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QPD 30th Jun 2016 20:49

How do you record ATC / radio dialogue using a GoPro? Is the audio recorder separately?

Thanks in advance,

MidlandsPilot 2nd Jul 2016 22:02

I popped back to the site of my first solo landaway, with a trip from Sywell to Retford-Gamston. I also managed to get a zone transit through East Midlands airspace, along the VFR lane. As the 'field' where I learnt at, it seemed strange to cross the runway extended centreline!

Just as a joined Gamston's overhead, another Cessna 172 joined, with the same abbreviated callsign, this surprised the controller as much as everyone else!

I've overlaid the track of both flights from SkyDemon onto the video, enjoy :)

gliderpilotuk 8th Jul 2016 11:14

You can buy a cable which sits between the GoPro and the headset. About Ł30 on Amazon etc. I haven't found a way to record the engine sound and the R/T so it's either or.

QPD 8th Jul 2016 11:33

:ok:Thanks for the Info, ill take a look online

India Four Two 17th Jul 2016 04:33

You can buy a cable which sits between the GoPro and the headset.
Or you can buy a 3.5mm adapter from GoPro and then tuck an iPhone mic in a headset earcup.

MidlandsPilot 14th Aug 2016 17:00

On a recent trip from Sywell to Gloucestershire airport (first visit!), I decided to do a bit of sightseeing around southwest Wales, between the Severn and the Brecon Beacons - have a look in the second video!

Gloucestershire cleared me for a straight in approach... personally I don't like these! It also felt a bit concerning having to fly over Cheltenham at relatively low level, without an awful lot of options. Still, an interesting airport to visit and a nice tour of South Wales - would have ventured over the Brecons more if the cloud was higher!


Return (via Wales!):

AdrienT06 18th Aug 2016 21:04

Arrival at Oshkosh

This is my allnew video about my arrival in Oshkosh during the Airshow this summer !

Enjoy it !

manix-cs 31st Aug 2016 19:15

Weybourne airfield - Bank Holiday Monday
Had a beautiful flight down the Norfolk coast on BH Monday, conditions were good for a rare landing on Weybourne R34, and I even had my camera running :)

Parkway 2nd Oct 2016 13:48

Flying in Australia
My first solo at Jandakot airport in Western Australia :)

Also a compilation of my flying training, just passed my flight test!

"Video unavailable / This video contains content from UMG / WMG. It is restricted from playback on certain sites or applications."
Please replace with video playable from PPRuNe.

rnzoli 29th Oct 2016 18:45

For those with a soft spot for night flying...
NVFR cross-country flight with a landing 40 minutes after sunset at destination.

karlbown 4th Nov 2016 21:59

Norwich to Gamston 8x

Renmure 27th Nov 2016 21:27

rnzoli 18th Dec 2016 07:48

So grateful for this view
"December is an unfavourable month for longer visual (VFR) cross-country flights. THere are only 8 and a half daylight hours, meaning dark hours are nearly twice longer. The air is still humid, VFR flights are made impossible or unsafe by fog or freezing fog during anticyclones, strong winds or snow/icy rain in fronts. After several cancellations however, the meteorological, technical and human conditions were right for such a cross-country flight and I took the chance. Due to the early sunset I had to request extended opening hours and runway lighting at my destination aerodrome. During the arrival, the onboard camera took beautiful night shots. "

English subtitles in the lower left corner.

MidlandsPilot 23rd Dec 2016 18:35

Seasons Greetings! I've not done many landaways recently, so here's a recent video of a local flight hopping around some of the many disused airfields in the Midlands, departing from and returning to Sywell Aerodrome. Perks of flying at this time of year have to be flying around sunset!

As a side note, Runway 05 at Sywell is really difficult to see on final when the white marks have all been washed away!

cattardbezzina 8th Jan 2017 16:07

Posting this a few days late, but here goes... Wishing you all blue skies and happy landings for 2017! It's been a great year of flying, one to share through this video I made. Enjoy!

In order of appearance:

- 00:05 takeoff Bourg Ceyzériat, France (LFHS)
- 00:47 and 00:52 somewhere near Col Des Aravis, France
- 00:57 landing Annecy, France (LFLP)
- 01:02 heading south along the Space Coast, Florida
- 01:07 seaplane flying at Jack Browns in Winter Haven, Florida (F57 / KGIF)
- 01:12 turning right base to land at Key West, Florida (KEYW)
- 01:16 Mont Blanc from 12'500ft, French Alps
- 01:21 somewhere near Mont Blanc, France
- 01:25 Aguille du Midi from 12'500ft, near Mont Blanc, France
- 01:45 sunset landing at Sebastian Municipal, Florida (X26)
- 01:49 landing at Megeve Altiport, France (LFHM)
- 01:55 flying north at 500ft along Miami Beach, Florida
- 02:00 landing in Lausanne, Switzerland (LSGL)
- 02:04 La Clusaz, France
- 02:09 landing in Gruyeres, Switzerland (LSGL)
- 02:14 Les Diablerets glacier, Switzerland
- 02:19 landing in Everglades Airpark (X01), Florida
- 02:24 launching the Piper Cub seaplane at Jack Browns in Winter Haven, Florida (F57 / KGIF)
- 02:28 Lac d'Annecy, France
- 02:33 on left base to land at Sebastian Municipal, Florida (X26)
- 02:38 flying through the Aravis valley, France
- 02:44 Aravis mountain range, France
- 02:52 flying up north along the Florida Keys "Seven Mile Bridge"
- 03:02 short final to land at Sebastian Municipal, Florida (X26)
- 03:11 Aravis mountain range, with Lac d'Annecy in the background, France
- 03:21 landing in Annecy, France (LFLP)
- 03:26 Spring-time waterfalls in the Aravis mountain range, France
- 03:31 taxing back after landing in Sebastian, Florida (X26)
- 03:35 Mer de Glace glacier, near Mont Blanc, France
- 03:40 sunset cruise back to Sebastian, Florida (X26)
- 03:45 flying up north along the Florida Keys
- 03:50 shutting down for the day after landing in Key West, Florida (KEYW)
- 03:55 shutting down after landing in Megeve, France (LFHM)

LTCTerry 9th Jan 2017 12:47

My SEP CR expired a bit over a year ago. No problem. I'm glider and FAA ASEL and IFR current, so flying regularly. However, it may be silly, but I like it on those occasions when all of my various bits of paper are all current/legal. EASA permits expanding an aerobatic rating from a glider to airplane or vice versa with three training flights. This video is from the third of those three flights. It's a compilation of three cameras' video edited down to a short and I hope pleasant video:


rnzoli 4th Mar 2017 22:09

Not sure if a head-mounted camera is a good idea, or....

dhbora 1st Jul 2017 10:41

Maoraigh1 2nd Jul 2017 19:12

Flying a Jodel DR1050 to look at the scenery.

rnzoli 3rd Jul 2017 21:15

For those who like multiple cameras with picture-in-picture arrangement...

Landing at LZKZ (6:42)

Landing at LZTT (23:01)

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