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Pilot CR 17th Feb 2015 17:41

The Beauty of Flying

Saab Dastard 19th Feb 2015 18:48

Personal Flying Videos Mark II
We found a problem with the previous thread, due to the number of posts, so this is the new place to post your Personal Flying Videos.

Please read this thread: http://www.pprune.org/private-flying...be-videos.html before you post youtube videos.


Maoraigh1 19th Feb 2015 20:48

alexgreyhead 23rd Feb 2015 23:31

Some shaky footage of my first solo flight just before NYE this year :)

rnzoli 5th Mar 2015 15:50

As the previous thread went belly up, here is a re-post of a cross country fligth to some interesting airfields with sloping runways.

cspeth 9th Mar 2015 14:19

Go Pro does some awesome videos. I would be interesting to see footage from underneath the plane during the flare for landing.

Rubennn 10th Mar 2015 19:39


In this video I've attached the GoPro underneath the wing.

rnzoli 10th Mar 2015 20:18

Not a common gear arrangement, but the tail-mounted camera gives an idea on the flare.
Unfortunately it also gives an idea why sideways landings are not good for the main gear! :eek:

Tupperware Pilot 6th Apr 2015 19:22

A little bit of Puss (y) fun
.. https://www.flickr.com/photos/tupper...t/17056445262/

ExtraR 12th Apr 2015 13:06

Flat spin demo in YAK 52

rnzoli 27th Apr 2015 09:42

2 rare Soviet wartime-era vintage aircraft (Li-2, Po-2)

Picture quality is not so great, but the engine sounds are quite good. Listen with headphones :)

Simon40 28th Apr 2015 10:11

DA42-VI IFR North Weald to Newquay
IFR flight showing departure, airways join and climb to cruise followed by arrival into Newquay. Edited to show mostly ATC interaction. This was my first solo flight post IR test. Anyone thinking of doing the CBM-IR, this will hopefully show you how straightforward things are afterwards!

MidlandsPilot 28th Apr 2015 21:17

A recent trip from East Midlands Airport to Wolverhampton Halfpenny Green, with a GoPro suction cupped into the back window of the Cessna 152, looking out over the tail. Quite a turbulent day!



MarkusQ 6th May 2015 23:31

GoPro attachement

how did you attach the GoPro?

rnzoli 7th May 2015 11:29

Originally Posted by MarkusQ
how did you attach the GoPro?

Originally Posted by MidlandsPilot
GoPro suction cupped

If you haven't seen a suction cup, it should look like this:

The big round suction cup really sucks.... :)

MidlandsPilot 7th May 2015 20:32

Originally Posted by MarkusQ (Post 8967920)

how did you attach the GoPro?

Basically how rnzoli said, using the standard suction cup that GoPro sell (its quite big, and sticks pretty well to anything flat!). It was stuck to the inside of the rear windows. Sadly couldn't mount it outside as I don't have a CAA/EASA approved mount.

Kregster 7th May 2015 21:56

Short Approach!

116i 11th May 2015 15:35

Well heres mine!
First solo, the most nerve racking thing Ive ever done! Was 50/50 about taxiing back and giving up while I was sat on the numbers!! So pleased I decided to take off!

(Ive edited to fast forward the boring bit!)

rnzoli 14th May 2015 16:01

Do you guys have similar competitions in your area?

Renmure 6th Jun 2015 22:11

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