep 2008, 12:59
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A cunning plan to handcuff f/o's to the airline. Does anyone actually ever stay at Flybe for more than a couple of years?
Yes they do
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Old 29th Sep 2008, 13:00
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hmmm ..

No, they have used FTE in Jerez, AFT in Coventry, Oxford and PTC in Ireland as well. Surprisingly, they never dealt with CTC directly (cadets might have gone to flybe indirectly) and given the current situation CTC might have been looking for another scheme to keep them going... so we can speculate but Brian Watt is keeping it secret till October 20th 2008. We will know when its advertised and the fight will begin. I guess they will be looking to take probably 6-8 cadets.
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Old 29th Sep 2008, 15:48
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Whichever FTO they use the level D sims play a big part of the training so that will probably swing things one way or the other. Be interesting to see how it all pans out for them. There are a number FTO's that have secured bragging rights recently as being an "approved" Flybe school. Might be only short lived once the first MPL candidates get on line.
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Old 30th Sep 2008, 17:38
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Post Mpl Cost?

do you guys think the MPL course will cost less than the current intergrated courses due to the fact that they fly more of their course requirement flying hrs in a sim and thus money could be saved due to not so many days 'lost' to bad weather, tech a/c etc which all ends up adding to the total???

i really hope so, would love to become a pilot, but can only come up with about 30K

CHEERS and happy landings
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Old 30th Sep 2008, 22:20
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MPL - it's still early days! You wouldn't fly on a A380 before it's test flight....!

I'd be very reluctant to part with my money for a licence which is yet to be proven. Just look at the MPL pilots who worked for Sterling. Yes they just happened to be the last through the door but they're also going to find it even harder to find another job compared to the average job seeking pilot.

I'd try not to let your finances dictate what licence you head for! It could end up costing you more in the long run, not just money!

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Old 30th Sep 2008, 22:25
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Dont underestimate how much a level D sim costs to operate.

Anybody taking this on though should budget over the next 5 years or so some dosh to upgrade to a "proper" license

Any port in this storm
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Old 30th Sep 2008, 22:51
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I would think a Level D sim is only required for the type rating at the end. The earlier bits could be done in an FNPT II so long as it is one based on a multi-crew aircraft. That leaves quite a few players able to do all but the TR in house, but maybe FlyBe will subcontract parts to different players. I think the only one they currently have a programme with that has Level D Q400s for the type rating is OAA in Stockholm, but they could just deliver the TR as they do now.
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Old 30th Sep 2008, 23:23
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Is there anywhere I can read about what an MPL is? I'm interested to find out what the difference is between it, and say a CPL or an ATPL because I'm considering my options. (I'm not going to be doing my training for my commercial licence for a least a year or two though!)
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Old 1st Oct 2008, 09:04
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Read through the presentations on here:

Multi-Crew Pilot Licence Forum 2008

N.B. FTO Holdings own AFT. Also intersting that this thread which is "invisible" to the bulk of the Rumours & News readers has had no hysteria or chest beating whatsoever...
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Old 1st Oct 2008, 09:09
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You are almost there.
The MPL is an approved course and is done in 4 parts, needing the participation of one FTO and one TRTO. The last phase, phase 4 is completed by the TRTO and is a type rating, using a level D sim. Flybe have their own TRTO and their simulators are currently situated at Farnboro.

Flybe will likely introduce the MPL at some stage next year and my money would be on FTE at Jerez.

no sponsor - there is no need to be handcuffed to an airline - just pay for it all yourself and be a free agent

Ford Cortina - Flybe do not accept CVs - only on line applications. Any previous schemes have been advertised in Flight with the first point of contact being the FTO.
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Old 1st Oct 2008, 12:31
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Hey Guys
I posted a comment on the FlyBE thread but I think it may be more relevant here.
I have a concern in the fact that I am going to start my prof pilot studies late next year and I would dream of a job with FlyBE. I love their outfit and they seem a very decent, reputable employer who are keen on low hours pilots.

My Concern.. With this MPL...
Is the fact that it makes perfect business sense to any airline, you get someone who will stay at the airline, you start the cadet training the airline way from day1. But its a grey area at the moment and my big worry is that I would start on either inte or mod course next winter and then be qualified say beg 2011 being a low hours pilot with a CPL/ ME/ IR/ MCC but half way through your training all the airlines say that they will only take new pilots via their MPL schemes and as a new traditional fATPL holder 6 months later you have no route into any airline as I am sure this MPL would catch on if it is a success.

This is a big concern to me. What does everyone else think?
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