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Which school?

Old 11th May 2007, 15:30
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I have to agree with ivehad2many..I have just finished ATPL ground school
with BCFT...and from what I have seen over the 7 months I was there for, people were progressing rapidly thru cpl and ir courses and high pass rate to..
The flying side there is profesionaly mostly experienced retired and current airline pilots..who want people to go thru as quickly and cheaply as possible..
ccopter must have just been a rare unlucky one..
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Old 13th May 2007, 23:17
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Question Which School????- The decision that drives you to insanity!!

Thought I would get this discussion going again!

I am currently working full time, sadly not in aviation, but am looking at continuing work full time while doing my ATPL. Does anyone know if this is possible?Threads I look at before say ground school is possible but hard but what about the flight training??

In terms of schools:

I am looking at Ground school choices:

London Met

Any advice on these would be great!

As for flying training I think Oxford would be all well and good but its just too damn pricy for me! Unless its worth the extra £10k or so? I doubt it though...

So for flying training I am looking at


Prices for these seem to be a little better but does anyone know anything about these schools for flight training? Or indeed any better ones?

A view in terms of quality of training and job prospects after would be great!

I have done searches on my searches but the "Which school" decision is driving me mental

Any help/ advice appreciated!!

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Old 13th May 2007, 23:35
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Which is the Best flying School ????

I currently have a PPL looking to go commercial; I am just completing a degree in Economics. Which flying school would you say offers the best training regardless of how much it costs?
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Old 13th May 2007, 23:48
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I have trained in the US, UK and Spain, and to help you narrow your choice IMO by far the best quality of JAA training and the schools of the highest standard are UK based.

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Old 14th May 2007, 08:03
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No-one is going to be able to answer that question as each person will only have first hand knowledge of the school they themselves trained at, so you'll just end up with a bunch of people all claiming their school was best,

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Old 14th May 2007, 10:04
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the best flight school is your local pub!!!don't tell it, it is a secret!
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Old 14th May 2007, 18:35
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Nick, looking at each school's first time pass rates would probably be the best way to determine which FTO is considered best. I haven't done this nor am I planning on doing it either, but just through talking to people in the industry and looking on our trusty forum here, for modular, it seems that Bristol Flight centre and Airways in Exeter rank pretty highly for first time pass rates. And before people jump on me, I haven't looked at every school in the land but this is just my general observation. I know that there are other excellent ones out there and if you got a ftp at school x this will probably be the best in your opinion.

Does anyone know if such a summary of UK FTO's first time pass rates actually exists anywhere?

Hope that helps

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Old 17th May 2007, 21:45
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Which training school

I'm sorry if this is a heavily repeated thread but I am after the advice of you all as to which is the best training establishment in the country?
I have been to Oxford and found it very profesional and friendly, I have heard that Cab-air may be a safe bet as well. Also which training school has the best reputation?
Many thanks in advance for your input.

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Old 24th May 2007, 18:57
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Miami or Málaga (Spain)

I am in a state of confusion where I should do my ATPL here at Aerodynamics-Málaga near where I live or in the States at this school called Florida Aviation. I know that in the States, well at least I've heard, there's a higher scope of jobs but then on the same side I know that you have to actually get 1500 hours to get into the mayor airlines, whereas in Spain some airlines can take a cadet with around 200 hours.
From the information I received I also found out that in that school it's cheaper than the one in Spain. Apart from that, in the states I would have to get my own accommodation, meals, health care, etc... which could turn it to be more costly than here. There also is a chance of scholarship there, which I don't understand how it works.
I need to make a decision pretty soon as time is running out. Can someone advise me where should I go, or where would they go, why and whether scholarship is easy for an international student to achieve?

Thanks a lot.
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After having just finished my CPL and IR at BCFT in Bournemouth I would strongly NOT recommend Cabair.

Most of their students are so unhappy as they fly very rarley - they take forever to complete any course which is why thay are mostly at my school finishing their courses or trying to join my school but cannot as they are 'tied' in, the managment are apawling. We chat to them frequently at the Curley Pub whilst drowning their sorrows.

I did my ATPL subjects at Oxford where the teachers are great and the rest of the school sucks. Much like Cabair. Go somewhere smaller, cheaper and more personal. The small schools have students going to all the usual Airlines that the BIG schools claim to have a monopoly on.

Exeter apparantly produces fabulous pilots are so does CTC according to a CAA examiner I spoke to.

Take a few days and drive to the schools and chat to them and their students and try and get the feel for the place. Search the threads here with the schools name and see how much flak they have attracted.

There is no one correct decision. Make yours the right one. I hope this helps you.
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I'd happily reccomend cabair modular, I was happy from start to finish as I felt I gained valuble "grated" experience for the price and flexibillity of a "mod" course. It also provided me with the chance to build hours in the USA.
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