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ME & IR questions (inc. renewal)

Old 20th Feb 2007, 18:54
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I want only to revalidate my SE-IFR-Rating, not the SE Classrating, I know that in this case one must fly in an real airplane.
I don't understand this. If you don't renew your single engine class rating, renewing your SE-SPA-IR then becomes useless, as you can't fly the plane anyway. However, I think that the flight test to renew your IR may well count as renewing your SE class rating anyway.

I can't think of any single engine FNPTII sims; you may have to renew a SE-SPA-IR on the real aircraft.

and hourbuilder beat me to writing the rest..........
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Old 22nd Feb 2007, 15:23
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FAA IR with JAA instructor

Hi everybody,

Just thought I'd ask the opinion of anybody who knows:

I have an FAA IR but I've not done an instrument approach for 14 months which unfortunatly means I've got to now do some with an instructor as a check out, does anybody know if this has to be an FAA instructor or would a JAA (ICAO) instructor be able to do it for me since I live in the UK.

Thanks for any help
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Old 26th Feb 2007, 12:53
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Revalidation and Medical

Thks. Hourbilder and TurboJ for this information. I have still another question since it is my first revalidation.
If someone revalidate his respective IFR Rating (ME or SE) in a Sim (FNPTII), does the respective Classrating (SE or ME) will be also revalidated or one must fly the VFR part in a real airplane?
My Medical Class 1 ran off for approx. one week. I will revalidate that in the next year, since I do not fly at present commercially. Although on my UK Medical stands only the expiration date of my Medcial Class I , I assume that my Class II is still valid for another year. Is that correct?
Can I revalidate my Class I without any difficulties by an AME, even if this ran off, or do I get any problems? Sorry for my expression errors and for my beginner questions.

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Old 27th Feb 2007, 10:49
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Renewing your IR in the sim does not give validate the SE / ME rating. A trip in the aircraft is required for this. You can, however do both at the same time by renewing your IR in the aircraft to get a combined ME/IR renewal.
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Old 6th Mar 2007, 06:30
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IR Renewal & LASORS 2007

"The proposed amendment to the ANO is imminently to go to the Department for Transport for transposition into the law...... Until then Amendment 3 is the reference which permits (or can be interpreted to permit) the use of FNPTs for IR revalidation and renewal."

The above is a partial quote from a previous post relating to an IR renewal in a sim. It referred to LASORS 2006 - can anybody tell me if the ANO has actually been amended? Or is the situation the same as last year; ie: Can a renewal can still be done in a sim even if the previous renewal was also in a sim.

I know that LASORS 2007 states otherwise, but it is proving difficult to find any definitive written statement confirming that the law has / has not changed.


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Old 25th Apr 2007, 00:22
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Duchess suitability for MEIR

Anyone care to comment on the suitability of the Duchess for ME training?
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Old 25th Apr 2007, 07:10
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It's an aeroplane. It has more than one engine. What else do you want?!

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Old 27th Apr 2007, 02:47
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Really, really dark sunglasses and an air of nonchanlance?
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Old 27th Apr 2007, 10:46
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Duches for IR Trg


Think you must met Scroggs at the end of a long day. The Duchess is a stable, easy aircraft to fly and operate - that's why it's so popular with training schools. Faster than single-engine aircraft that you may have flown before (assuming C172/PA28 and not Mooney etc!) but only slightly so and not a huge leap up from what you've known.

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Old 27th Apr 2007, 12:29
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IR renewal

I'm doing my first ME/IR renewal over next weekend. How much retraining and practice can i expect to need before being up to speed for the test?? Also can more people shed some light on what to expect to have to do in the test??
P.s This is all being done in sim as my IR has not lapsed yet.
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Old 27th Apr 2007, 16:53
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I was talking about the reaction of airplanes with counter rotating propellers with a critical engine failure
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Old 27th Apr 2007, 18:27
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IR Renewal profile


Refresher time depends on how much you've flown over the last year - basically whatever it takes to get you to a standard where you can fly the profile in limits.

