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deefer dog 24th Sep 2016 16:44

liar in a bi-plane
The thread that just keeps giving and giving! Keep up the great work and soon the infamous "liar in a bi-plane" will be brought to book for all to see.

SFCC 24th Sep 2016 17:20

I do hope that 'she' keeps abreast of this thread!

Just incase you do, dear Walt, a couple of spelling corrections for your PR people....

'Biplane' is one word, not two hyphenated.
Same principle for 'Cockpit'

Thanks. I feel much better now:}

farsouth 24th Sep 2016 17:53

I may be missing something but I can't find any reference to an 'errors and omissions' update from Conde Nast on this story. Surely TCT's team would have written to correct them on the error above - especially as TCT is going to great lengths now to tell us all it was a 'sole' flight?
I think the team will have a full-time job on their hands to correct all the "misunderstandings" that have gone on by publications all over the world - just Google "Tracey Curtis-Taylor solo" and you will find that virtually every piece of coverage she has had has referred to solo flights. You would think that after the first few instances, she would have made a point of emphasising the facts to the interviewers.............

Danny42C 24th Sep 2016 19:24

Hail to thee, Blithe Spirit, bird thou never wert...
Delicious ! This is the "Best Show in Town" - and can brighten a dull day. If you're new to this Thread, prepare to discard any notion of reality and enter a world in which Baron Munchausen, the Captain of Kopernick, Don Quixote and Walter Mitty would be perfectly at home.

Essentially, this is a "Perils of Pauline" serial, the twist being that Pauline is/was in no peril whatsoever (except of that of Being Found Out). What adds spice to the story is that Persons in High Positions, Large and Important Companies and Organisations (and the Royal Navy, too !) have hitched their wagon to this "star".......Now read on (and back !) and enjoy.

Pauline's enthralled audience are agog for the dénouement, which surely must come soon. Wait for it !


I confidently predict that the Moderators will strangle this Post at birth (or as soon as it is brought to their notice) and may even excommunicate me altogether. In a spirit of true Christian charity I forgive them in advance, for they may be in the grip of force majeure. D.

Mike Flynn 24th Sep 2016 20:18

How Boeing misled the worlds media
The mods won't strangle your post Danny because here we are all in the world of surreal awards for events that never happened.

For new reader's this thread is all about how Boeing Aircraft Corporation twisted the story of British women aviation pioneers Amy Johnson and Lady Mary Heath to suit their centenary.

Amy Johnson and Lady Mary Heath both flew good old British built DeHavilland biplanes across the world setting records for the British in the 1930's.

Boeing,Artemis Investments and Tracey Curtis Taylor convinced the worlds media that they could 'emulate' the heroic British women pilots flying British biplanes.However the story they peddled involved a 1500 hour British PPL flying a rebuilt American aircraft of 1942 vintage.

Because the Stearman is a biplane everyone from the Honourable Company of Air Pilots to the UK Royal Navy bought the story hook line and sinker.

To be fair it might have worked had it not been for the fact that Tracey Curtis Taylor never flew the Spirit of Artemis solo on all the well publicised legs.

Those pictures of two people on board have been her undoing.

The whole Bird in a Biplane story has been a sham from start to finish made worse by the fact there was a Bloke In The Biplane. ( I did think of using the male term for bird :-)

Newspapers,magazine,sponsors, the Royal Navy and Marines Charity, Royal Navy Reserve,Portsmouth University and and the BBC have been taken in by one massive con trick.

If one is going to 'emulate' (match or surpass (a person or achievement), typically by imitation) Amy Johnson then it stands to reason they will be female and fly a similar aircraft and route alone.

That includes all the flight planning etc.

When Tracey stood alongside these high ranking officers of the Navy (see below) she,Boeing and Artemis knew it was not going to a solo event.

She admitted it in a statement once the Daily Mail exposed her.

I and the Bird in a Biplane Team believe it is helpful to respond to some commentary appearing in the press about whether the flight expeditions undertaken in 2013-2016 were flown solo or in company. For the avoidance of doubt, I have always been the sole pilot of Spirit of Artemis. In planning the expedition through Africa in 2013 there was an initial hope of a solo flight in the beautiful & original 1942 Boeing Stearman. However, in the early stages of the flight this concept was intentionally and officially dropped as I and the Bird in a Biplane Team brought our flight planning and logistics increasingly in-house and the expedition evolved into a much bigger opportunity to extend the program with documentary filming, an extensive outreach program involving different charities along the route and sharing the experience of open cockpit flying with others.
I am deeply disappointed at the comments coming from a particular source making false assertions that my flight expeditions should have been executed as solo flights. They were not. They are all about a collaborative team effort and celebrating the brilliant achievements of women like Amy Johnson and Lady Heath who made history when aviation was in its infancy.

