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The Modular Course

Old 6th Dec 2005, 15:04
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Question Time Limit on modular?

Could anyone tell me... how long do you have to get the CPL + IR flying done after finishing the ground exams? Is there a time limit?

Can't seem to find much on the search.
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Old 6th Dec 2005, 15:08
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I think you have 36 months to complete the CPL/IR training after the ATPL examinations. I can't say if the time starts when you complete the first exam, the last one or whatever...
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Old 6th Dec 2005, 15:12
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Lasors 2006
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Old 6th Dec 2005, 16:53
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From the last pass, I believe. Then it becomes 7 years from the last renewal, so if your IR lapses by 6 years you ahve to the buggers again
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Old 22nd Jan 2006, 16:45
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depends really you should go to all of them and take a look around and choose which one you want to go to
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Old 22nd Jan 2006, 19:17
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None of those!

OK, so I used to work for a competitor of theirs, but to be honest when I chose I had perfectly good reasons for rejecting 2 of those. There are many other schools in the UK, several of them advertise here on PPRuNe. Why not broaden your choice?
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Old 23rd Jan 2006, 10:49
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Try Aeros in Gloucester or Bristol Flying Centre . Both good, dedicated modular schools. You will, I imagaine, get lots of replies giving good/bad comments on several schools. Your best bet is to make a shortlist, visit them all and come to your own conclusion. There are also numerous threads on this topic here.

Having been through the system the only advice I would give would be wary of very small schools whose financial stability could change quickly, or very large schools who also offer integrated courses.
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Old 23rd Jan 2006, 11:42
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This page of the CAA website contains a link to a pdf file with a list of all FTOs approved by the CAA. They are listed under different categories.

As I said, many of them advertise here so you can very quickly link to their websites. Just click on any advert that comes up for a school - good for PPRuNe too as it keeps their stats up for advertising revenue!

Don't worry about your English here. Work on it before your groundschool though - my old employer can put you in touch with a company near here that can help you. The groundschool itself will finally sort out any language problems! If it isn't good enough you won't pass all the exams and you'll have to resit until it is.
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Old 24th Jan 2006, 15:29
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The Flight Centre at Wolverhampton Airport offers excellent commercial training. They have just got a new DA42 Twinstar and are taking delivery of a Arrow IV in the coming days, along with reconed PA28's in the spring.

Believe you can get them on 01384 221456 and website is
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Old 24th Jan 2006, 17:39
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I'm currently doing my commercial training with Aeros at Gloucestershire Airport and am very happy with them. Maximum of two students per instructor which means you get to fly everyday and to backseat your buddy's trip too which is very beneficial.

The only snag is the English weather!!
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Old 24th Jan 2006, 17:42
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Jekz - look - there is no "best" school for modular training in the UK.

Different people have different requirements! What is the "best car"? The "best laptop"? IT DEPENDS ON WHAT YOU NEED! Different schools offer different advantages.

Problem with the wannabes forum on PPRuNe is, most people here, who consider themselves experts, have only seen a few schools first-hand and reckon where they did the training must be the best school, and you read crap like the training there was "second to none" and soforth. It's rubbish, because they have no way of actually comparing all the different schools in-depth and first-hand. Even if you've done modular training at three different schools, you can't make those statements with authority.

As a previous post said, get the list of approved FTOs from the CAA web site, then have a look at the individual schools and ring up the ones that appeal to you for more information. THEN, when you have a shortlist, you can consider asking about those on this forum.

Good luck,

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Old 24th Jan 2006, 17:48
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I would highly recommend Aeros at Gloucester Airport!!

I completed my CPL/IR a couple of years ago, good professional setup, good approachable instructors and the a/c are very well equipped.

Check these guys out before you commit any money to your training.
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Old 25th Jan 2006, 11:09
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I believe Aeros to be a very good school for modular training but as has been pointed out the good old English weather is a draw back.

If you're looking to do the UK CPL/IR it might be worth looking into FTE's modular course. Good value for money, good training and V good weather.
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Old 26th Jan 2006, 15:29
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do not go in a school asking for maximum perfection.

perfection= more money= stress = check rides failure.
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Old 26th Jan 2006, 18:44
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Also take a very serious look at PAT at Bournemouth..superb.
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Old 27th Jan 2006, 07:36
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Thumbs up Pat

I remember seen a very positive thread about PAT in Bournemouth, for some unknown reason it seems to have disappeared, but as JB007 PAT are worth a serious look especially as in the Bournemouth area there are only two worth while schools going to (BCFT/PAT), EPTA as someone pointed out recentley would have problems organising a good drinking session in a brewery!!!
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Old 26th Mar 2006, 13:36
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Financing the Modular route

Hi, I am looking into the integrated vs modular debate and it strikes me that it would be a lot easier to secure a bank loan when doing an integrated course than when doing a modular one.

So my question is, how do most people choosing the modular route finance it? I know some will already have jobs and savings, but as a soon-to-graduate student I do not.

Is it possible to get loans for the modular route and if so would they cover most or all of it?

If they don't I suppose my best option would be an integrated course with a loan, or perhaps something like the CTC bond scheme.

Any advice will be much appreciated.
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Old 26th Mar 2006, 15:01
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Well I think you answered the question yourself, you'll have to get a job and work for a few years to fund some of the training. Once you have had a few years in industry you'll build up the credit rating to obtain the loans for completion of training.
Remember you can do a ppl at weekends, then ATPL theory by distance learning while still remaining in employment.
You imply that you are a graduate, therefore if you have done a decent degree you should be able to get a job that in three years could raise the money to do a PPL and the ATPL theory.
Then you should only need to give up work and take a loan out for the CPL, ME IR (which can be completed in three to four months). With a good credit rating you should be able to get a personal loan with a three month deferment on the payments. Consequently, if you have a few years experience in industry it will give you a job to go back to after the training to pay back the loans/ raise the money for an instructors rating.
In a nutshell that is how I funded the training.

With correct planning you could in three years have a frozen ATPL and only about 20000, pounds of debt via the modular route.

Getting a large loan doing an integrated course; if you are one of the lucky ones you may get a job at low hours, otherwise you will have a 65000 debt, no work experience; you will be trying to pay back a 65000 loan on minimum wage. Normally banks backing integrated courses may offer the loan with a 7-10 year pay back period, calculate the interest charge in this time and you will see that it is significantly more than the 65000 you initially needed to borrow.

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Old 25th May 2006, 16:12
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Modular course CPL/IR & job

hello everybody!

Do you think that is possible getting Job (bar, pub...) during the course ?

How many hours by week there are for the training ?

many thanks!

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Old 26th May 2006, 09:19
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I worked half days then studied/flew the other half when I was doing my exams and CPL (modular). Didn't find it a problem, just make sure work doesn't get in the way of training.
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