IRR profile in the sim includes almost all of the IR exercises you did on your initial test except the limited panel climbs and descents.
Typically, it is some variation on: departure, (usually short) route, limited panel (turns and unusual attitude recoveries), hold, non-precision (normally ndb) approach, engine failure in the go-around, single-engine (s/e) ils, s/e go-around, s/e low level circuit to (s/e) land.

At least one approach has to be procedural and one approach has to be s/e (examiner's discretion).

(Depending on the visuals in the sim) you may get some 'help' positioning around the circuit.

And just a reminder - you can't do your MEP renewal in the sim - just the IR.

Hope this helps!
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Old 27th Apr 2007, 20:02
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"I was talking about the reaction of airplanes with counter rotating propellers with a critical engine failure"

...and I was trying to help you. If you stated what you wanted to know I would have addressed it - maybe I see where Scroggs was coming from.

However. Because the Duchess has, as you state, counter-rotating props and neither engine is vital for hydraulics etc it does not have a critical engine. So you will practice engines failures on both sides. You'd think that less P-factor makes it easy but I assure you that you will still need a hefty boot to cope with assymetric flight (especially during Vmc demo when you will de facto have full rudder inputs) and the engine failure drills are the same; therefore, it does teach you how to safely operate a ME aircraft.
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Old 28th Apr 2007, 13:01
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I was talking about the reaction of airplanes with counter rotating propellers with a critical engine failure
No you weren't. You made no mention whatsoever of this question. You asked whether anyone had any comment about the Duchess's suitability for multi-engine training. You got (from me at least) an answer appropriate to the vagueness of your question. Had you asked the question you meant to ask, you might have got an answer of some use to you.

Don't assume that others have a crystal ball to help them divine your meaning. Make your questions clear and unambiguous. Luckily for you, Rob's Dad has more patience than I do - but then he doesn't have to read stuff like this over and over again!

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Old 10th May 2007, 12:55
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MEP and ME/IR - Clarification of regs

Hi, I was wondering if anyone can offer further clarification on the regs for the MEIR
Lasor states that an applicant for an ME IR(A) course who does not hold a multi engine class or type rating must complete the multi engine training specified in JAR-FCL 1.261(b), prior to commencing the flight training.
Does this mean that on a 35 hour FNPT2, 15 hour aircraft course the sim can be completed prior to completing the MEP rating? The reg seems to imply that the requirement is that you have completed the MEP rating training prior to the aircraft section.
... and secondly can you undertake the aircraft section with a lapsed MEP, providing you test for it prior or during the IR test? As you have completed the multi engine training specified in JARFCL 1.261, but your class rating has lapsed.
Would appreciate any answers, I would call the CAA but I am currently training in Spain so watching the mobile phone bill.
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Old 10th May 2007, 13:17
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In answer to your first query, my understanding is that you need to have completed the MEP training before you can carry out the MEIR training in the aircraft(not the sim). I did my IR recently which was structured at 35 hours FNPT2, then 6 hours MEP conversion, then 15 hours MEIR in the Seneca.
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Old 11th May 2007, 09:57
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Lee a roady moor

As of March 2007 you could still renew your IR in the sim, even if the previous renewal was in the sim.
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Old 18th May 2007, 08:33
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basic IFR training,any suggestions?

hello guys,

I've just come back from Rome, where I attended the ATPL exams that eventually went well. Now, I'm going back to my FTO to start IFR flight training. It will be performed on a C172 RG at first, which will be used for basic IFR. do you have any suggestions in order to do it best? What should I expect? Thank you
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Old 18th May 2007, 09:05
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Get hold of a copy of RANT (Radio Aids Navigation Tutor). It will save you hours in the air. You can see a demo at . I think most professional schools use it, I certainly did at Prestwick and very useful it was.
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Old 22nd May 2007, 16:41
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IR Revalidation in a Sim

Apoloiges if this has come up before. I have done a search but not found what I wanted. I have moved to the midlands and my IR Revalidation is due, is there anyone up here that will do a revalidation in a SIM at reasonable rates (as you can get for the avaition industry!)

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