So Tracey ....why did you not fly a Tiger Moth?

Was it because the big money would not have come from Boeing?

I worry about the the way our senior service can be conned by such a simple trick to,get high ranking officers parading in support of a commercial publicity event.

Make you wonder what sort of security service we have in the UK that allows the
upper eschelons of the Royal Navy to be exploited for a private reality TV production.

Royal Navy Officers and Gentlemen in the picture below....can I suggest you have been taken for a ride by the team of the Spirit of Artifice:ok:


Stanwell 24th Sep 2016 20:27

While I realise your p.s. is firmly tongue-in-cheek, I must take this opportunity to thank the Mods for
their time and trouble in keeping this thread on track.
We owe you a debt of gratitude, sirs.

SFCC 24th Sep 2016 20:28

The whole Bird in a Biplane story has been a sham from start to finish made worse by the fact there was a Bloke In The Biplane. ( I did think of using the male term for bird :-)
In which case, cock-pit may have been correct:}

Mike Flynn 24th Sep 2016 21:02

Note to readers.

My posts sometimes contain spelling and other errors.
On occasion I use an iPhone which makes sub editing difficult

In the interest of accuracy please send a personal message to me regarding any errors in my posts.

I welcome objective comment and do not want this thread to be inaccurate.

Mike Flynn 24th Sep 2016 21:34

The story is moving on now to how the Royal Navy and their associated charity have been
used to promote the lies of Boeing.

I am staggered that the UK security services never flagged up the fact that Tracey Curtis and Artemis were selling the Royal Navy a blatant lie.

I assume because Artemis are sponsors of Zara Philips, the Queens grand daughter?

However there is one common thread running through the LAA,HCAP,The Royal Naval Reserve, Tracey Curtis Taylor and her Honoury Lt Commander award and the picture below.

The Queens cousin Prince Michael has influence?


In the history of UK light or general aviation I can not find another group of high-ranking officers who
have turned out like this for a photo call.http://www.birdinabiplane.com/galler...hn_goodman.jpg

I don't have any feedback but the way forward to expose this scam is to ask questions to the key Royal Navy figures who were involved in giving her an honoury Lt Comander award and featuring in the picture above.

Why was Vice Admiral Ben Key CBE there?

I will have to phone him and ask next week.Perhaps copy my MP in as well and ask for a reply.

Can any of you identify rank and names from this picture?

Stanwell 24th Sep 2016 23:01

Well, so much for those photos of the RN's 'finest', publicly making geese of themselves.

Now, the RN & RM Charity bash down at Portsmouth, (at which TCT was billed as the star attraction) should, bar the hangovers, be well over by now.

Does anybody have access to info on just how that event was reported?

India Four Two 25th Sep 2016 05:33

What a great précis for newcomers to the thread!

I have just noticed in the "gold braid" photo, a sponsor's name on the gear fairing - GIC Re.

This is an Indian government-owned insurance company! How did they get involved in this charade? Boeing connections?

Their website has a revolving header, which features TCT:

General Insurance Corporation of India

Ranks in the picture, from left to right, are Commodore, Rear admiral and WAFU Captain. Can't help with the names!

piperboy84 25th Sep 2016 06:01

Interesting link I42, looks like the Indian Insurance Co, wrote her trip policy.

Checklist Charlie 25th Sep 2016 06:16

There is also a GIC Re sticker just in front of Ewalds cockpit. Singapore Airlines have got their name up there as well.


India Four Two 25th Sep 2016 07:03

I noticed TCT has a GIC Re patch on her grow bag as well.

Stanwell 25th Sep 2016 07:47

I think I can see the marketing rationale behind GIC's sponsorship of TCT.
"See ... we even insure people such as this!"


Midlifec 25th Sep 2016 08:22

I'm '"in town"most days and will have a gentle dig around the GIC link, the tentacles seem to be long and well connected with this but sight of the policy slip and if applicable the following market may open some doors , as far as insurance goes I feel sure the underwriters are more than happy with someone vastly more experienced and qualified than T being in the other seat. Perhaps there has been some wool pulling gone on here though.

India Four Two 25th Sep 2016 08:49


Thanks for your offer to "have a gentle dig around". This thread has become quite a cooperative effort, with Jay Sata acting as Operations Manager. ;)

aviator_38 25th Sep 2016 09:43

CC ref #1531 ,

Heard from a mate that SIA's involvement was a free ride (in style no doubt?) back from Sydney to London for her.:ugh:


Jonzarno 25th Sep 2016 10:30

Heard from a mate that SIA's involvement was a free ride (in style no doubt?) back from Sydney to London for her.
So she was sat in the back of the aircraft with a multi thousand hour ATPL in the front cockpit then? She must have felt quite at home. :8:p

Art E. Fischler-Reisen 25th Sep 2016 11:15

So she flew back "solo"?

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